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Howl...Split & Slither......and abs.........Its Rain! Adieu to 2010 Show!

What was I thinking......last music review....*makes another pot of coffee*...
The first fancams are in! Will update as better cams arrive, these are not even hours old yet. Enjoy! ^.^
Howl....Split & Slither...and even a brief showing of the abs he promised, and of course, Jung JiHoon always keeps his promises!

Credit:Ratoka9 & DC

I do! Of course he has a couple up on stage kissing. Surprise! The guy actually proposes! Omo! Poor Rain...always the instigator...never the groom >.<.
Credit:Ratoka9 & DC

Holy Omo and Shisus! Its Raining...and no shirt! Aigooo...he looks goooooood ^.^

Credit:Ratoka9 & DC

I will continue to update as the better cams come in, just wanted to let you have a little taste......Enjoy!

Its already 2011 in Korea......My Music Radar's! last Music review for 2010

I'm exhausted...I can only imagine just how tired some of these performers are...3 BIG Shows in as many days. I'm betting Shinee never wants to sing Lucifer again, little chance of that considering they have 2 more concerts to as many days......>.<. MBC's Gayo Daejun year end show is still in progress at the time of this posting, I will update as needed. Never mind, took so long to review and is over now. LOL! They saved the best for last! So scroll all the way down ^.^ Opening...cute only to see performers yawning, rubbing eyes and resting their heads on members shoulders......yaaaaahhhh, everyone is exhausted lol!

Narsha, including this performance because its a pretty good cover of Alanis Morissette's You Ought to know...even the Korean Sensors must be tired, I can't believe they allowed this song considering some of the lyrics.

Credit: CrazyCarrot270

Shinee's Lucifer, what can I say? Its Lucifer....nice gothic stage..Jonghyun has his throne back, everyone looks good but a little tired. Fighting Shinee!


Lovely and calm showing of Hello, now I KNOW how tired everyone is....Sitting in JongKey Onew 2Min formation, and Onew didnt even bother to change that. Maybe they need the comfort of their couples lol. Fighting my babies...Saranghae!


Battle of the bands....being included for 2 reasons, 1st Onew sings and he rocks! 2nd, these are REAL bands....enough said.


It's 2PM and they are rockin the HOUSE! great costumes! Omo Taec, Nichk and Chansung! So many abs........^.~ Without You and I'll be back...and yes I will with performances like this one! Yaaaaahhhhh.


Super Junior! Awww they did Sorry Sorry (now those of you who chat with me, will know where I get my *sorry sorry hands* from >.<)and of course my other fav Bounce.

Another Special stage...Taemin is great! And I WANT Krystal's highheel sneekers!
Taemin – ID: Peace B
Krystal – No.1
Luna – Atlantis Princess
Yoona – My Name


AND......the Closing and countdown to the New Year! I hope you have enjoyed! It was a great show. I hope all the performers get some much needed sleep! Fighting!


I need a nap......

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SBS Gayo Daejun 2010 best of year end so far...Taemin is a Ringleader! 2MIN Fanaccount!

SBS Gayo Daejun 2010 was hyped to the max, I was only hoping that the show would live up to the hype. My friends and fellow fans...not only did it live up to it, it far surpassed my hopes and wishes, It ROCKED! And rocker pretty much was the theme for this show. Many groups preformed with a fierceness not normally seen. Enjoy!
Lets start with the cutest 3 minutes you will probably ever see. Intros of all the groups to perform, but in miniature! Little children playing the parts of all! Aigoo!

Credit as tagged.

Next up is Taemin as ringleader with Circus. He makes it HOT! Beware.....the whip.
This is a special Maknaes stage!
Taemin - SHINee
Seohyun - SNSD
Sulli - f(x)
Jiyoung - Kara
Lizzy - After School
Chansung - 2PM

Uploaded by
And now for Lucifer....Fierce will never describe this performance...its captivating! And Shinee is being held captive...Cages and handcuffs...Omo!
Special stage with F(x)

Credit as tagged.
Best Super Junior of the year!

