Monday, February 28, 2011

SHINee's he a goddess? MTV-K Wants to know what YOU think. Vote Now!

Sooooo...anyone who follows me is well aware that on occasion I accidentally call Taemin she"she". However, that's the fangirl in me and lets face it, he feeds into this image.....a LOT! Who could blame me? And now according to MTV-K I am not alone, lots of netizens think he might be a goddess!
What do you think? Check out this poll at MTV-K and cast your vote! The results are pretty interesting so far ^.^

Fans Call SHINee’s Taemin A Goddess!
Monday, February 28, 2011 by Sunny Kim in Celebs

Most fans in Korea seem to forget from time to time that SHINee‘s Taemin is actually a boy but anyways.
Taemin‘s perfect white complexion and golden hair graced Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio and fans have been raving over the behind the scenes photos.
Netizens have been calling him a “goddess,” in the same way they call Park Gyuri, a “goddess” as well…
The best comment had to be the girl who said that Minho is a god but Taemin is a goddess.
All photos from Sukira.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inkigayo Performances and Teen Top's Ricky celebrates his Birthday with a Back Injury!

What a way to spend your 17th Birthday, Ricky hurt his back during rehearsal but like a trooper, puts off going to the hospital for treatment till after Inki.
My Music Radar! wishes Ricky a very Happy Birthday and a swift recovery!
Saranghae Baby!
TEEN TOP’s Ricky celebrates his 17th birthday
by VITALSIGN on February 27, 2011 at 5:35 am
TEEN TOP’s Ricky celebrated his 17th birthday on February 27th, but unfortunately, he did so with some back pain.
During their performance of “Supa Luv” on this week’s episode of SBS’s “Inkigayo“, Ricky worried fans when he was unable to complete his ‘Matrix’ move. It was later revealed that he had hurt his back during a recent rehearsal, and took painkillers before going on stage.
Through their official Twitter, C.A.P wrote, “Today is Ricky’s birthday, and even though his back hurts, he performed the move without saying anything. We hope that Ricky gets better soon and is able to show more impressive Matrix moves in the future.” Ricky added, “Thanks to all that worried for me!!! I’ll be working hard to get better.”

Because he’s still in need of treatment, Ricky will be taken to a hospital for a check-up on the 28th.
Source: OSEN via Daum
Photo: @TEEN_TOP

On to the Inki performances.
Teen Top-Supa Luv remix- Ricky tries so hard with the "matrix" move...poor baby T_T

TVXQ-Maximum...@.@ they needed a fence this week, trying to hold back all that charisma! Can I just say...Flamin HOT! Jump Jump! Dance Dance! Watch now at your own risk!

MBLAQ-Again-The boys are all looking good today and put on an awesome performance. Lovin the black and red color scheme.

Some minor mic probs don't mar this good-bye stage for Infinite, well done babies, looking forward to the next promotions.

There you have it friends and fans...enjoy fast!

Vote for your favorite Top 10 Kpop Leader on MtvK!

Top 10 K-Pop Leaders
Thursday, February 24, 2011 by Sunny Kim in Celebs
Leaders are the backbone of every K-Pop group. They bring the members together, start the group’s introduction, and generally act like the mom or dad. It was just President’s Day Weekend and in honor of one of our own great leaders (it was George Washington’s B-day if you didn’t know), here are the top 10 leaders in K-Pop!

Think there’s another leader out there who’s missing from the list? Comment below and don’t forget to vote in the poll!
Vote for Top 10 Kpop Leaders on MTVK

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My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend! Love Like Oxygen!

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend!
For your listening pleasure Love Like Oxygen!
Enjoy! ^.^


Rejoice Shawols friends and fans! It's gonna be a SHINee week-end! Shinee boys,
Shinee Shinee Shinee never gonna let you go!
Shinee Shinee Shinee never gonna let you down!
This has been a rather hectic week for me, first one of my BFF's mom passed away suddenly. She will be dearly missed.
Then I was asked and accepted the position of Staff Writer for Cloud USA.
I am most excited to share both my love of music and my love for the man who is Rain.
Always humming along in the back ground of my life is music, and beside Rain's, most often its my Shinee boys. Oh how they have lifted up so many days for me, and conversely bringing a quiet calm to me when needed, and so, this week-ends theme is all about my Shiney Shining boys.
They have been busy! Onew has recently filmed Oh My School and Star King. Minho, Taemin and Key have all filled in for Suju on Kiss the Radio. There was the SantaFe Fanmeet event, the Auction photo shoot and the Chungwoon University New Students Orientation event. Busy busy boys as they also are getting ready for their Japan debut.
I know I have briefly posted a few things, but, I wanted to take a closer look at everything this week-end, especially where 2Min is concerned.
Minho is holding onto my heart right now, poor baby, he has been fighting hard for Taemin's attention, but, it looks like after Taemins recent wanderings, he has settled back at home with Minho. Seriously Taemin! What would you ever do with out Minho by your side?
So lets start out with a few caps from Kiss the radio when 2Min DJ'd.
Minho often has his hands on Taemin, sometimes its to lead him somewhere, but, other times, its just because he likes to touch him.

