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New Hip Hop Group We Releases New Music Video

A new hip hop group has hit the Korean scene, and they are amazing.
New rookie group WE has just released their first digital single “The Rain” on November 1st. The group’s dynamics are different, made up of three male members (Macho, Kang Han, Man Do), with female vocalist Rosie. Each member has worked professionally in various fields as a dancer, rapper, CF model, and musical star and have captured the attention of the industry with their undeniably powerful stage presence. The group named themselves ‘WE’, meaning the four of them must come together to be explosive, and the four will continue to look ‘up’ and are determined to reach the ‘top’. They want to show the industry what they are made of, as a powerful performance team.
Source: Allkpop

Here is their soulful music video, Rainy Days.

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The video is a bit repetitive, and I wish we could get a better look at the whole band. All in all though the song itself is amazing and moving and I love it!

I look forward to what We has in store for us next!

-stormoftara :3

Infinite gets ready to storm Japan! Starts a new TV show and releases Paradise studio video!

Busy Infinite is busy!
Earlier, it was reported that KBS’s ‘SECRET’ would be coming to an end and replaced by an animal variety show.
Although it was announced earlier that the show would be titled, ‘My Pet’, the name has since been changed to ‘Birth of a Family’.
The new show will document various idol groups taking care of abandoned animals for 8 weeks or so – until the animal is adopted by a new family. In addition, the show will also feature rare animals that are not commonly seen in the company of people. The show hopes to raise awareness about issues involving animal neglect. It hopes that by bringing in celebrities on the show to care after these animals, they may help increase awareness and capture the hearts of citizens. As the celebrities laugh and cry raising these animals, the show hopes to inspire citizens to take a deeper interest in abandoned and homeless animals.
MBLAQ and APink were announced as the first idol groups up to take part in the upcoming show. However, due to scheduling issues, MBLAQ has now been replaced by INFINITE.
INFINITE and APink will become the first idol groups to participate in the show emceed by Boom, Lee Hui Jae, and Kim Byung Man.  The first day of filming will start on November 1st, and the first episode will air on November 12th.
Source + Photo: Newsen
The boys of INFINITE wrapped up their promotions for their repackaged full-length album in Korea, putting on their last performance on SBS‘ Inkigayo on the 30th.

Their next plans are to focus completely on Japanese promotions for the time being, dominating with their trendy music and lethal dance moves.

A representative from INFINITE’s management team remarked, “The boys will be performing on stages in Japan for the remainder of the year. They will be a lot busier than the last time we were in Japan, being featured on more TV programs and holding many more fan meet and greets.”

INFINITE who has made their mark in the K-pop scene only a year after debuting with songs like “Be Mine“, and “PARADISE” are now crossing over to take on the Japanese music industry by storm.

The boys will be performing their hit songs”Before the Dawn“, as well as “Can You Smile” which will be released on November 19th.

Member ‘L‘ is also featuring on a popular Japanese drama and has already built a good fan base which should only work to INFINITE’s advantage when they begin their promotions.

As INFINITE prepares for their Japanese promotions, Woolim Entertainment recently revealed the dance practice for “PARADISE”, check it out below!

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Heavy breathing boys!
Busy busy boys! ^.^

T-ara Releases Teaser for Cry Cry

T-ara is coming out with a new music video for their single Cry Cry. They released a trailer for it today! It looks awesome.

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In this dark clip, Jiyeon is seen holding a gun while crying out, “It was you. Why did it have to be you, mister. WHY?” She then fires, and the MV cuts to a scene of actor Cha Seung Won lying lifeless on the ground.

The teaser moves quickly to several intense action shots of the actors fighting, while T-ara huddles and cries with fear. At the end of the teaser, a voice is heard saying, “Mister, do you regret meeting me? If I fall too deep in happiness… it might just kill me.”

Source: Allkpop

I can't wait to see more!
-stormoftara :3

The importance of the 90-degree bow in K-pop

Written by On October 24, 2011
Bowing as part of the traditional Korean greeting, 인사 (in-sa), is customary and one of the first things you learn about Asian, and specifically Korean, culture. More importantly, it’s a gesture of respect. In addition to the bowing is the idea of hierarchy, where there are things like “선배” (sunbae/seniors) and “후배” (hubae/juniors) in the industry. So when a young  junior idol group fails to bow to the senior artist, it becomes tricky, and almost always newsworthy.
Recently in the K-pop community, the manners of idols has become quite an issue. What really started all this was the group T-ara. They were first accused of their poor performance, but now the issue has moved onto their manners. On October 17th 2011, a senior musician Mo-Se tweeted,
“There is a girl group whose attitude at a certain event became an issue. I knew it. They are also famous for not greeting others. I’ve met the girl who posted an explanation about their poor performance, and not once did she greet me. What’s worse, when we met a few times at the recording studio before their debut, and even then she didn’t do anything. Particularly, when we meet at events, it’s only manners to say ‘thank you’ and greet each other lightheartedly. Let’s not even mention the fact that they don’t greet — all they do is watch me. Wow. They must be big stars. I don’t normally say things like this, but what kind of celebrities or adults are they to behave like this.”
But, T-ara wasn’t the only group with this problem. On October 18th 2011, Goo Hara, a member of Kara, appeared in a variety program Strong Heart and announced that,
“Even though we Kara are all young, it’s already been 5 years since our debut. We’re considered seniors among the idol groups now. But there’s this junior idol group of members who are older than us, and even though we, Kara, bow to them in 90-degree angle, they just nod in return.”
Hearing this news, netizens became sensitive towards these issues because “in-sa” is not only an action everybody needs to adhere to, but it’s even more important for idols to adhere to. To show the good side of K-pop manners, SNSD and Kim Hyun Joong became the “good” examples of those showing good behavior. It is known that on the 21st, SNSD came back on Music Bank, and all the members went around the waiting rooms showing their respect toward all the senior and junior artists. Also on the same day, a photo of Kim Hyun-joong bowing in the full 90-degree position became a highlight, especially because he is more senior than most of those he was performing with, and doesn’t necessarily have to bow so deeply, but did so anyway out of respect.