Uploaded by
MBLAQ! Thats right MBLAQ! Okay its their song Y, but performed with a new vigor and can I just say they are looking awesome! Almost didn't recognize them!

Credit as tagged.

It's 2PM! Are you watching Erika??? ^.~
Hot...did I mention fierce? Oh YaaAaaaahh Fierce as only 2PM can do it.
This last performance I could only find as a link, so worth going to YouTube to watch.
2PM I'll Be Back YouTube Link

There where sooooo many good performances, this post is really just a relevant and High Lites of, I'm linking you to allkpop where you can find many many and I mean many more awesome performances. Enjoy! ^.^
allkpop Link to Gayo Daejun Show

One word...UNF!

[trans] fanaccount of 101229 “Gayo Daejeon” rehearsal

Author: Diona

Original Source: Baby2min

Translation: sysywithcc

The kids’ performances all went pretty well yesterday, and I saw some 2min moments during rehearsal.

It starts with Taemin’s maknae show. He came out all of a sudden with a magician hat on, then was wired in the air, but he was still pouting and shaking, so adorable

After rehearsal for the maknae show finished, he came down and took a seat (on the front row), but after a short while he was half-standing half-seating and staring at one inner side of the stage, then fans next to me started to cheer and I saw Minho walking out from there.

The very first thing Minho did was hugging Taemin. I was over the moon, haha. Then they sat together, I don’t know what they were talking about, but Taemin looked happy, Minho patted his head as well.

Then Minho went up to the stage for rehearsal of SNSD’s performance, Taemin was really excited down here, and he was kind of like the cheerleader. He cheered harder than the fans, hahaha

Minho stepped down and Taemin stood up to welcome him, they hugged again, then they started their non-stop whispering. Taemin was still wearing the magician’s hat, Minho took the hat away and played with it, they had a fight over the hat..

Minho was supposed to leave a bit later, before he left he held Taemin and said something to him.

This is pretty much it, at the rehearsal the staff were really strict I couldn’t even get my camcorder out, but they were so cute and super intimate-v-

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[MMR! Commentary]Dreams come true! The story of 5 Shinee Boys...

Part 1

[My Music Radar! Commentary]
My impressions from this, their first Solo concert.....
My friend Erika is fond of asking.....How does SME know, when looking at new recruits, who will be good? How do they know who will turn out to not only be so very talented, but who will turn out to be so very beautiful? How do they know?

A certain look in the eye? Curve of the lips? Hand position while dancing? Attitude? Divine intervention? I really have no clue. One thing I do know for sure is, some one guessed right when forming Shinee. Some one did a good thing. Not only for Korea, but for fans worldwide.

For Shinee, this concert was a Dream come true, and they have worked for 4 years to get to this place. 2 or more years in training, where Onew and Taemin 1st met, before Shinee was even an idea in anyone's mind. Jonghyun and Key were roommates before Shinee as well, Divine intervention? Taemin was added to Shinee almost as an after thought as Minho was the maknae for almost 2 years. Can YOU imagine Shinee without Taemin?

May 25th 2008 gave birth to Shinee....and now after 2 albums, 9 singles, 2 musicals, numerous variety shows and many injuries.....a Dream comes true.
During an interview on Muzits, all the boys revealed what their personal dreams were for the future. Onew wanted to sing Opera, Jonghyun wanted to DJ on the radio, Key wanted to perform music of a contemporary nature and Taemin wanted to sing New Age type music. (Minho was absent due to injuries from the Dream Team, but we all know he just wants to be hot [LOL!] seriously though he wants to act.)

Indeed this concert was a dream come true in more than one way, its every groups dream to stay popular enough to reach the day where they will have their own solo concert. Shinee did this. Its every members dream to stay long enough to embark on their own solo path. Shinee is doing this too. Indeed they have worked so very hard to get to where they are, and they have done so despite some very hard times indeed.