There are so many vids, but, I came across a few that are subbed! The topic? Taemin of course! Slacker Taemin....Terminator Taemin....aigoooo....
2Min, simply perfect together as they start the program.

Taemin is the topic of gossip!

Here is the Auction photo shoot interview. I adore the new found confidence of Shinee, these young men have come into their own and it shows. They have so much fun together! I love watching them interact. Minho's laugh, always leaves me with a smile on my face! ^.^

This next video is awesome, from the SantaFe fanmeet, it includes the fan question to Taemin "Are you a Fairy?" (note, in this instance the word "Fairy" is more akin to "Angel" pertaining to Taemin's 4D appearance) Key is being his Diva self and living on Shawol Love!

And now a few videos from Onew's appearance on Oh my School, none subbed but the comedy makes it worth watching. In this first video with the "AIR" mic, Onew asks for more to blow dry his hair...aisheeeee!

Onew acts like a kindergarten teacher for RDD dance lesson

In this video 2Min has the fans outside the studio window screaming as Taemin dances and then Minho suggests a couples dance....*thud*
Oh? Did I drift back into 2Min territory?....

A video from the Chungwoon University New Students Orientation
I never get tired of Replay!

A still of Taemin from the same event. His dress outfit is lovely!
Taemin still likes Minho's chest and Minho doesn't seem to mind either.
HAD to include this vid of Onew and GO from MBLAQ, Onew helps GO by letting him top?
Aisheeeee!!! >.<.
And what would a Shinee post be without a lil Onew sangtae?

Had enough? I never get tired of these boys, because they never fail to amuse me and keep me smiling. This pretty much brings us up to date with all things Shinee, and apparently all is well in SHINee World.
Enjoy! ^.^
Edit 110227
Came in to edit and since I had found this new 2min vid, I thought I would add it.
I dun even know...just watch....>.<.
okay LAST one...I promise, this one is too cute. Looks like they are playing a game of psych, funny, Taemin is the only one who can distract Minho, as expected ^.^

okies done now ^.^

MuCore-Fierce and energetic. Infinite says Good Bye-MBLAQ-Again! Teen Top is Supa Luv!

This weeks MuCore performances seem extra energetic! And fierce! Teen Top rock the house with Chanji's extended long note! Infinite says good-bye, but everyone is already looking forward to their next promotions, they will be missed, and I will be keeping an eye out for any other changes.
MBLAQ looking so Rain like in this performance, I can see his influence in almost every move and it looks great on them!
TVXQ is here too with Maximum, many are complaining that this performance does not live up to KYHD, but, this is not that song, its different, the start with some traditional sounding music is great as are the faux ninja/kabuki style outfits of the back-up dancers. Still highly enjoyable.
Teen Top with the remix'd Supa Luv, how is it I never get tired of this song? Maybe because they have continued to improve and change up this song. I can still watch it every time, find something new to love and continue to admire and cheer for these boys. Fighting babies!

Woollim why would you do this?

Credit where due-capped by StormofStarzZ2
Infinite says good bye today with a great dance break, Oh Sungjong, how I miss your blonde hair....

TVXQ-Maximum....still fierce, still hot....still King

MBLAQ-Again-So fierce! So Rain-like, Joonie! Stop fussing with that top and rip it off already!

Love the black and green color scheme kekekekekeke
Thanks to CrazyCarrot270 for the videos.
There you have it friends and fans!
Enjoy! ^.^

Friday, February 25, 2011

MuBank And the new songs! Dalmatian's Drama dance gets bloody!

Can I just say.....hallelujah! New songs! I get bored easy >.< LOL!
I am constantly in need of new songs and music, and this weeks MuBank does not disappoint! Not that I dont love the first set of promotions, cause I really do, but it's also great to see all the new music.
Lets get Dalmatian's accident on stage outta the way.
Dalmatian has been faintly blipping along on my music radar, I just haven't found anything yet to really catch my eye(or ears), but, they are cute and put on a fine performance. This week, there was a punch thrown, that IS part of their routine, however Drama's face accidentally got in the way of leader Inati's fist and the result was Drama performing with a bloody lip, true professionalism! I will give him that much!
This is a lovely clip of the punch, Drama is fine, btw, its been reported that it was a minor injury despite how it may look.

