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Kpop DL List, injuries and sickness are part of the game...

Omo...whats up in the Kpop world right now? I wonder if it has to do with all the fierce competitiveness that's part of the game. There are a few rookie groups coming up right now that may be adding to the burden as well. What ever the reason and in case you have been under a rock recently, here is the current DL (disabled list) right now.

First up is MBLAQ's Lee Joon. 24 hours ago we heard he was sick, then he was taken to the hospital, now he has been diagnosed with cochlea disorder.
MBLAQ’s Lee Joon’s vomiting is attributed to cochlea disorder
by lawlietta on February 13, 2011 at 3:36 pm
As allkpop reported earlier today, MBLAQ member Lee Joon was pulled out of SBS Inkigayo filming last night after suddenly experiencing vomiting symptoms before the show.

MBLAQ had been scheduled to perform Stay as well as a special Valentine’s Day stage on Inkigayo but, with the absence of Mir who is recovering from his back injury and Lee Joon’s sudden vomiting, only three members actually participated in the special stage, and the Stay performance was altogether canceled.

After Lee Joon was admitted to the hospital, a J. Tune representative stated, “Lee Joon is receiving treatment at the hospital right now after suddenly vomiting. He has cochlea disorder, but the results have revealed that this condition will not be severe. Thank you for your concerns.” It was later announced that his activities would be canceled until further notice.

Let’s hope that Lee Joon gets his much-needed rest and is able to make a healthy return soon!

Source: BNT News
Kudos to Seungho, Thunder and GO for carrying on and putting on a great Special Stage on Inky.

Since we are talking about MBLAQ, Joonies illness couldn't have come at a worse time since Mir had surgery on his back a mere 4 days ago.

MBLAQ’s Mir receives surgery for his lower back
by wafflecone on February 9, 2011 at 8:32 pm
Earlier, allkpop reported that MBLAQ’s Mir had sustained an injury to his lower back while recording for a show. It’s just been revealed that the injury was severe enough to require surgery.

A representative of his company, J. Tune Camp, stated: “On the 7th, Mir visited the hospital after recording for SBS’s “Star King” after feeling constant pains in his lower back. He was told by the doctors that he had spinal disc herniation.”

They continued, “On the 9th, he received surgery at a hospital in Kangnam and is now recovering.”

Relieving anxious fans, the representative assured, “The surgery went well but we have to wait on his condition. …Requiring immediate rest, this also complicates MBLAQ’s current promotions.”

When asked about Mir’s return, they said, “Right now, we’re not sure how long he has to rest for. His discharge from the hospital depends on his examinations and treatment process, but we wish for him to recover quickly.”

Considering the status of Mir’s health, it’s inevitable that the boys of MBLAQ will continue to promote without him. We’re hoping that Mir makes a safe and full recovery, so we can see him on stage once more! The MBLAQ 4 will continue promotions on M! Countdown later this evening.

Source: Star News via Nate

Several days ago it was reported that Lee Teuk Leader of Super Junior broke his finger requiring him to wear a cast for 6 weeks.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk injures pinky finger, requires 6 weeks in cast
by VITALSIGN on February 10, 2011 at 9:01 pm
Super Junior’s Leeteuk has revealed that his pinky finger was injured during the recording of MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight“.

On February 1st, the members took part in a tile breaking game, but unfortunately for Leeteuk, his hand slipped midway, leading to a fracture on his pinky finger.

On the 11th, the singer alerted fans to his condition by tweeting, “I only found out about the finger fracture two days after the recording~ I thought it was bearable~ keke They should’ve given me a smaller finger cast from the start~ It’s really clean, I like it a lot. Bone, please stick fast! keke”

A representative of SM Entertainment further added, “His hand slipped while recording for a show, and after experiencing pain, he went to the hospital. There’s a slight fracture in his pinky finger, so he received the appropriate treatment. It will take about six weeks for the bone to completely heal, and he will remain in a cast until then.”

Fans commented, “Working too hard can also become a problem,” and “I like the program, but please think of your body first!”
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

Last but certainly not least is Jonghyun of SHINee. Hurt along with Key last October while in Indonesia it was revealed by SME that on 110117 he had surgery for the injured ankle.
SHINee’s Jonghyun received surgery on his left leg
by VITALSIGN on January 19, 2011 at 10:17 pm

News of SHINee’s Jonghyun receiving surgery on his legs were delayed in being reported to the media.

Jonghyun previously injured his left ankle on October of 2010, after the group was rushed by fans at the Jakarta airport upon their arrival. Although he thought it was okay, further examinations showed that he required surgery.

Jonghyun received surgery on his left leg at a hospital in Seoul on January 17th. Through Star News, a representative of SM Entertainment revealed on the 20th, “Jonghyun received surgery on the 17th, and it concluded safely. He’s currently in good condition.”

Due to his recovery, he will not be performing at the “20th Seoul Music Awards” (scheduled for the 20th), and SHINee will be performing as a four-member group.

Source: Star News via Nate

Well there you have it friends and fans, seems to me there are lots of hurts going on in the Kpop World right now. Some minor, some more serious in nature.
My Music Radar! wishes them ALL a speedy and complete recovery, with so many shows coming up and I'm sure quite busy schedules, we need all our boys back in action and fully recovered!
I have been on all the various fan sites and I am happy to say, there has been lots of concern for them all and a TON of well wishes for all. You go fans!!! Keep it going, I know it helps all the boys to know everyone is so concerned for them ^.^

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