It was a Shawols dream to see Onew singing opera in Italian and weeping at the end for all the beauty he reveals with his voice. I wept with him. So much fun to see Jonghyun DJ'ing and singing with the powerful voice he belts out with. The Almighty Key's performance of My first kiss revealed his Diva self to the max and he was indeed contemporary in his Pretty in Pink jacket. Taemin was dressed more New Age than his song was, but of all the members, he has truly come the furthest, revealing a voice and attitude that burst out on stage and will be seared into my memory for all time. Unf! Minho? Yaahhhhh he was just Hot Hot Hot, revealing his abs when HE wanted to and not when forced to by friends. Minho's voice has also been revealed to be a strong force to be reckoned with.

Saddest moment? Watching Onew weep after his opera performance, I'm not sure if, after all this time, when his voice cracked during the most intense moment of the song, if it wasn't because this truly was his dream and he felt like he failed for that tiny little crack in his voice. Fighting! Onew! We all know that besides being the leader of an awesome group(and all that THAT entails), you are also the busiest of all the 5 doing not only musicals but all the Shinee performances as well, its a wonder you have any voice left at all.

Happiest moment? Watching Taemin singing in an awesome voice that has taken all of 4 years to develop. He once revealed during a radio interview how disappointed he was this year because he though he would be a lot further along by now. Relax Taemin, you are there! Not only revealing a lovely voice but also dancing your heart out, which is why you were first chosen for Shinee. You have arrived my love.

In closing....all I have left to say is....Saranghae Shinee and kahmsahmnida.
Thank you Thank you, for all that you have become, for all that you are and for all that you have yet to be.
And for all the many hours of joy you have brought me.

Part 2

Credit where due.

Credit as tagged.

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Shinee Solo Show Stills

Last updates of stills...getting too graphics heavy, Hope you enjoyed! ^.^
Credit where due.

Credit where due.

OMO! MINHO! Those abs......

Credit:chai0408,mint1209,baidu,SHINee World Indonesia Fansclub’s, Shinee Shawols SG.

Jonghyun???? What are you up to????


Minho laughed......
Credit:Beautiful Days.

And of course.........JongKey cried....

Key looked pretty in pink...
Credit: Key & U

Jonghyun flew...
Credit: The Bling

And Onew played...
Credit where due.

New 101228
Angel Onew
Credit where due.

Angel Onew protects a child...
Credit where due.

Awwww Taeminnie cried too....
Credit where due.

Taemin so cute, from his solo song Romeo & Juliette
New 101228
A lil 2Min moment...TaeTae wore Minho's top, so cute ^.~
Credit as tagged

New 101228
Take a bow boys, you worked hard.....we laughed and cried right along with you.
Credit as tagged.
NEXT! Concert in Korea! Look forward to it!

Shinee's Solo Shows Start

This post will be changed and updated as I find more and better videos ^.^

Watch this 8 minutes of Shinee goodness thats the last vid I will post, getting too graphics heavy. Shinee flies high!
Updated 101228

Credit: Nana1214o

Lets start with the boys Japanese introductions.
They were so cute ^.^ Key's Japanese is quite good! As always, count on the Almighty Key!

Credit where due.

Next up is Stand by Me-Love Still Goes On, also in Japanese ^.^ They look great! From what I could see.

Credit where due.

Awww Your Name, one of my fav's ^.^

Credit where due.

Graze....this stage looks fabulous! Look at all those aquamarine glowsticks!

Credit where due.
New 101228

Credit: yaza86

Lastly for now, and the best so far, is Minho's cover of "Oh my Gosh"
Can I just say Oh Emmm GeeeEEEeeee!!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeee*
Sorry fangirl slipped out >.<........


Credit where due.

1st update, already lol, BUT, I just found this short clip of Key's solo with Krystal from F(x) Gotta just love Diva Key!!!!! He looks FABULOUS!
And from what I hear, Jjong's been marking his territory already too.

Credit: DCSHINee

And then there was Onew.......Jonghyun and Key made me laugh, Minho made me squeeeee. But I am siting here weeping.....and I'm not even sure why. I don't like opera, at all. This performance gave me the chills and then the tears started.
My babies have left the nest and are on their way, if this concert is any indication.
Saranghae.....Onew....Minho....Taemin....Key.....and Jonghyun T_T


Favorite Shinee Quotes
Taemin: "A person who dreams for a long time becomes similar to his/her dreams."