Full performance of The Man Opposed

TVXQ-Maximum-Hmmmm what we have all lovingly come to call the "scorpion dance" (thanks to Infinite) is now being performed by TVXQ, of course there has been an out cry by INSPIRITs, but, they don't OWN this dance move, and it is after all, a dance move, having said that, I was quite surprised to also see a move strikingly similar to Teen Top's "matrix dance" move.....I'm just saying.
TVXQ HAS beefed up this performance since their Inki performance, but at what cost?
P.S. I am WELL aware that TVXQ has performed this dance move before.

And then there was MBLAQ promoting their new song Again-Blonde and frilly Joonie continues to wow the fans with his new look and Mir makes his cameo rap appearance.
Fighting Babies!

Cute backstage with MBLAQ,Mighty Mouth and LeeJung

Infinite-BTD-Ahhhhh Woollim....What are you doing? I suspect that Sungjong's updated hair change is all part of their recent attempts to garner more publicity (as everyone pretty much agrees that the rookie race is being won by Teen Top right now) but why take out the most striking feature of your group? Today's performance DOES seem dare I say a bit more sophisticated, and I feel like I WAS forced to look at all the other members more, but, its also a little lacking in my eyes. I dunno, they are rookies and management may be going in the wrong direction here...kinda like when they stopped Sungjong from performing girl group dances. Some of the fun of this group has flown out the window for me and these recent changes may just have them pinging right off my radar...

LOL! This performance with Secret does not help. It's very cute and all...SungJong tries hard, I see his aegyo...I'm just

Thanks to UnKnownCarrot170 for all the MuBank videos.

There you have it, this weeks MuBank. You know the drill, watch fast and enjoy!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Got an hour with nothing to do? Why not watch SHINee's 2min on Kiss the Radio!

Make believe you're standing outside that big studio window just gazing in on Minho and Taemin, watching them interact, as Minho cues Taemin's spots. Be amazed at Taemin's antics. Just imagine its you they are waving at when they look up at the window. Gotta love the special 2Min KTR sign being hung for them...when will you ever have the chance to imagine all this again? I'm watching.....

Watch live streaming video from foreverasia at

Ohhhh I feel another 2Min post coming on.....
Enjoy the hell outta this!

Teenfinite MC's MNet Countdown-Joonie goes Blonde-Again! Infinite's Sungjong goes dark! "Something completely different" Returns!

MBLAQ's Joonie goes blonde for the promotion of their new song Again and Mir returns to the stage. I am so glad to see Mir back, he looks great! Its only for his rap part but, its great to see him up and around.
Credit as tagged
GO just tweeted too concerning his performance today.
1. 오늘 응원 와주신 팬 여러분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다!! 오늘 제가 좀 부족했지만 내일 멋진 무대 보여드리겠습니다!!^^ 내일 보아요~~~!! about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

Fans cheer for coming today, I sincerely appreciate all of you! I lack some great performances today, but tomorrow I'll show you! ^ ^ You ~~~!!
MBLAQ-Again-Joonie blonde and frilly!


Aww my baby pinggers...Thats Woohyun from Infinite and Niel from Teen Top. Its just a one day gig but Infinite is trying really hard to garner more publicity.
Niel is looking great as always ^.^
Speaking of Infinite, they performed Before the Dawn with a dance break and a change up in the scorpion dance.
Biggest surprise with today's performance??? Sungjong is NOT blonde any more!!! T_T
At least its still long.....I guess. Oh damn my weakness for lil blonde boys >.<.

And now for "Something completely Different"
If you're new to MMR!, this corner is where I present a new group or singer who is not currently a blipper or pingger on my music radar.
A special guest today on the Countdown is Yamashita Tomohisa, one of Japan's biggest idols (music and acting). Sigh...can't we all just get along? Its really disturbing to see a lot of negative posts concerning his performance. Personally I adored his performance and lets face it, he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone since he's already at the top in the SECOND biggest music market in the WORLD. He's only here for his fans......and for the love of music.

Rock your body
Rock your body
Don't stop the party party

Lovin this! kekekekeke

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is ALL about Henry......from Super Junior M.....^.^

I learned about Henry shortly after learning about Super Junior, and let me tell you something, besides being very cute, he is one hella talented guy!
This poor kid as gone through hell and back to become a loved member of the Super Junior family, but a member he is.
Why do I love him so much? One word.....violin. This has been a favorite instrument for an eon, no I have never played, but, in the hands of a master like Henry, it can bring tears to your eyes or.....make your heart melt and take your breath away. Henry can do all that, not to mention he can also play piano and sing and dance up a storm! This determined kid gave up his home in Canada, left family and friends to pursue his dream, it ain't been easy, but he will charm you with his talents and his english is gravy!
Henry was on Strong Heart yesterday and revealed some interesting things the other members taught him......this vid is not subbed, still, after reading the article from allkpop, you should be able to follow along well enough, it had me rolling off my futon. Lets laugh along with SuJu and Henry, shall we?