So why is it that some idols tend to ignore others and fail to greet or “insa” properly? Well, I think it’s all about fame, age, and the debut day. First, fame brings arrogance. No matter what anyone says and thinks, when everyone knows your name and everyone is going crazy over you, there are those who become arrogant, and maybe arrogant enough to believe that you are number one and will always be number one. Second, age is very complicated in Korea. And third, the day of a debut is also very important. Regardless of how old you are, the day of your debut determines who is considered senior or junior in the industry.
Now, going back to Kara: it’s been 5 years since their debut, which makes everyone who debuted after them their juniors and everyone who debuted before them their seniors, regardless of the age of the members in those senior/junior groups. It’s totally understandable not wanting to bow to a younger person like Goo Hara when you’re much older than her, but it’s Korea’s tradition and it’s really not something you ignore as a Korean person, and especially as a Korean entertainer.
What do you guys think? Too much political correctness, or merely being polite?

This can be very confusing! Learning someones age (if in doubt) is so important! Add to that a debut date? THIS would be why we see SHINee's Onew bowing to everyone!
Yes I'm still on an Onew kick >.<

SHINee the Icon of KPOP Wave in Europe in London

SHINee, the Icon of KPOP Wave in Europe, Proved Tremendous Popularity in London!

by SMTOWN on Monday, October 31, 2011 at 5:06am
October 31, 2011
SHINee Shut Down the Britain’s Largest Theater Chain’s Server!
Britain’s Largest Theater Chain’s Reservation System Went Down Just 1 minute After the Ticket Sales Began!
Tickets for Opening Gala Concert of the 6th London Korean Film Festival, ‘SHINee in London,’ are all Sold out!
SHINee, the Icon of KPOP Wave in Europe, Proved Tremendous Popularity in London! 

SHINee proved their tremendous popularity once again by crashing the Britain’s largest theater chain’s reservation system server.

SHINee will hold this gala concert after they are invited to ‘The 6th London Korean Film Festival’ and SHINee is the first Korean idol to hold a solo concert in London.

In fact, SHINee has already performed in AbbeyRoadStudios (famous for studio of Beatles) in June as the first Asian artist, but it was intended for media and music officials and held in private. However, since this performance is the first solo gala concert in London, which is open to fans, competition for tickets was expected.

Actually, as soon as ticket sales began for this concert on the 27th, Odeon’s reservation system, the Britain’s largest theater chain, went down for 5 hours because it was overwhelmed by the thousands of fans who were trying to buy tickets.

Therefore, not only the reservation for SHINee’s concert but also reservation for other movie tickets of hundreds of theaters in Britain was unavailable. Fans made reservation through phone calls or visited the theater to get the tickets after waiting for long lines. Local audiences, who wanted to buy other tickets, unusually reserved them by phone or purchased on site.

Odeon said “It’s our first time to make server down by ticket booking. We never expect this much of people coming in all at once,” and it is said that for SHINee fans’ safety, Odeon will develop measures to keep order at the theater.

SHINee will perform their hit songs including ‘Replay’ ‘Juliette’ ‘Ring Ding Dong’ ‘LUCIFER’ etc. and have an interview session at this gala concert.

Meanwhile, SHINee will leave for the opening gala concert ‘SHINee in London’ of 'The London Korean Film Festival' which will be held in London, Britain on November 3rd.

[Korean Script]

샤이니 런던 공연에 영국 최대 극장 체인 서버 마비!
티켓 예매 오픈 1분만에 시스템 다운! 영국 내 100여개 극장 예매까지 불통!
제 6회 런던한국영화제 오프닝 갈라 콘서트 ‘SHINee in London'매진!
영국 현지에서의 폭발적 인기실감! 역시 유럽 KPOP열풍의 아이콘!

샤이니가 영국 최대 극장 체인의 예매 시스템 서버를 마비시키며, 영국에서의 뜨거운 인기를 재입증했다.

샤 이니는 오는 11월 3일 영국 런던의 오데온 웨스트 엔드 극장에서 개최되는 런던한국영화제 오프닝 갈라 콘서트 ‘SHINee in London’으로, 영국 최대 극장 체인인 오데온의 예매 시스템을 사상 최초로 마비시키는 기염을 토하며, 유럽 KPOP열풍의 아이콘다운 면모를 드러냈다.

이번 갈라콘서트는 샤이니가 제 6회 런던한국영화제로부터 특별 초청받아 개최하게 된 것으로, 한국 아이돌 그룹 사상 런던에서 처음으로 펼치는 단독 공연이라는 점에서 화제를 모은 바 있다.