I am so glad for this vid, so I could stop crying >.< Instead I was YELLING! Omo! Onew! Yahhhh! Not with your teeth! You just got those fixed! LOL! ^.^
Credit: OnlyOnew

Favorite Shinee Quotes
Jonghyun:"The stage does not just belong to us-it also belongs to the fans, the audience, and the staff who work together to give the stage existence."

Awww the JongKey shipper in me just can't resist posting this vid, even though its pretty bad quality. If you ship, you will recognize this song right off. And like me, you won't care one bit, because its such a joy to hear them singing this song together on stage. Enjoy! ^.^ *wipes a happy tear* T.~

Source and credit: keymera09023


Okay took all day/night, but I finally found a vid for Taemin, I have to say he sounded wonderful. Hes singing in a lower key these days and it suits him perfectly. Speaking of suits, don't miss the designer outfit by Ha Sang Baek which has Taeminnie looking all half dressed and very pretty. ^.^

Source and Credit: keymera09023

New 101228
Just found this lovely new vid of Taemin, can I just say Omo! He sounds wonderful and is looking so beautiful!

Credit as tagged

New 101228
Taemin Angel

Credit as tagged

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Shinee Airport Fashion Show

Shinee traveling to Japan for 1st Solo Concert!

Shinee looks awesome as always, even when traveling, Onew always walks looking down. Taemin, stunning coat she he is wearing, Jongkey with cute couple fedoras and Minho looking cool as always.
So excited, 1st solo concert is so close! Looking forward to the millions of fancams! ^.^

Pic Credit: Brilliant

A Shinee Christmas from My Music Radar!

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a Shinee Christmas!
Please enjoy this wonderful fanmade compilation of Shinee's Christmas performances plus some extra goodies of cuteness ^.^

Credit: Video made by: Liz / mayasakie @Youtube

Favorite Shinee Quotes:
Taemin:"Ever since I was young, I really liked Santa Claus. He gave out free gifts!"

2PM and It's Raining!

Am I dreaming? No no, I am not. Its 2PM and JiHoon dancing together to Its Raining.
2PM is so fierce! Check out the video. Enjoy! ^.^

Credit where due,

Friday, December 24, 2010

Shinee's Jonghyun keeping his backstage......for upcoming Solo Concert

Is it taking Jonghyun forever to get over his ankle injury? Seems to me even Minho got over his Dream Team injuries much quicker. I miss him dancing!
According to a long message he left on SMTown boards he will participate in the upcoming concerts by keeping his backstage while an SM trainee takes over for him by dancing with Shinee members.
My Music Radar! hopes Jonghyun gets better soon, I can only imagine how disappointed he is by not being able to dance with the group.
Source: allkpop

Hello~ I am SHINee’s Bling Bling Jonghyun!!
SHINee’s first ever individual concert that you have all been waiting for will be held soon~
The Japan show is on 26th Dec, Sunday~ The Korea shows will be on 1st and 2nd January!!
Everyone must be anticipating right? ^^
Hurry raise your hand if you are coming!
The members and I are still rehearsing for our concert, spending days feeling as if we are on the edge of our seat every moment.
Actually this concert is something that each of the members have dreamt about since debut.
So we are especially more nervous and also looking forward to it~~~
But there is something to be regretful about,
Because of my injured ankle, there will be some performances during the concert that I will not be able to participate in.
Even though it’s not very realistic, but because of this concert, I really wanted to go on stage despite my injury.
Everyone has been worried about me because of this… ^^
But! I am still very healthy! ㅋㅋ
As compared to performing on stage, I will be focusing more on singing for this concert.
Even though I really wanted to present a perfect stage to everyone… Really sorry about this…
I hope everyone can understand…ㅠㅠ
But I will still greet everyone with charismatic song performances~
Also, when I am singing, there are some songs where the dance segments
Will be undertaken by a trainee from our company..
This hoobae is a Chinese and his skills are really good so everyone need not worry~^^
He will be taking my place until my leg recovers,
Helping us out for the dance performances during the Japan and Korea concerts
Everyone please support him~~~
I of course will still be performing on stage
So please do not worry!! ㅎㅎㅎ
Then, let’s end this here for our charismatic concert..
Let us meet at the concert venue itself ~~~❤


Allkpop Original post

SMTown board

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wishing you Happy Holidays!