Super Junior-M’s Henry reveals the Korean pick-up lines his groupmates taught him

On February 22nd, Super Junior-M’s Henry guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart“, and confessed that his fellow groupmates gave him a unique lesson on Korean that brought about some interesting results.

He began, “My mother is Taiwanese, and my father is from Hong Kong. It’s been about three years since I came to Korea. At first, it was difficult for me to pronounce things in English with a Korean style, like ‘Hae-ri-po-ta (Harry Potter),’ ‘He-reu-mi-o-ni’ (Hermione),’ ‘Ham-buh-geo (hamburger).‘”

Henry continued, “I didn’t want to look like a disrespectful person because of my lacking Korean skills, so I asked the Super Junior members to teach me Korean.”

The expressions that he were taught consisted of pick-up lines, including, “What’s your horoscope (byeol jari)?”, to which he was instructed to respond, “Next to you (yeop jari).” Henry was also taught the question, “Where are you?”, which should be followed up with, “In your heart, in the second exit~”. Finally, when asking “What kind of alcohol do you like?”, he should know the answer, “Your lips~”.

Upon hearing the phrases, Shindong and Eunhyuk gave embarrassed looks and exclaimed, “I didn’t think he’d say this on broadcast!”

Be sure to check out his cute performance below as well!

Source: Seoul NTN via Nate

In case you missed it on my other post, I am including "Lets learn about Henry" a great video that might also bring a tear to your eye, but I hope it also brings tears of laughter as you watch how many spankings Henry had to endure, or why he is called the underwear thief!


Henry!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Saranghae Henry ^.^ Saranghae

Once Bitten.....And other Super Junior News.....~.~

Get the reference? Kudos if you do.......Sooooo I stumbled across this CF that 8 of the Super Junior members have done. At first I thought I had died and gone to....well maybe not there...(chuckles darkly) as I was once heavily vested in the vampire genre, but did they HAVE to name it Twilight? I am disapoint, they could have thought of so many other titles....anyway, bask in the warm glow and be swooned by Donghae......


@.@ Done swooning? Good, on to other Super Junior news.
Videos are trickling in from the Super Show 3 in Japan, here are a few.
1st one of my fav songs Bonamana

All My Heart

Good Person


Enjoy! ^.^

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sad News...Xander and Kim Kibum to leave U KISS

Awwwww a sad day, I have never been a huge fan of U KISS but, they have been on my music radar since my first interest in Kpop, so its still a sad time for me. Xander always caught my eye for being so very cute and funny and I have enjoyed him a lot on different variety shows along with some of my favorites.
My Music Radar! wishes both of them the very best in their future endeavors.

Alexander & Kim Kibum to leave U-KISS

Industry representatives revealed on February 23rd that U-KISS‘ Alexander and Kim Kibum disclosed that they would be leaving the group. As such, the two will not participate in U-KISS’ comeback album.

Alexander was reported to have discussed the issue at length with his agency, and eventually decided to leave for personal reasons; it’s also said that Alexander wanted to pursue his studies.

Kim Kibum will be leaving in order to focus on his character company with his older brother, SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon. Some fans felt that their premonition had come true when they read Kim Kibum’s earlier tweet, which said, “This March, I have news you might not like. But when the time comes, I will tell it like it is.”
Source + Photos: Star News via Daum

Apparently their agency is wasting no time trying to replace them, My heart goes out to all the U KISS ME fans. I can only imagine how I would feel is this was SHINee or MBLAQ.

U-KISS’ agency is open to adding new members to the group

Credit Net to News
Following the recent news about Alexander and Kim Ki Bum withdrawing from U-KISS due to personal reasons, the group’s agency has voiced that they are open to adding new members to the now five-member group.
On February 23rd, a representative of NH Media stated, “If there is a good trainee to pick, there are chances that we could add them into the group.”
They continued, “However, for their comeback this March, the group will be promoting as five members, as the five have already recorded their album. Their spring comeback will have Soohyun as the lead, alongside members Kevin, Eli, Dongho and Kiseop.”
Source: Seoul NTN via Daum

Kim Kibum says good bye with a long tweet T_T

“Hello this is U-KISS Kibum, or more specifically, an ex-member of U-KISS, Kim Kibum.

After two months of delay, I’ve finally plucked up the courage to write this post.

First off, the agency and I have made an agreement about my exclusive contract on February 2011.

As the agency desired a member replacement, we wrote out a consent document for a contract dissolution, and from that day on, I became a former member of U-KISS.

Contrary to what most of you might be thinking, this is unrelated to my Piro Piro business… nor is it about losing interest in U-KISS.