사 실 샤이니는 이미 지난 6월 비틀즈의 스튜디오로 유명한 런던의 애비로드 스튜디오에서 아시아 가수 최초로 공연을 펼친 바 있으나, 애비로드 스튜디오 공연이 미디어와 음악관계자들을 위해 마련된 비공개 쇼케이스 형식이었다면, 이번 공연은 런던에서 펼치는 단독 갈라 콘서트이자 팬들에게 오픈되는 공연이라는 점에서, 영국 현지 샤이니 팬들의 뜨거운 티켓 예매 경쟁을 예고했었다.

실 제로 지난 27일 오후 1시 (런던 현지 시각) 티켓 예매가 시작되자, 영국 최대 극장 체인인 오데온의 인터넷 예약 시스템에는 예매를 기다리고 있던 수 많은 샤이니 팬들이 동시에 몰리면서, 오픈 1분만에 시스템이 다운, 오데온의 예매 시스템 자체가 무려 5시간 동안 마비되는 상황이 발생했다.

이에 따라 샤이니의 공연 예매는 물론 영국 내 100여개 극장의 인터넷 영화 예매까지 불통이 되면서, 샤이니의 팬들은 전화로 티켓을 예약하고 직접 극장을 찾아 길게 늘어선 줄을 기다려 표를 받아가는 진풍경을 연출했으며, 다른 영화를 예매하려는 현지 관객들도 전화 예매를 하거나 극장에 직접 와서 표를 구매해야 하는 상황이 벌어졌다.

오데온 극장 측은 "티켓 예매로 시스템이 다운된 것은 이번이 처음이다. 사람들이 예매를 위해 그렇게 한꺼번에 몰릴 줄 몰랐다.”며 놀라움을 표시함과 더불어, 공연 당일 샤이니 팬들의 뜨거운 열기로 인한 안전사고를 우려, 안전요원 배치 등 현장 질서 유지를 위한 대책 마련에 나섰다는 후문이다.

이번 갈라콘서트는 ‘누난 너무 예뻐’, ‘줄리엣’, ‘링딩동’, ’루시퍼’등 샤이니의 히트 곡 무대와 토크 등으로 구성되며, 그동안 뮤직비디오 등으로만 접해왔던 샤이니의 다양한 히트곡 무대를 직접 볼 수 있다는 점에서 영국 현지 팬들의 폭발적인 반응이 예상된다.

한편, 샤이니는 11월 3일 영국 런던에서 펼칠 런던한국영화제 오프닝 갈라 콘서트 ‘SHINee in London’을 위해 오는 1일 출국한다.
Source:SMtown Facebook

SHINee's Minho - HOT Hot hot new CF for Auction!

Omo and Shisus!
You have been warned!!!
HOT Hot hot....

111031 SHINee Minho Auction CF

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source: shakizi / 느리게걷기
 Minho might not be worried but heart...
Enjoy! ^.~

World of Random: Happy Halloween!

For Halloween, have a very creepy video!

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-stormoftara :3

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Orange Caramel's Halloween Stage!

Halloween is almost here! On today's Inkigayo, Orange Caramel did a special Halloween stage for their song, Shanghai Romance.

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A very cute song, with even cuter costumes!

Happy Halloween everyone!
-stormoftara :3

K-Pop Sensations Usher In New Era At Madison Square Garden from NY1

By: Lewis Dodley
The new and improved Madison Square Garden kicked things off with a bang this week as Asian pop sensation Girls Generation took to the stage. NY1's Lewis Dodley filed the following report.

Uploaded by on Oct 29, 2011

Their name is Girls Generation. The nine-member group from South Korea was one of seven acts brought to New York by SM Entertainment who packed the arena at Madison Square Garden.

Their energy, youthful beauty and catchy tunes shot them up the charts in Asia. Now they've set their sights on the U.S.

Their first English single called "The Boys" was released just last week but will it make Girls Generation a household name.

"Hopefully it will. We worked with Teddy Riley for the single. And he was very comforting and I think the result came out really well," said Girls Generation member Jessica.

The single is one thing, but is America ready for nine girls in one group?

"Definitely looking forward to U.S. fans liking Girls Generation because there's a variety of personalities and people so I think you can take your choice," said Girls Generation member Tiffany.

There's no shortage of choice when it comes to the growing number of so called K-Pop groups. Though there are more than a million Asians in New York and 14 million across the country their goal is to appeal to the broader U.S market -- something made easier by the power of the Internet.

"Five years ago it would be hard to imagine that people in Europe or all over the world would be listening to K-Pop," said Key of SHINee.

And five years from now we might be wondering what took so long in the first place.

Key's english is just....daebak!
Those of us who have been into kpop for a while now are ALREADY wondering what took so long! And since I was there...there were fans of ALL race and ethnicity there! Just sayin.....

To see the extended SNSD interview on NY1 please click the link! 
Really DON'T miss this interview cause its pretty awesome and adorable!

So mad I couldn't find a way to embed the interview video....
technology does NOT often defeat me!
grrrrrrr >.>

Inkigayo Mutizen 111030 - SNSD Wins! - Infinite says Goodbye - Boyfriend - Tablo - MIB - MYNAME - FT Island and Teen Top! JUST RELEASED! Boyfriend BTS!

Infinite says goodbye with an awesome Paradise and Be Mine stage!
Bye bye babies, comeback soon!
Infinite - Paradise + Be Mine : Goodbye Stage

Uploaded by on Oct 30, 2011
FT Island - Like Birds - Hongki...the fans chants!!! Aigooo!

Uploaded by on Oct 30, 2011
BOYFRIEND - Don't Touch My Girl - Fighting babies!^^

Uploaded by on Oct 30, 2011
Tablo (Epik High) ft.TaeYang (BigBang) - Tomorrow : Comeback Stage 1/2
Welcome back Tablo!

