Friday, February 25, 2011

MuBank And the new songs! Dalmatian's Drama dance gets bloody!

Can I just say.....hallelujah! New songs! I get bored easy >.< LOL!
I am constantly in need of new songs and music, and this weeks MuBank does not disappoint! Not that I dont love the first set of promotions, cause I really do, but it's also great to see all the new music.
Lets get Dalmatian's accident on stage outta the way.
Dalmatian has been faintly blipping along on my music radar, I just haven't found anything yet to really catch my eye(or ears), but, they are cute and put on a fine performance. This week, there was a punch thrown, that IS part of their routine, however Drama's face accidentally got in the way of leader Inati's fist and the result was Drama performing with a bloody lip, true professionalism! I will give him that much!
This is a lovely clip of the punch, Drama is fine, btw, its been reported that it was a minor injury despite how it may look.

Full performance of The Man Opposed

TVXQ-Maximum-Hmmmm what we have all lovingly come to call the "scorpion dance" (thanks to Infinite) is now being performed by TVXQ, of course there has been an out cry by INSPIRITs, but, they don't OWN this dance move, and it is after all, a dance move, having said that, I was quite surprised to also see a move strikingly similar to Teen Top's "matrix dance" move.....I'm just saying.
TVXQ HAS beefed up this performance since their Inki performance, but at what cost?
P.S. I am WELL aware that TVXQ has performed this dance move before.

And then there was MBLAQ promoting their new song Again-Blonde and frilly Joonie continues to wow the fans with his new look and Mir makes his cameo rap appearance.
Fighting Babies!

Cute backstage with MBLAQ,Mighty Mouth and LeeJung

Infinite-BTD-Ahhhhh Woollim....What are you doing? I suspect that Sungjong's updated hair change is all part of their recent attempts to garner more publicity (as everyone pretty much agrees that the rookie race is being won by Teen Top right now) but why take out the most striking feature of your group? Today's performance DOES seem dare I say a bit more sophisticated, and I feel like I WAS forced to look at all the other members more, but, its also a little lacking in my eyes. I dunno, they are rookies and management may be going in the wrong direction here...kinda like when they stopped Sungjong from performing girl group dances. Some of the fun of this group has flown out the window for me and these recent changes may just have them pinging right off my radar...

LOL! This performance with Secret does not help. It's very cute and all...SungJong tries hard, I see his aegyo...I'm just

Thanks to UnKnownCarrot170 for all the MuBank videos.

There you have it, this weeks MuBank. You know the drill, watch fast and enjoy!

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  1. Every single one of your comments were true. Yes they did Infinite's scorpion move and Teen Top's matrix move... and yes those are moves that have been used by other people before Infinite and Teen Top. But if you are going to use those moves when others are using those moves on the same stages you should do them better than Teen Top and Infinite. They didn't. Tsk.

    Also, Sungjong looks just regular now. What are they thinking? Great dancing though. They need to comeback with a really REALLY great song w/ incredible choreo now. AND dye Sungjong's hair back.