I always thought importantly of U-KISS more than anyone, and I’m proud to say that not once did my Piro Piro character business impede my schedules with U-KISS..

I always thought of the members as more than family. I’m extremely upset that I have to part with them like this, but it was because of my lacking areas which warranted my former agency to desire a member replacement.

I may be leaving on a one-sided decision, however, I was able to learn a lot and meet many people, as well as the U-KISS members.

My feelings are very mixed up on the thought that the few lines in this message could hurt a lot of people I love.

I will continue my personal activities on broadcast.

Thank you to all the people who supported me wherever I was, and I will meet you once again as an entrepreneur,

Thank you.”

MBLAQ's song "Again" will promote Korean release of Hollywood movie "Fighter"

MBLAQ's song "Again" will promote Korean release of Hollywood movie "Fighter"
Now before you go getting all crazy, remember, this will be for the KOREAN promotion and release only.
Still its quite the accomplishment for our boys ^.^

MBLAQ’s “Again” used to promote “Fighter”

Yesterday, the boys of MBLAQ unveiled their repackaged album, “BLAQ Style – 3D Edition.” One of the new tracks from this album titled “Again” is being used to promote the Hollywood film “Fighter,” which is slated for release in Korean theaters on March 10th.

A promotional music video containing footage from “Fighter” for “Again” was recently released, check it out below.

Tip: Happy

Remember the same thing happened with Rain when "Karate Kid" was promoted and released in Korea. Lots of fans were very excited to hear a Rain song being used only to find out that "Hip Song" was used ONLY in the Korean/Asia release.

Enjoy! ^.^

SHINee more Taemin gossip, Onew sangtae? Onew sick? Read on...

Umma Key continues to complain about Taemin, but, me thinks he is complaining to the wrong person. What does he think Minho will do? Stand up for Taemin of course, ahhhhh Umma Key...bringing up Taemin is such a tough job.......someone has to do it kekekekkekekekeke ^.^

Onew sangtae, oh how we love it as its always relevant ^.^

 Credit where due-capped by StormofStarzZ2
Onew....2 days ago I started seeing reports that SOMETHING happened with Onew during filming of Star King, he fainted, he got sick...he couldn't breath...he didn't go to the hospital...he DID go to the hospital, search as I might, I couldn't find any credible reports, its obvious something happened, wae is SME so freakin tight lipped about SHINee news? So I have waited to report anything as I am loath to report anything that is not backed up. However when Minho filled in for Onew on Kiss Radio, its pretty obvious something happened.
Thats pretty much all I am comfortable saying for now, if and when I find anything credible, it will of course be reported here on MMR!
Onew Rock of ages
Credit as tagged
I did find this account on SHINeetown.tumblr.
Apparently, after the news of Onew being sick, he ranked 2nd as the most searched in Naver!

I’ve read that Fans have been complaining about how SME treated Onew like a robot. Onew is said to be the most overworked member since 2010 up to the present.

On the first half of 2010, Onew appeared in Hello Baby with SHINee and acted the lead role Jubong on Brothers Were Brave Musical. He also had variety show appearances like SK and SGB. Along with this, SHINee also had Overseas promotions around Southeast Asia.

On the later half of 2010, Onew acted as the lead role, Drew, in Rock of Ages Musical. While busy promoting Lucifer and Hello with SHINee in South Korea and Overseas, Onew also participated as an MC of a late-night program YHS, and Music Core along with Minho. He also appeared in some variety Shows and even become a part of the Hosts in one of the year-end award shows.

Dec 2010, SHINee was busy preparing for their concert in Japan and South Korea, and performed in all Gayo Specials.
SHINee even greeted the Christmas and New Year in their Concert venue since they still rehearsing for their performance.

January-Feb 2011, SHINee headed to Taiwan and Australia. Just as SHINee was back in Korea, Onew attended the recording for a New Year Special. Then, Onew, along with Minho, went to Thailand for another New Year Special Program. He was sick in Thailand but still recorded the show. When they return to Korea Onew needed to record again for 2 other New Year Programs with Key, then idol athletics and Award Shows with SHINee. He got minor “injury” during idol athletics, but still headed to Japan for SM town Tokyo. He was seen limping in Japan Airport. After returning to Korea, Onew DJed SUKIRA with Key and recorded Happy Together with DBSK and F(x). Onew is the sole SHINee member who wasn’t able to celebrate Lunar New Year with family (since he still has work), instead he celebrated Lunar New Year with Simon D and friends. It is said that while other members attended Suju Manager’s wedding, Onew have to record for Oh My School. Then SHINee had a photoshoot and autograph session with fans for Maypole and fan meeting for Sta Fe. They also filmed for Auction. And Yesterday, Onew went to record Star King and got sick. He wasn’t able to attend SUKIRA where he is scheduled to DJ.
Fans were so angry about how SM treats Onew. Seems like they are overworking him

credit: -shixie93-
source: soompi
re-upload: claudia

Capped by StormofStarzZ2
What ever has happened, My Music Radar! hopes Onew feels better soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Super Junior-M is “Perfection” in Their New MV! Its here Its here Henry!!!! squeeeeeeee!!!

