Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rejoice Shawols friends and fans! It's gonna be a SHINee week-end! Shinee boys,
Shinee Shinee Shinee never gonna let you go!
Shinee Shinee Shinee never gonna let you down!
This has been a rather hectic week for me, first one of my BFF's mom passed away suddenly. She will be dearly missed.
Then I was asked and accepted the position of Staff Writer for Cloud USA.
I am most excited to share both my love of music and my love for the man who is Rain.
Always humming along in the back ground of my life is music, and beside Rain's, most often its my Shinee boys. Oh how they have lifted up so many days for me, and conversely bringing a quiet calm to me when needed, and so, this week-ends theme is all about my Shiney Shining boys.
They have been busy! Onew has recently filmed Oh My School and Star King. Minho, Taemin and Key have all filled in for Suju on Kiss the Radio. There was the SantaFe Fanmeet event, the Auction photo shoot and the Chungwoon University New Students Orientation event. Busy busy boys as they also are getting ready for their Japan debut.
I know I have briefly posted a few things, but, I wanted to take a closer look at everything this week-end, especially where 2Min is concerned.
Minho is holding onto my heart right now, poor baby, he has been fighting hard for Taemin's attention, but, it looks like after Taemins recent wanderings, he has settled back at home with Minho. Seriously Taemin! What would you ever do with out Minho by your side?
So lets start out with a few caps from Kiss the radio when 2Min DJ'd.
Minho often has his hands on Taemin, sometimes its to lead him somewhere, but, other times, its just because he likes to touch him.

There are so many vids, but, I came across a few that are subbed! The topic? Taemin of course! Slacker Taemin....Terminator Taemin....aigoooo....
2Min, simply perfect together as they start the program.

Taemin is the topic of gossip!

Here is the Auction photo shoot interview. I adore the new found confidence of Shinee, these young men have come into their own and it shows. They have so much fun together! I love watching them interact. Minho's laugh, always leaves me with a smile on my face! ^.^

This next video is awesome, from the SantaFe fanmeet, it includes the fan question to Taemin "Are you a Fairy?" (note, in this instance the word "Fairy" is more akin to "Angel" pertaining to Taemin's 4D appearance) Key is being his Diva self and living on Shawol Love!

And now a few videos from Onew's appearance on Oh my School, none subbed but the comedy makes it worth watching. In this first video with the "AIR" mic, Onew asks for more to blow dry his hair...aisheeeee!

Onew acts like a kindergarten teacher for RDD dance lesson

In this video 2Min has the fans outside the studio window screaming as Taemin dances and then Minho suggests a couples dance....*thud*
Oh? Did I drift back into 2Min territory?....

A video from the Chungwoon University New Students Orientation
I never get tired of Replay!

A still of Taemin from the same event. His dress outfit is lovely!
Taemin still likes Minho's chest and Minho doesn't seem to mind either.
HAD to include this vid of Onew and GO from MBLAQ, Onew helps GO by letting him top?
Aisheeeee!!! >.<.
And what would a Shinee post be without a lil Onew sangtae?

Had enough? I never get tired of these boys, because they never fail to amuse me and keep me smiling. This pretty much brings us up to date with all things Shinee, and apparently all is well in SHINee World.
Enjoy! ^.^
Edit 110227
Came in to edit and since I had found this new 2min vid, I thought I would add it.
I dun even know...just watch....>.<.
okay LAST one...I promise, this one is too cute. Looks like they are playing a game of psych, funny, Taemin is the only one who can distract Minho, as expected ^.^

okies done now ^.^


  1. i'm very confused, what kind of relationship does taemin and minho has?

  2. They have a close and loving relationship, like family or brothers. ^.^