Uploaded by on Oct 30, 2011
Tablo (Epik High) ft.Jinsil - Bad : Comeback Stage 2/2
WOW! Beautiful stage! *blink blink*

Uploaded by on Oct 30, 2011
MIB - GDM : Debut Stage - Hello Hip Hop!

Uploaded by on Oct 29, 2011
MY NAME - Message - Debut Stage

Uploaded by on Oct 30, 2011
SNSD - The Boys - GG Makes You feel the heat! Bring the boys out ^.~

Uploaded by on Oct 30, 2011
Today's Winner- awwww Sica T_T

Uploaded by on Oct 30, 2011
OMO! WHAT a show!
But lets not forget my other babies! Umma Niel taking care of Appa CAP and the boys,
Toooo cute!
TEEN TOP - Egg Song (Oct 30, 2011)

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JUST RELEASED! Boyfriend BTS Cut version of Don't Touch My Girl!
Awww the Min Twins are too cute!
BOYFRIEND 보이프렌드_내 여자 손대지마_NO CUT ver.

Uploaded by on Oct 30, 2011
보이프렌드 2nd single '내 여자 손대지마' 뮤직비디오 노컷버젼 영상 입니다

보이프렌드(BoyFriend) 2nd Single
내 여자 손대지마(Don't touch my girl) Music video No cut ver.

- Album Title : BOYFRIEND 2nd Single _Don't touch my girl

- Title Song : 내 여자 손대지마 (Don't touch my girl)

- Download on iTunes :

- Produced by Sweetune

- Artist : BOYFRIEND 보이프렌드

- Facebook BOYFRIEND :

Track List
01. You're my lady
02. 내 여자 손대지마 (Don't touch my girl)
03. 점점점 (It's u)
04. 내 여자 손대지마 (Don't touch my girl) Inst.
05. 점점점 (It's u) Inst.

WOW long post is LONG! ^.^

Korean versus Japanese Music Videos

There is something I've been noticing as more and more Korean stars are releasing their tracks in Japanese. This may be an older song, but it shows what I am talking about.

Uploaded by on May 27, 2011

Do you see the differences? Here are some stills from the first few seconds of both videos.
Korean Version

Japanese Version

The Japanese version is much more colorful, lively, and energetic.

Now let's take a more recent release, 2NE1's Go Away.


Uploaded by on Sep 9, 2010

I really like this video, even if it's a bit dark. Now are you ready for this?


Uploaded by on Oct 29, 2011

Do you see the difference? It's amazing really. I liked the original Korean version a lot more but of course that's a matter of opinion. The Japanese version is much more upbeat and colorful, but it lacks the story and emotional connect the Korean version gives us.

Now for one last comparison, T-ara's yayaya


Uploaded by on Apr 22, 2011


Uploaded by on Oct 26, 2011

Again, the Korean version is telling a story, while the Japanese version is much more colorful. I think this has to do with the vast differences between Japanese and Korean cultures. Korea is more reserved, while Japan is more free.

In the end though, which music video you enjoy the most is really up to your own personal opinion, whether you like the fun colorfulness of the Japanese music videos, or the more emotional and story driven Korean music videos. Whatever you like, it's always fun to sit back and watch these music videos!

-stormoftara :3

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week-End Hook UP - Its Infinite's Turn for a Guerrilla Date! Bonus Video

Infinite - Seven shining stars meet fans on the street and then run to eat meat!
[ENG SUBS] Infinite Hong Dae Star Date 111027

Uploaded by on Oct 28, 2011

Enjoy this cute week-end quickie ^.~

Many thanks to my chingu Erika/Diba for this tip!

Bonus Video - The 8th member of Infinite?
111016 cute mascot dance INFINITE Be Mine

Uploaded by on Oct 17, 2011

‘Music Core’ will not air this week due to baseball 111029

Due to a pro-baseball game that’s running late, MBC has decided not to air its episode of ‘Music Core‘ tonight.
‘Music Core’ announced the decision through their homepage, and revealed that even though the show won’t broadcast tonight, recording will proceed as scheduled. Today’s show will be aired next week on November 5th instead.
‘We Got Married’, which follows ‘Music Core’, will also be rescheduled; in its place, MBC will show a re-run of ‘High Kick 3′. But not to fear, TV fans – ‘Infinity Challenge’ will air during its regular time slot.
Source + Photo: Newsen

*sad face*

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend! Love Should Go On

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend!
For your listening pleasure 'Love Should Go On'

Uploaded by on Oct 29, 2009
Credits to SM Entertainment.

Enjoy a lot! ^.^

Thanks to Anon for correction of title ^.^

Moon Night 90 SHINee Style! SHINee - Deux - And the Bi/Rain connection

Moon Night 90 SHINee Style! Full Show.
Okay nothing is subbed but I sincerely urge you to watch any way.
This show is the family tree and history of Kpop/hip hop that includes archival footage.
Even if you are new to Kpop you are sure to recognize songs, dances and even names.
As the majority of the show is song and dance, its easily enjoyed on many levels.
[Full] 111027 Shinee Taemin & Key @Moon Night 1/4

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
[Full] 111027 Shinee Taemin & Key @Moon Night 2/4

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
[Full] 111027 Shinee Taemin & Key @Moon Night 3/4

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
[Full] 111027 Shinee Taemin & Key @Moon Night 4/4

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
Okay This last part I must admit had me in tears...
Loss is so very hard damnit!
Don't miss the very touching dream sequence...
Fortunately TaeKey's BTS footage brings some much needed comedic relief!

