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Why "Not Bio" you might be asking? Because you can Google and find that info anywhere, instead, and in keeping with my own "color" I will reveal Shinee in ways you may not have thought of through videos, stills and my own observations.
You may need some backstory to understand some of my references, If you have not watched any Shinee variety shows, Radio shows or interviews, Google those up too.

So a Shinee story goes like this......Umma Key takes Taemin for his first time visit to a Coffee Cafe, orders and takes the buzz pager back to the table where he sets it down. Taemin never having seen one asks what it is, Key reply's...if we don't pick up our coffee quick explodes...all wide eyed Taemin reply's...."Really?" Key..."he believed me......"
Are you laughing? I giggled and laughed when I watched Key relaying this story, for it epitomizes our Taeminnie-ah to the max.
The Maknae of Shinee is an awesomely talented and hard working member of Shinee. Known for going to the practice room even after a grueling day of schedules and putting in more hours there, Leader Onew has been quoted as saying..."this year, I want to learn from our maknae Taemin".
Of all the members of Shinee, my heart really belongs to Taemin. His wide eyed,innocent and sometimes lost looks just melts me totally. His beauty takes my breath away...for real. (bare with me here, as I will probably be at a loss for words often and fangirl a lot >.<) How can he go from that all dark haired kinda gawky looking boy in 2008 to the very truly indescribable beauty he has become this year? I look at pictures from then and now and wonder.....was this beauty always there? Well it would have to be. Right? Where ever it was hiding, Taemin has brought it out this past year and it really has been his year for accomplishments. He was so young when he became an SME trainee, at 14 his voice had not even changed yet, he would often try to practice on the roof where he first met Onew, who filled in and helped Taemin with voice training when no one else would. Any wonder they are so close now? Seemingly dazed and confused when off stage, once on stage, Taemin turns into...a beast, with dance moves that can hardly be duplicated and a new found voice that when he is allowed to sing in the correct key is as good as Jjongs was at the very least. Taemin has recently been singing Jjongs parts while he is recuperating from his ankle injury and all I have to say is...."watch out out" He may not hold it for 14 seconds, but he is damn close. Off stage Taemin seems to get bored and lost easily, the task of keeping him on track often falls to Minho, and of course, how could I not include 2Min in this "Not Bio" For years Minho has kept track of and often held Taemin's hand while leading him around, though I am sure not all that hand holding has anything to do with that but also a deeply felt love for Taemin who in turn has returned that love with in the beginning wide eyed admiration and now often argument inducing glares. Oh this relationship has its moments of storminess including an on stage fight that probably only a 2Min shipper would notice, but oh yes, it happened, and the video is proof enough. But always, always, that love is there and can be witnessed by the looks and actions of these two. In the end (oh damn my shallowness >.<) its Taemins BEAUTY that has kept him in my heart. His ability to look so fierce while being so frail and fragile makes my heart beat faster. His talents amaze and astound me and to think....hes only 17.
Taemin's Shinee story is really a rags to riches story. Coming from a quite poor family he now enjoys all the perks of being a world wide known member of one of the best known idol kpop groups. Someone is always feeding him, fawning over him, petting his hair, holding his hand, hugging him and loving him. What a dream come true.
Saranghae Taeminnie-ah......Saranghae......

Tae in gray

2008 to 2010
 To THIS! Unf!

Taeminnie in her his often seen dazed and confused condition...

BUT he can go from this krumpin fool......

To beast....

My fav older 2min vid, let me set this up. Tae is hangin out at the end of SMTown live, Minho comes out of no where and grabs Tae, who has no idea who is grabbing him, still without a word, knows its Minho and what he wants to do. Everyone nods and laughs in approval....Suju "those crazy kids...we taught them well" ^.^

My fav older 2min still, in the vid from this still, Taemin is watching the stage paying no attention to Minho, who is intently staring at Tae, again with no spoken words, Tae seems to feel Minho staring at him and turns, after looking at Minho, he just raises his finger and slyly points at Minho like..."what are you thinking?"
I always feel like I am intruding in an intensly personal moment >.<.
Credit where due. Capped by StormofStarzZ2
And my fav NEW 2min still.
 Credit where due. Capped by StormofStarzZ2
And finally I bring you, what I call, the 2min fights on stage video. I leave it to you to pause at many points to see just what Taemin did to leave Minho shocked and open mouthed.