As promised Super Junior M released the MV for Perfection (aka Too Perfect) today!
Deep, dark, moody but full of catchy lyrics and energetic choreography done by Misha Gabriel, who was responsible for SHINee's Ring Ding Dong is everything the teaser vid promised. Check it!
Full screen, 720 and turn it up!!!

Found this version with subbed lyrics

Super Junior-M Is “Perfection” In Their New MV!
Sunday, February 20, 2011 by Sunny Kim in Celebs, Music 
MTV Taiwan premiered Super Junior-M’s new music video for “Perfection” today and it looks like “Perfection” is the official title, not “Too Perfect.”

Super Junior has always had clean, crisp choreography (see: “Sorry, Sorry” and “Bonamana”) but Super Junior-M takes it a step further.

They don’t add any frills to the dance and every movement is extra precise.

The only thing this could have done without? Zhou Mi’s fur hat…lol

SM Entertainment also looks like they’ve found the coolest way to use their flow-mo cameras.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

MBLAQ is off to Japan....but Mir is staying behind...with apologies. Thunder talks about "You"

MBLAQ is tweeting up a storm of pics from the airport...but Mir leaves us with an apology.

MBLAQ's Mir will not participate in Japanese promotions in February


Submitted: Feb 20 2011 11:35 PM by Nielle
On February 21, MBLAQ's Mir posted an update on the group's official Japanese website. He expressed his apologies for not being able to join the other MBLAQ members during their promotions in Japan for the month of February.

His message read, "Good afternoon, everyone. I am Mir from MBLAQ. We have decided to debut in Japan in May. I am very happy for this, but I am nervous for our meeting. Because of my injury, I can't move very well for a while, so I am not able to participate in the Japanese recordings right now. I am really sorry. I hope to meet everyone soon, but I will be patient for now. Until then, I hope everyone will be well! Please wait! Please support MBLAQ. - Mir".
Source: MBLAQ JP

So many twitpics tonight! They must be excited! ^.^
GO with luggage and passport.
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
Joonie and Seungho
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
SEUNGHO & GO (edit: thanks to Anon for correction)
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Click the pics to enlarge, click back button to return here.

My Music Radar wishes MBLAQ a safe and fun trip to Japan!
Fighting babies!

Thunder talks about his song...You

MBLAQ Thunder reveals information on his self-composed song "You"  

 Submitted: Feb 21 2011 12:20 AM by istillakid


With MBLAQ’s repackage album coming out on the 22nd, their tracklist has been gathering a lot of attention from fans and netizens alike. A song from the repackage album, "You", is Thunder’s first self-composed song being revealed to the public.

On the 21st, Thunder tweeted, "Although it's not the first song that I made, it's the first that is being exposed to the world..That something that you can't exchange with anything in the world..This song is a 'true story' that is filled with regret, confusion, and longing after going through a break up with a girl that he really loved.. Please I request a lot of interest and love ^_^."

It seems that Thunder has put a lot of effort into this song. Are you looking forward to finally hearing it?
Source: @MBLAQCD

SHINee featured at the Santafe Special Event today...just a few vids here Bonus New Pic of Yoogeun!

There are mountains of videos on I will just include a few of my favs here.
Lets start with how Minho helps Minnie show off his shoulder....^.^ so helpful Minho

Taemin sang JJong's parts for Juliette and the girls go WILD!!!!

Onew tries to nom Minho and Key grabs his face!

Finally Minho calls Jonghyun and 6.5 more minutes of Shinee bliss!

A 2min expected ^.^

Bonus! a new pic of Yoogeun! he sure is growing up! Still looks like appa Minho ^.^
Credit where due.


Inkigayo Performances and I hope MBLAQ,JTune Camp and all have learned a valuable lesson....but I'm not holding my breath >.>

A few Inki performances and TVXQ with a new song to promote!

TVXQ and Maximum

Infinite BTD

Due to other schedules, GD&TOP, Seungri, MBLAQ, and Navi did not perform on today’s show.

Speaking of MBLAQ....pretty much everyone knows now that Joonies fall was apparently a planned stage concept. All I can say is....Who's brilliant idea was this? And wae oh wae would you do this to your fans? Some one didn't see past A to B, like we were not worried enough already >.< and whats WORSE? many fans even missed the fact the Mir was BACK!

When you see the whole performance including the video cut...then it all makes much more......sense? Only a man could have thought THIS one up....
I'm just sayin.....


