Saturday, February 26, 2011

MuCore-Fierce and energetic. Infinite says Good Bye-MBLAQ-Again! Teen Top is Supa Luv!

This weeks MuCore performances seem extra energetic! And fierce! Teen Top rock the house with Chanji's extended long note! Infinite says good-bye, but everyone is already looking forward to their next promotions, they will be missed, and I will be keeping an eye out for any other changes.
MBLAQ looking so Rain like in this performance, I can see his influence in almost every move and it looks great on them!
TVXQ is here too with Maximum, many are complaining that this performance does not live up to KYHD, but, this is not that song, its different, the start with some traditional sounding music is great as are the faux ninja/kabuki style outfits of the back-up dancers. Still highly enjoyable.
Teen Top with the remix'd Supa Luv, how is it I never get tired of this song? Maybe because they have continued to improve and change up this song. I can still watch it every time, find something new to love and continue to admire and cheer for these boys. Fighting babies!

Woollim why would you do this?

Credit where due-capped by StormofStarzZ2
Infinite says good bye today with a great dance break, Oh Sungjong, how I miss your blonde hair....

TVXQ-Maximum....still fierce, still hot....still King

MBLAQ-Again-So fierce! So Rain-like, Joonie! Stop fussing with that top and rip it off already!

Love the black and green color scheme kekekekekeke
Thanks to CrazyCarrot270 for the videos.
There you have it friends and fans!
Enjoy! ^.^

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  1. Rip it off, Joonie! Lol...
    I have to say, today was a better day for their performances. I enjoyed TVXQ and Mblaq's performances way more today. They all seemed way more in sync with each other and their voices more in tune. Still mad at TVXQ for copying though... tsk. Teen Top were great as always. You can see they've really caught up with the speed of the remix and have gotten more fierce at it. Ever since u posted that pic, I can't stop looking at Niel's long fingers... Gah!