I feel like I missed so much.....but, this is overly long already. There is so much to love about Taemin, from his backstory to his 2min love. I can't wait to see where the Taeminnie-ah story goes ^.^
Okies just going to update Tae's "Not Bio" with 2 videos. Apparently someone tapped that and, thats all I'm gonna say....the story will go on.

And a few days later...THIS happened.

Need to see the whole thing? Here ya go....


2012 Sherlock teaser pictures

Up next: Minho.
Look forward to it ^.^

Minho is a hyungwhore!.....the end.

Joking....Joking, though that is one of Minho's nicknames, besides Flaming Charisma. Minho is a mans man, he values his hyungs like no one else in SHINee, its almost an obsession with Minho. Where as Key knows all the females in the girl groups, Minho knows all the guys and he seems to be very close to all of them, like to a skinship level.
He is also the Sportsman of the group, always known for his maturity, seemingly mature beyond his years he often functions as group leader in his own quiet way. For years he was also know as quiet Minho, where the other members would have to go so far as to beg him to speak, and still he wouldn't and instead stood in stoic silence. This has changed recently and he has become a regular on variety shows, known for his keen sense of humor and knock out ad libs.
Second only to SHINee itself, is Minho's love of Dream Team, a wonderful celebrity sports show where he first began to show himself to fans in a real light, he quickly became the new Ace of the show. Probably because his appa is a well know soccer coach, his love of sports is well known and he takes this very seriously showing us an intensity that is epic. He often shows us another side the few times he has not won. He did bring us gold in this years Idol sports show with a two year win for SME.
Speaking of appas, Minho first impressed me with his maturity in Hello Baby, where he immediately fell in love with Yooygeun and took on his care like no other member (besides maybe umma Key of course). Going so far as to being the only member that could handle Yoogeun when he cried and acted up. Minho even stopped recording one of his scheduled shows because he was crying! When looking for comfort, Minho was always the one Yoogeun looked for. Who wouldn't feel safe in those big strong arms? Minho maintains that relationship to this day as his birthday pictures prove. I still maintain he really loved that baby.
Not known by most fans is the fact that he was actually the maknae of SHINee until the late addition of Taemin (can you even IMAGINE Shinee without that little firecracker?) And as expected, he took on the job of caring for Taemin with all seriousness. I guess that was the beginning of 2Min. There is a very touching video call of Minho speaking of Taemin in a loving way where he tells Taemin how much he cares about him, and that he is all he has. He always has an eye on Taemin often feeding him, petting him and fawning all over him. There is even the famous video of 2Min where he grabs Taemin by the neck and runs his hand through his hair, one of those where, they didn't know there was a camera around (though JongKey is far more famous for this than 2Min) showing just how close these 2 really are.
Minho's recent one episode drama called The Pianist shows us another wonderful side of Minho, who always took the "Drama Missions" on variety shows with utmost seriousness, and indeed is what he is in University studying now, I expect he will one day be one of Korea's best actors if his performance is any indication. I'm so glad he came out of his shell this last year, for the now infamous showing of his abs during Shinee's first Solo concert shows us just how much he has grown.
Rock on Minho! Rock on!
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Minho the model
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2Min in Dream Team
A fav 2Min still
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Minho Solo Concert
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Minho reaches for Tae's hand, but Tae walks away, leaving Minho open mouthed. From the 2Min fights on stage video.

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The Hug and kiss from Dream Team
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Minho sleeps with Yoogeun from Hello Baby
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Minho showing off new found confidence and abs!!!!

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And lastly a cute 2min macro.
Had to add this new video, here we see Onew and Umma Key discussing Taemins bad habit of losing his handphone, who will help him find it even if they won't? Minho of course ^.^

Key and Taemin cafe story

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2012 Sherlock teaser pictures