And that's ALL I'm gonna say about the whole mess......

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

SHINee's Maypole interview released! Great photo shoot!

A while back I posted a pic of this Maypole interview because it was the first time we had seen Jonghyun in a while, now the interview including photo shoot has been released, so worth the wait!

SHINee reveals a ’sexy’ photo, drinking habits, and Taemin’s mental age

SHINee fans were delighted with the candid interview the boys had on the February 18th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay“.

The interview kicked off with member Jonghyun revealing that he didn’t think himself to be handsome. This prompted the members to ask Jonghyun about what his mother thought, and with a laugh, Jonghyun responded, “She thinks I’m handsome.”

He then shared a childhood photo where he’s posing in just his swim trunks. He grinned, “I was a lot prettier as a child“, and the show put up the caption “Sexy Jonghyun” next to the photo, which amused viewers greatly.

When asked to choose a physical attribute that he was confident in (aside from his looks), Jonghyun replied, “Shoulders, maybe?”
During the show’s ‘truth’ corner, member Minho was asked to choose his ideal woman, to which he shyly replied, “I like women older than me.”

When asked why, he continued, “For some reason, I like older women more than younger women. I feel more comfortable and at ease.”

The reporter then revealed that she had heard Onew was quite the drinker. Although Onew refused to admit it, Key confessed, “Onew-hyung pours the alcohol! He doesn’t just drink it, he pours it into his body!”
Taemin was then asked whether he thought he had the oldest mental age in the group. He replied, “False!“, and then attempted to go into a long and serious discussion to have some fun with the question.

Minho continued, “When we aren’t able to take care of him, he always tells us it’s okay and is always trying to be understanding.”

Check out the maknae’s ’aegyo’ in their segment below!

Source + Photos: Osen via Daum, TV Report, Osen via Naver

 awwww Taeminnie...provoking Minho again are you?
Capped by StormofStarzZ2

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend! Stand by Me!

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend!
For your listening pleasure Stand by Me
Dedicated this weekend to all our favorite groups and artists who always need us to Stand by them through thick and thin, good times and bad, and sickness and health.
Saranghae all my babies!
Enjoy! ^.^


MBLAQ Joonie's CyWorld was all a stage concept.

110220 [CYWORLD] Joon's diary entry
오랬만입니다 모두들 건강히 잘지내시죠 >
저는 건강히 지내고있어요 !
너무너무 걱정하셨죠 .. 여러가지로..죄송합니다 ..
오늘 제가 넘어졌던건 mtv와 상의하에 안전한장치위로
떨어졌었던거에요 .. 저희무대 컨셉이 처음에 어느 박사님이
우릴 만들었다가 실패를한후에 새롭게 다시 태어난다는 의미인것
같아요 .. 저는 다행히 안전하게 착지를했습니다 .
많이 걱정하셨을텐데 마음이 무겁네요 ..
항상 걱정만 끼쳐드리는것같아서 죄송합니다 .

아참, 그리고 얼마전 제 생일이있었는데 .. 요즘 회사가 여러모로
바쁘다보니 .. 아직 전해받지못했어요 받는데로 소중히 간직할게요 ^ ^ 항상 많은 사랑을주셔서 하루하루가 기쁩니다 .
아직 날이 덜풀렸으니 , 따뜻하게입고다니시고요 , 건강이 제일 중요하다는거 잊지마세요!!
It's been awhile, everyone is healthy right >
I'm staying healthy !
You must have been very very worried .. In many ways.. I'm sorry ..
About me falling down today at the MTV festival, I was set up with safety equipment
before falling off .. It is our first stage concept
We created this to show the meaning of something like being renewed and born again
after failing .. Thankfully I landed safely .
My heart is heavy because I caused so much worry ..
I'm sorry for always causing you to worry .

Oh, and I celebrated my birthday not long ago .. We've been busy at the company
in many ways lately .. I haven't been able to receive it, I will cherish it well once I receive it ^ ^ I'm very happy to always receive so much love every day .
The weather has yet to become warner , wear warm clothes to go out , most importantly don't forget to watch your health!!
SOURCE: Joon's Cyworld
It's okay Joonie! We love you! Otherwise we wouldn't have cared if you fell.
Fighting Joon! ^.^

Dizzy up the Joon? MBLAQ all together again! MTV's Daum Music Fest 2011

So the story making waves right now in the Kpop world is.....Did MBLAQ's Joonie really fall off the stage on purpose? Search as I might, there is little info right now but LOTS of speculation. In the available video...he spins, waves arms and looks like he jumps off stage. Did he come back too soon? Or was he trying to make fun of his recent condition? MTV cuts to commercial quickly so.....who knows for sure right now.
Better news is that MBLAQ were all together again!!! Mir singing on stage shortly after having back surgery is GREAT news!!! Hes back rapping and looks wonderful. I now offer for your viewing pleasure the various videos of MBLAQ and until I hear more news which I will of course update asap, this is all we have to go on for now.