What you need to know.
Kim Sung Jae (김성재, vocals, rap) born 1972, died 1995,
Deux (듀스) is a South Korean hip hop duo popular in early 1990s. The duo consisted of Lee Hyun Do and Kim Sung Jae. They were not only colleagues when they were the 2nd generation of the hip hop group, Hyeon Jin Young and Wawa but also close friends to each other. Hip-hop music that was once considered an exclusive music for African-Americans until the early 1990, appeared in South Korea as a mixed form of dance music and rap, called "rap dance".[1] In the mid-1990s hip hop gained great popularity in South Korea and Deux has been considered frontiers of Korean hip hop music along with Seo Taiji and Boys, Kim Gun Mo and DJ Doc. Lee composed their music while Kim took care of choreography and styling.[2] Some of Deux's music has appeared in the Pump it Up. The songs are We Are, Come Back To Me, and Out of the Ring.
Singer Rain’s followup hit ‘Hip Song’ stage gathers interests from netizens with many who commented on how similar it is as compared to the late singer Kim SeongJae’s ‘As I told You’ performances.

Rain had performed the song ‘Hip Song’ as his followup hit on Mnet M!Countdown, KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core this week. And for his performance on M!Countdown and Music Core, there were many who pointed out the close similiarities of the outfit concepts as compared to Kim SeongJae ‘So To Speak’ performances.

The hockey costume fashion and the sunglasses, as pointed out by many netizens, is similar to that of the concept of ‘As I Told You’ by Kim SeongJae in 1995.

Some netizens defended, “It’s just fashion, there is bound to be similariries” etc. And the truth is Rain has revealed that Kim SeongJae is his idol, and many have also voiced if this was a remake concept by Rain.

Meanwhile, Kim SeongJae died the next day after his first solo stage with ‘As I Told You’ in November 1995. And cause of his death has since been an unsolved mystery to fans till this day.
by sookyeong

source: Newsen
source: Kbites

'Kim Sung-Jae’s mother thanked Rain'
05.18.10 [TVDaily] Rain Ushering In An Evolution For A New Future Beyond The Late Kim Sung-jae
Some media reports and netizens have dipped their pens in vitriol for what the style of dress Rain wears for the performance of his second single ‘Hip Song’ is similar to that of the late singer ‘Kim Sung-Jae’, but it is far fetch from its nature and they are engaged in just a consuming debate.
Actually, Rain expressed, “I admired ‘Kim Sung-Jae’”, and ‘Kim Sung-Jae’s mother thanked Rain for his giving her son’s fans a present as nice as can be.
‘Kim Sung-Jae’s mother said, “The reason of my son’s death has been perverted by some media reports and netizens, so it has remained in our family’s minds as a bruise, but Rain trying to become a major world star has renewed my son and made a deep impression on my son’s fans once again.”
The late ‘Kim Sung-Jae’ debuted in the name of hip hop duo ‘Duce’ in 1993, but he came back as a solo singer in November 1995 after splitting up in two years. But his dead body was found the next day, and his girl friend was spotted as a suspicious character of the offense, but she was released due to lack of evidence and the affair has been covered up.
Rain who tried to emulate his favorite pop singer ‘Kim Sung-Jae’, is ushering in an evolution for a new future beyond the late ‘Kim Sung-Jae’. ‘Kim Sung-Jae’s mother said, “Many thanks to Rain.”
credit TV Edaily
Brief translation by rain bird
form: rain-cloud

Knowing as much as I know about Rain, I feel quite confident that this was a tribute, because that is JUST the kind of thing Jung Ji Hoon would do.

MuBank 111028 SNSD Wins! Infinite Goodbye Stage - MYNAME & MIB Debut Stages - FT Island

Ready? Lets Roll!
SNSD - The Boys- Check THIS out!

Uploaded by on Oct 28, 2011
Infinite - Paradise + Be Mine - Bye bye babies T_T

Uploaded by on Oct 28, 2011

MY NAME - Message - Okies...needs a little tweaking but, I'm still liking the live performances better than the MV, *shrugs*

Uploaded by on Oct 28, 2011
FT Island - Like Birds - Hongki *sigh*

Uploaded by on Oct 28, 2011
SNSD & Huh Gak Cut Backstage

Uploaded by on Oct 28, 2011
Today's Winner - Yuri carries on the SMFamily tradition of tossing the bouquet to fans!
Everyone loves Huh Gak! Lucky Guy! ^.~

Uploaded by UnknownCarrot180 on Oct 28, 2011

My apologizes to MIB fans, couldn't find their video ANYWHERE >.>
Update: 111030
Many thanks to Nitewalker314 for finding this M.I.B. video!
[Live HD 720p] 111028 - MIB - GDM (Debut stage) - Music Bank

Uploaded by on Oct 28, 2011
New KPOP MV in Super HD 1080p is available here


FT Island’s Hongki sends fans a sexy selca!

