Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy 1000 Day SHINee!

Happy 1000 Day my Babies, Saranghae!
Lucifer Remix dance break

Shinee Shinee Shinee
Never gonna give you up
Shinee Shinee Shinee
Never gonna let you down
Taemin NAILED that long note this performance
Update: Awwww so many good vids lost, okies try this remix done by ROBOTAKee. pretty freakin awesome!

Here is to many many more days my babies, you have changed my life in so many ways and for that alone I am so thankful. Saranghae ^.^
Credit where due.
Onew, Leader of Shinee, oh not an easy job you have Dubu, those boys must drive you crazy sometimes, but, I have seen the loving way you guide them with your easy personality, true leader quality. Sangtae Sangtae Sangtae
Jonghyun, oh Jjong, I never thought I would miss you this much, but, those sweet eyes and that voice, hurry back my love, I miss you so much.
Almight Diva Key oh my love, the tears I have shed for you but oh when you smile? I smile and my heart swells with happiness.
Minho, my first love from Shinee, Rapper, dancer, athlete and actor, you have my heart momentarily again, fighting baby!
Credit where due.
Oh my love Taeminnie, of all the boys, you own my heart totally, though that was shakin for a few days, it stood the test of time like true love.

SHINee an incredible group of very talented people who have invaded my life and changed me in ways I never thought about.
They are a true joy to me.
Many many more days to them.
Credit as tagged.
 Credit and source:ForeverShiningShinee.tumblr

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