Credit:쿨보이 @ Bestiz & linx1105


Who else was there? Well many artists, but I am including FT.Island, Why? One word....Hongki!!!

Hongki looks sooooo good! ^.^

For many more awesome performances please visit ALLKPOP

110219 MuCore-SuJu Super Show 3-Heechul -Nichkun and Hongki all with new twitpics!

MuCore-fierce seems to be the word of the day.

Infinite with BTD

Teen Top-Supa Luv remix-someone is doing exactly right with these boys, I am lovin this remix! Chunji NAILED that note today! Go my baby pingers!!!

Credit:CrazyCarott270 for all the vids.

Super Junior in Japan for Super Show 3-Only a few vids available right now but you know how that goes, will take some hours for them to post.

Chulie has been tweeting up a storm though!
My fav so far, I WANT that SuJu jacket!!!! T_T

Donghae,Heechul, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk

Awwww for me baby...
2PM's Nichkhun wowed me with THIS twitpic *.*
Check out next month's issue of Men's Health!!! I worked really hard for it so ENJOY~ = b
Check out next month&#039;s issue of Men&#039;s Health!!! I w... on Twitpic
Oh baby I can see that you worked hard and thanks enjoyed it a lot ^.^

Hongki Hongki Hongki, been SOOOOooo hyper tonight, but, that's why we love him ^.^

Okies friends and fans...Enjoy! ^.^
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Key and 1000 Days of SHINee-Fancam of Taemin at Maypole fansign today

Key and 1000 Days of SHINee message from Me2day

[Key] 1000일 축하메세지 보는듕~ ㅋㅋ 앞으로도 함께 같이해요!
[Key] Looking at congratulation messages for our 1000 days~ keke let’s keep being together!

source: shinee me2day

trans: april
#1000thdayofSHINee is still first on SG list! [as of 12:40pm KST]

Trending topic has changed to #1000SHINeedays


Fancam of Taemin at Maypole fansign today, awww looking lovely as always ^.^

Credit:Taem Bless U & jujugal0718

Happy 1000 Day SHINee!

Happy 1000 Day my Babies, Saranghae!
Lucifer Remix dance break

Shinee Shinee Shinee
Never gonna give you up
Shinee Shinee Shinee
Never gonna let you down
Taemin NAILED that long note this performance
Update: Awwww so many good vids lost, okies try this remix done by ROBOTAKee. pretty freakin awesome!

Here is to many many more days my babies, you have changed my life in so many ways and for that alone I am so thankful. Saranghae ^.^
Credit where due.
Onew, Leader of Shinee, oh not an easy job you have Dubu, those boys must drive you crazy sometimes, but, I have seen the loving way you guide them with your easy personality, true leader quality. Sangtae Sangtae Sangtae
Jonghyun, oh Jjong, I never thought I would miss you this much, but, those sweet eyes and that voice, hurry back my love, I miss you so much.
Almight Diva Key oh my love, the tears I have shed for you but oh when you smile? I smile and my heart swells with happiness.
Minho, my first love from Shinee, Rapper, dancer, athlete and actor, you have my heart momentarily again, fighting baby!
Credit where due.
Oh my love Taeminnie, of all the boys, you own my heart totally, though that was shakin for a few days, it stood the test of time like true love.

SHINee an incredible group of very talented people who have invaded my life and changed me in ways I never thought about.
They are a true joy to me.
Many many more days to them.
Credit as tagged.
 Credit and source:ForeverShiningShinee.tumblr

MuBank is all about remix and special stages! TVXQ Teen Top Watch fast!

MuBank was all about remix's and Special Stages this week.
First up is TVXQ with a remix of KYHD looking extra cheerful this week, Happy Birthday Changmin!

Teen Top with their remix. Well done babies!

Secret's Special Stage with Teen Top....I might get a cavity >.<.
TVXQ and Secret Backstage

You know the drill, watch fast and enjoy! ^.^

Infinite Goes Black And White For A Vogue Girl Photoshoot!

Infinite Goes Black And White For A Vogue Girl Photoshoot!
Thursday, February 17, 2011 by Sunny Kim in Celebs, Fashion

Infinite is officially the hottest new boy band group in K-Pop right now and magazines and news outlets can’t get enough of them! They were most recently featured in the latest issue of Vogue Girl with a black and white noir concept.

Leather, suits, slicked back hair and blondie Sungjong (who you absolutely must know)’s really interesting pants makes this a much more intense concept than Vogue Girl’s normal photoshoots!
Photos from Vogue Girl and Naver.