Oh my Hongki, you have captured my heart more than once!
Adoring the new longer hair with a pony!
Dangerous pose there! NOT complaining though ^.~

Boyfriend News! The Min Twins and Boyfriend Volunteer in Thailand

Idol group Boyfriend flew to flood-damaged Thailand recently to lend support to their fans. On October 26th, the boys threw a concert in Siam Paragon, Bangkok, which drew 2,500 female fans. The day before, they visited Dong Muang International Airport, which currently acts as a shelter for many flood victims. They added to the flood relief by volunteering and sending in supplies.
Starship Entertainment revealed, “Through this concert, we want to help Thailand’s flood victims and lend hope and strength to the people. Though Boyfriend’s strength is small, they joined with the heart to help. We thank the warm hospitality of their Thai fans, and we will keep the flood recovery in our thoughts.
Source: Seoul Newspaper NTN via Nate
Twin brothers Kwangmin and Youngmin of rookie idol group ‘Boyfriend‘ have been highly praised for their resemblance to singer Kim Hyun Joong.
Ever since their debut, they’ve been dubbed as the ‘Kim Hyun Joong twins’. In fact, before they were singers, the boys guested on an SBS program, whose panelists pointed out that the boys looked very similar to the SS501 star. Kim Hyun Joong himself acknowledged that the twins did look like him, which drew even more interest from netizens and viewers alike.
During a recent interview with enews, Kwangmin and Youngmin remarked that those who felt they resembled their senior were “too kind“. “We saw him recently on a music program, and he was awesome. We thought to ourselves that we wanted to be like him in the future,” they said.
The twins continued, “Kim Hyun Joong is someone with a very strong aura, as well as a great stage presence. We want to follow in his footsteps, being loved and acknowledged not only in Korea, but overseas as well.”
The two admit that they’re “still lacking in a lot of ways“, and that they continue to receive dance and vocal instruction from time to time. They will always work hard to develop as an artist. Perhaps in time, they’ll get to see the day where their juniors will cite Kwangmin and Youngmin as their mentors.
Meanwhile, Boyfriend is actively promoting their new song, “Don’t Touch My Girl“.
Source & Image : enews24 via Nate

Ahhh my newest babies.
Keep doin what you're doin Starship,
Cause you're doin it perfectly! ^.~

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mnet: “No problems with SM artists joining the MAMA”

After a long period of tense relations, SM Entertainment and Mnet finally resolve their dispute earlier this year. Now, everyone in the industry is watching to see if SM will allow their artists to make an appearance at this year’s ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)’.
Representatives of ‘MAMA’ responded with optimism over questions of SM’s participation this year. “We can’t announce official attendance lists yet, but there is no problem with SM artists joining the ceremony,” they said.
Organizers are currently busy trying to untangle scheduling snarls, as SM artists are currently busy promoting all over the world. Officials revealed that it would take some time to get the schedules sorted out.
TVXQ is scheduled to perform at the ‘2011 Billboard K-Pop Masters‘ in Las Vegas on November 25th. Considering the fact that the ‘MAMA’ will be held two days after that, the likeliness of their attendance doesn’t seem high. Their labelmates are also fully booked with other year-end schedules.
If they do attend, however, 2011 will mark their first appearance in three years.
The ‘MAMA’ will be held at the indoor stadium in Singapore on November 29th. Stay tuned for more updates!
Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver

Well, thats one side.
Sure doesn't sound very promising to me either.
Guess time will tell...

Taemin Planking??!!!??? Moon Night 90 SPAM-A-VIDEO!!!

Taemin Planking??!!!??? NO no....just scenes from Moon Night 90! ^.~
111027 SHINee Taemin & Key filming advertisement @ Móóпight90

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
credits: DC
111027 SHINee Taemin cute dancing @ Móóпight90

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
credits: DC
111027 SHINee Taemin surrounded by fangirls @ Móóпight90

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
111027 SHINee Taemin & Key dances DEUX - Come Back To Me @ Móóпight90

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
credits: DC
lllO27 Taemin & Key singing @M00N N!GHT 9O

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011

There you have it friends and fans, Stay tuned for more Moon Night 90 coverage!
In case you missed it:
Taemin and Key's making of Moon Night 90 video!

SHINee preview for Moon Night 90!

Enjoy a lot! ^.^

MYNAME & M.I.B. Debut stages on M! Countdown 111027

OhhhhmyGAH I am so behind today!
Thats what I get for sleeping >.>
Anyway...M.I.B. have been on my radar as well.
Debut stage on M! Countdown today

[K-POP][111027][Debut] M.I.B - G.D.M [M CountDown]

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
Jungle Entertainment‘s boy group M.I.B. (‘Most Incredible Busters’) finally made their long-awaited debut on tonight’s ‘M! Countdown‘ with their dynamic song “G.D.M.” (“Girls Dreams Money”).

The foursome caused quite the stir in the music industry by releasing individual solo MVs as ‘spin-off’ promotions, allowing the public to familiarize themselves with each member. 5Zic, Cream, SIMS, and Kang Nam‘s talents all flowed onto one stage tonight, and their infectious energy and charisma drew loud cheers from everyone in the house.

MYNAME makes their debut on ‘M! Countdown’
Rookie idol group MYNAME jumped into the music scene through their debut performance on ‘M! Countdown‘ tonight.
The group, who used to be known as Hwanhee’s Boys, has a total of 5 members.
The members consist of Seyong, Insoo, JoonQ, Chaejin, and Gunwoo, whose birth years range from 1995 to 1988. Unfortunately, their mentor Hwanhee was unable to cheer them on in person, as he had enlisted in the military earlier this afternoon.
Still, the boys are mustering up their courage to deliver an impressive debut. H2 Media stated, “A spectacular performance and song has been prepared that incorporates the strengths and charms unique to MYNAME. As the debut date approaches, the members have been practicing hard… They aim to become the most anticipated rookie group of 2011.”
Check out their debut performance below!
[K-POP][111027][Debut] MyName - Message [M CountDown]

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011

Enjoy these debut stages a lot! ^.^

M! Countdown 111027 - SNSD WINS! - Infinite - B1A4 - UKISS - FT Island

Big show today with awesome special stages! Lets roll!
SNSD wins! I'm so happy and what an awesome comeback stage!

