Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Last 48 Hours....Bits and Pieces...Odds and Ends.

Okies so since my Holiday break, there were a few small things going on, lots more pics from the Idol Sports Show since the videos were just released, the MBC Lunar New Year Show, which I was not all that impressed with, thats where Onew and Key wound up at and a few other odds and ends. And though I have mostly made peace with Taemin, I still just can't bring myself to look at him the same right now. I probable never will either lol, Anyway, moving right along, I am just going to post up somethings quick for the sake of info and leave it at that so I can enjoy the last of the Holiday. Oh except of course I will also be posting the weekend audio song.
So Heechul Tweeted an adorable pic of himself with Rye.
12PLUS!! Hi Thailand^-^ 
Heenim & Ryeong9
We are RICE BRO... on Twitpic

Here is the link to Allkpop and the MBC Lunar New Year Show performances and winners, there are some cute vids of Onew, Key oh and Hongki too ^.^

A cute still of OnHo in hanboks from todays MuCore ^.^
Shinee wins an award on the MBC Lunar New Year Show, I LOVE how Onew always looks so surprised and is happy to give the thank you speech over to Key.

Okies, thats it for now, Enjoy! ^.^

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  1. I love that pic of Onew and Minho... They're such cutie patooties w/ their big eyes.