Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dizzy up the Joon? MBLAQ all together again! MTV's Daum Music Fest 2011

So the story making waves right now in the Kpop world is.....Did MBLAQ's Joonie really fall off the stage on purpose? Search as I might, there is little info right now but LOTS of speculation. In the available video...he spins, waves arms and looks like he jumps off stage. Did he come back too soon? Or was he trying to make fun of his recent condition? MTV cuts to commercial quickly so.....who knows for sure right now.
Better news is that MBLAQ were all together again!!! Mir singing on stage shortly after having back surgery is GREAT news!!! Hes back rapping and looks wonderful. I now offer for your viewing pleasure the various videos of MBLAQ and until I hear more news which I will of course update asap, this is all we have to go on for now.

Credit:쿨보이 @ Bestiz & linx1105


Who else was there? Well many artists, but I am including FT.Island, Why? One word....Hongki!!!

Hongki looks sooooo good! ^.^

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