SNSD - The Boys : ComeBack Stage

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
Winner stage - Aishhh Sunny is too adorable! ^.~
111027 SNSD - M Countdown Today's Winner

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
Infinite Special stage! - sorry for the low quality, best found.
111027 Mcountdown - Paradise+Be Mine [INFINITE]

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
by.Hikari (NUNAPIRIT)
I ABSOLUTELY adore this stage!
U-Kiss - Someday

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
Hongki! The point is...Hair and nails! Areso?
FT Island - Like Birds - Good bye stage 

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
After topping October’s poll for the Daum Fan Cafe Stage, B1A4 received the opportunity to put on a special stage on this week’s ‘M Countdown’.

On October 27th, B1A4 put aside their colorful outfits for sleek suits to perform a special version of their hit track, ‘Beautiful Target‘. During their performance, the boys chose one of their fans to become their “beautiful target”.

Prior to their performance, B1A4 stated, “We plan to find a ‘beautiful target’ amongst our fans who dedicated their time to come watch us perform.”
111027 B1A4 - Special Stage 'Beautiful target + 연예인'

Uploaded by on Oct 27, 2011
REALLY sorry I couldn't find better quality of this stage, looks like it was fun.

Big Show Great show this week!
Enjoy a lot! ^.^

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Radar Replay! BoA Copy&Paste

I didn't know a lot about BoA before going to SMTown Live in New York this weekend. After hearing her I decided to look up some of her videos and learn more about her. Boa Kwon is her real name, her stage name is BoA which stands for Beat of Angel. She's been singing for over 10 years now and is sometimes known as the "Queen of Korean Pop Music".

Sources: Wikipedia

My favorite song by her is Copy&Paste.

Uploaded by on Sep 27, 2010

I really like the beat of this song. It's really fun and makes me want to get up and dance. The thing I like the best is the editing which slides from frame to frame effortlessly. It feels very futuristic. It's a great song and music video.

That's all for this episode of Radar Replay!

-stormoftara :3

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End of 2011 Rookie Boy groups about to Debut - MYNAME - BOYZ - AA

Ready for the last gasp of 2011 batch of boy groups?
A quick search reveals between 16 and 20 male groups have either debuted
or may debut in 2011.
Some like X-5 debuted but have not been seen from again, I hear rumors of a possible comeback in December , A-Peace was announced but never debuted in S. Korea, A-Peace has done some activities in Japan. I was kinda looking forward to A-Peace (21 members!)
Here we go with the last gasp!
New boy group, MYNAME reveals teaser for “Message”

Hwanhee‘s new rookie boy group, MYNAME, has released a video teaser for their upcoming track “Message“.
The group, who used to be known as Hwanhee’s Boys, has a total of 5 members. The members consist of Seyong, Insoo, JoonQ, Chaejin, and Gunwoo, whose birth years range from 1995 to 1988.
The group is officially scheduled to debut on October 27th, which happens to be the day where their mentor, Hwanhee will enlist in the military.
H2 Media stated, “A spectacular performance and song has been prepared that incorporates the strengths and charms unique to MYNAME. As the debut date approaches, the members have been practicing hard… They aim to become the most anticipated rookie group of 2011.
Additionally, the boys will also make their debut performance through Mnet’s M! Countdown. In the meantime, check out the teaser for “Message” below!
MYNAME Message Teaser

Uploaded by on Oct 26, 2011
Rookie group BOYZ releases debut single, “Up Down”

Five member boy band BOYZ caught the attention of the public earlier this year with news of an impending debut, and it looks like the group’s big day is finally here! The rookie group (Noah, Yoongam, Enoch, Junone and Haroo) have released their first single, “Best of Your Zone“.
Emerging from VIP Entertainment, this single features three tracks: “Up Down“, “Missing You” and an instrumental for the latter track. While “Up Down” features an upbeat synthesized beat, “Missing You” showcases the members’ vocal skill with a slower beat.
“Up Down”:
Boyz (보이즈) - Up Down (없다...)

Uploaded by on Oct 25, 2011
 “Missing You”:
[AUDIO] BOYZ 1st Single- 그립다 (Missing You)

Uploaded by on Oct 25, 2011
New rookie group ‘AA’ reveals the rest of its members

Wellmade STAR M, the agency housing famous actors like Ha Ji Won, Kim Seung Woo, Choi Jung Won, and Lee Jong Suk, will be making their venture into the music industry by debuting their 5-member group, ‘AA‘ (“Double A“).
After revealing their first member, Aoora, and their second member Woosang, AA has followed up by revealing the remaining three members, Kimchi, Joowon, and Ho-ik.

Kimchi, standing at 182 cm (5’11″) tall, is the main vocalist of the group. He is loved by the other members as the maknae with his cute smile and aegyo. However in contrast to his lovable, mischievous image, he possesses a deep, weighty voice.

