Monday, February 14, 2011

Kpop Valentine's Day Pics So Cute! New Key & Tae Pics! MBLAQ

Some really cute Valentine's Day Pics ^.^

Awwww Infinite's Sungjong is a puurrrrfect Valentine!
INFINITE’s Seungjong is the perfect Valentine’s gift
by heartfacee on February 14, 2011 at 6:06 am
What would be the perfect Valentine’s gift for an INFINITE fangirl? How about a sweet puppy by the name of Seungjong?

A picture of Seungjong looking adorable and acting like a little pet was uploaded online, and girls all over the world are feeling their hearts melt. Cupping his hands into a heart, the puppy idol star begs the ladies, “BE MY VALENTINE!!!!!!!”

Netizens wrote, “I want to put him in my pocket,” “Such a cute pet,” and “Best present for a single girl.”

Source: TV Daily via Nate

SHINee’s Key is a ‘rough city man’ for Valentine’s Day
by VITALSIGN on February 14, 2011 at 3:00 pm
SHINee’s Key updated fans on the group’s recent whereabouts, and also gave a Valentine’s Day greeting through a fun ‘rough city man’ concept photo.

On February 13th, Key wrote on his me2day, “It’s been a while! Happy Valentine’s!“ By wearing glasses half the size of his face, Key attempted to show off the popular ‘city man’ concept with his sleek black suit. Maknae Taemin can also be seen behind him, staring off into the distance.

Fans replied back, “Chic city man!,” “You’re a photoshoot no matter what expression you make,” “Even his expressionless face is so lovely,” and “He exudes a different feel!”

Source + Photo: MyStar

New stills of Taemin and Key from March edition of  Elle Girl, they have the best photo shoots ever!
ahhh Taeminnie *.*
And my lovely Key ^.^

The Natural Beauty of the MBLAQ Boys ^.^
MBLAQ members reveal that they’re plastic surgery-free
by VITALSIGN - 17 minutes(s) ago
While guesting on “TrendE,” the members of MBLAQ declared themselves to be a ‘naturally handsome boyband’ that did not undergo any cosmetic surgery. did not undergone any cosmetic surgery.
Their make-up artist praised, “Out of all the idol groups out there today, MBLAQ is probably the only idol group that is naturally handsome.”
Leader Seungho joked, “Now that we’re a year into our debut, I think it’s time to get some plastic surgery done.” When asked to choose a member that he thought needed plastic surgery, Seungho teasingly replied, “Mir. Despite being the maknae, he has a lot of wrinkles, which worries me.”
Check out their full segment at 12 AM KST on February 15th.
Source: the Newspaper via Nate

Been meaning to post this for days, now that things have quieted down a little, here are my new babies Teen Top and Infinite aka Teenfinite, they are together a lot! In this battle Infinite dances to Come Back but Teen Top takes on Rain's Rainism....Go Go little Ricky!!! ^.^

Infinite won this one.

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