Sunday, February 6, 2011

Teen Top releases rehearsal video of Supa Luv and why thats important...

Credit where due Capped by StormofStarzZ2
I first learned to love rehearsal videos from Rain and I wish other artists were as smart as he is. A man who is known for his business smarts as well as being a top artist in the business. He had the right idea.
First it gives the artist a whole new chance to release the music they are trying to get out to fans without all the cost of costumes, backup dancers, travel costs and such.
Second, for the fans its like a BOGO (Buy one get one free)we get to see the songs again but in a different light, usually wearing everyday clothing, which just gives us a little more info about them that really doesn't cost the artist anything. Its kinda nice to see them everyday, without all the makeup and costumes.
Someone got smart with Teen Top and decided to release the rehearsal video of Supa Luv, and lemme tell ya how much the fans are loving it and leaving lots of post on YouTube and probably the fansite as well, though I haven't checked there in a few hours.
Its WIN WIN people!
Without further ado, lets enjoy Teen Top and the newly released rehearsal video.


I wish SHINee would do this.....just sayin....

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  1. They did.... for Replay and Lucifer