Joowon (L), the fourth member, is in charge of rapping and vocals. He is considered the “visual” of the group having been a former model with a height of 183 cm (6’0″) and a perfectly proportioned body. He is also rumored to possess perfect English skills since he has studied abroad.
The last member, Ho-ik (R), is known as the ‘Hyun Bin of Busan‘ with his milky clear skin and prince-like looks. Standing at 185 cm (6’1″) tall and possessing a delicate mid-tone voice, he is determined to capture the hearts of noona fans.
With all the members of the group now having been revealed, AA will take the stage at the ’2011 K-POP Super Concert’ as the only rookie group there out of a line up of famous stars such as KARA, SHINee, T-ara, U-KISS, Jay Park, Se7en, Psy, Big Bang, and ZE:A.
Source + Photo: Herald, iNews, Newsen
Kimchi, I can't help but giggle at that name, so cute!
The above 3 have been on my music radar for a while, 
I was just kinda waiting to see what would happen with them.
There ya have it, stay tuned to MMR! for updates! 
Stormy ^.^

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FINALLY found a video for AA from the Hallyu Concert Busan.
Its a fancam, but not bad, no screeching.
[FANCAM][2011년10월28일 - 2011 한류비치콘서트] AA Feat Ha Ji Won - I'm Going Crazy

Uploaded by on Oct 28, 2011
taken by: eLynn7

Thought I would NEVER find video, so many thanks to the fancamer!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aziatix Contest!

Do you love Aziatix as much as I do? Well then you'll want to enter this contest to win FREE TICKETS!! Just go to their website here and subscribe to their mailing list to win! They are picking 3 winners for each city of their tour. Good luck Aziatix fans! :D

-stormoftara :3

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SHINee's Japan Album 'The First' release delayed

According to SHINee's official Japanese website there has been a production delay and the release date has been moved from November 23rd to December 7th.

“THE FIRST” is a 12-track album, including previous Japan singles “LUCIFER,” “Juliette” and “Replay.” Five entirely new songs will be revealed in this release. The album will come in three versions: regular, limited and special limited edition box.

The regular version of the album will also contain the theme song to the drama “Stranger 6,” a track called “Stranger” as a bonus.

Ahhhh disappointing but production delays happen.

SMTown in New York: TVXQ! and the ending

The last band we haven't covered yet is TVXQ!

I got a lot of good photos of them.

These pictures were all from the song Before You Go. Here is a fan video of that song!

Uploaded by on Oct 24, 2011

mmm so sexy....

The other amazing video they did was Keep Your Head Down

Uploaded by on Oct 24, 2011

And that's all I've got for our SMTown Live in New York coverage, but here you can watch the amazing ending of the show!

Uploaded by on Oct 24, 2011

Until next time!
-stormoftara :3

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Taemin and Key's making of Moon Night 90 video! Airing of MBLAQ on Moon Night 90!

Previously we reported on Key and Taemin's Moon Night 90's involvement and here is some behind the scenes footage! 
[111025] Taemin & Key ^^;;; 'ㅂ'* | Moon Night 90' Making Film

Uploaded by on Oct 25, 2011

The more I see of this show the more I can't wait to see it!
Okay so after some research, apparently this is airing already...though I found 2 sources, nothing is subbed yet, and believe me, it was tough to find what I did find.
This video is pretty poor quality and is MBLAQ cuts only, BUT its on youtube.

Uploaded by on Oct 21, 2011

Uploaded by on Oct 21, 2011
Anyway Seungho and Cheondung look absolutely awesome here!
So is SuJu's Shindong! 
If you prefer higher quality video and the full show please visit WeeklyKVariety for their 3 part coverage of 1 episode! Also unsubbed.
[111020] Moon Night 90

Why are you seeing Seungho in a wheelchair?
 Here is the info you need to know.
The duo first debuted as part of "Hyun Jin Young and Wawa" in 1990 but it wasn't until 1996 under the supervision of Kim Chang Hwan, a major figure in the Korean music industry, that they got together and formed Clon. Their debut album, "Are You Ready?", proved to be extremely popular. They were often credited for being one of the first groups to incorporate strong dance routines with catchy beats.

In November 2000, a tragic and unfortunate motorcycle accident left Kang Won Rae paralyzed from the waist down. Initially the duo decided to disband but in the summer of 2005 they made a comeback with their 5th album, "Victory". The title track of the album was called "Nae Sarang Song-i" (My Love "Song") and was dedicated to Kang's wife, Kim Song, who encouraged and stood by him through those tough 5 years.

Although the duo unofficially disbanded after the album's release, they occasionally met for events or promotional activities.
Enjoy a lot!
Stormy ^.^

SMTown in New York the Introductions!

Some of the best moments are the introductions, everyone tried so hard with English intros!
The screams were deafening! but as a whole it was such a well behaved crowd, we all tried so hard to quiet down and cheer loud at the same time! We wanted all the artist to know we loved them!

Various SM Artists - Intro/Talk Compilation [FANCAM 720p HD] @ SM Live NY (2011.10.23)

Uploaded by on Oct 24, 2011

Awwwww Henry and Mimi's intro is so precious! I can't even begin to express how happy I was to see them BOTH there. I had heard that Henry would be there but nothing about Zhou Mi, I screamed so LOUD! Adore my Super Junior M boys!!!!
AMBER!!!!! Omo! She got so many cheers!
The SMTown Live intro video!
[FANCAM] SMTOWN Live NYC 10/23/11 [Part 1]

Uploaded by on Oct 23, 2011

HD and full screen this if you can!
Enjoy a lot!
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Lets relive TVXQ's intro into Madison Square Garden!
It was so epic! One of my fav moments!

SMTown Live NY TVXQ DBSK Intro [111023] [fancam]

Uploaded by on Oct 24, 2011