My Music Radar! wishes everyone Happy and Healthy Holidays!
Here is to another year of fresh music and great shows!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Taemin to be a Ring Leader?.......Beware!

Shinee's Taemin, MBLAQ's Mir and several other maknae will be performing a special stage on SBS's 2010 Gayo Daejun. Backstory: Britney Spear's Circus, to be the inspiration for the performance with Taemin as the Ring Leader. I'm betting on a very interesting interpretation, if anyone can pull this off, its most certainly Taemin! Look forward to it! ^.^
Air Date: December 29th.
Additional info and pictures on allkpop.

Monday, December 20, 2010

How far has Shinee come from Noona Neomu Yeppeo days?

I came across this vid on my interwebs wanderings and it really got me thinking about how far the boys have come since Noona Neomu Yeppeo days. Don't miss precious Taemin at about 15 (shakes head) he was such a baby >.< Watch as Taemin fails to take back his mic from Key after his solo dance and Key must now dance with 2 mics, while Taemin sings with no mic, which is really ok since he was just starting his "fake mic" days as his voice was still changing back then. Omo did Onew really have a bandanna up under his hat? And is that one of his pant legs pushed half way up? Oh stylist what were you thinking? A half thugish Onew really does not work >.< My Shinee the beginning. ^.^
080530 Music Bank SHINee 누난너무예뻐 (live) from s1 on Vimeo.
Credit where due.

Favorite Shinee quotes:
Taemin:"Key-umma nags at me alot these days. I'm getting tired of it. So I started act like a bad boy. (Yunhanam)"

Not Lucifer yet........Supertronic, Hiphopholic?

Actually I was going to post Shinee's Hello + Lucifer remix from Inkigayo however, I am kinda pissy right now because < start rant >I think Taemin might have cut his hair and I could not for the life of me find a clear enough video to see properly and I really didn't want to post yet another Lucifer video anyway after the massive update I did this weekend and Taemin had a pony only 48 hours AGO!!11!!!....sigh< /end rant > The only significant difference on the Inkigayo performance is that Jonghyun started dancing again but only a little, he still has his behind stage.
Moving right along. I actually heard this original demo several months ago and its pretty wild. To hear the composer Yoo Young Jin singing this is pretty incredible. Its awesome to hear what he heard in his mind and take it from there to what became Lucifer after Shinee got their hands and voices on it. Oh how I really do love the music process. Oh also this is the English version. Enjoy!

Credit where due.

Here is the best Inki performance I could find >.< in case you want to watch it.

Credit where due.

Shinee on Music Bank 48 hours ago.

Picture credit as tagged. Capped by StormofStarzZ2

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend!

For your listening pleasure Shinee's Obsession. Enjoy ^.^

YouTube Credit:

A weekend of Beautiful Boys...

Every weekend I try to present with a theme or genre. This weekend is dedicated to all the truly Beautiful Boys of Kpop. These boys fill my days and nights with so much joy. They have the ability to whisk me to far away places. Sometimes in a Drama, sometimes in a music video and sometimes just in still pictures. The media doesn't really matter, what does matter is that they work so very hard to do this and look so beautiful while doing so. Enjoy the following music and pictures, I know I have. ^.^
Credit where due.

This song may not be to everyone's liking, I find it lovely and melodic.
Title: Beautiful Boyz
By: CocoRosie

Some of my favorite Beautiful Boys pictures.





Credit where due.

Speaking of Beautiful Boys...

Speaking of Beautiful Boys, Enjoy this photo shoot with Onew and Minho for W magazine. Really lovely, can't wait to see the layout. Minho as always speaks deeply and Onew more simply ^.^

Credit where due.

A room full of Beautiful Boys!

Last MuBank show video to share today. A waiting room full of beautiful boys! Who cares what they are talking about, its all about the eye candy. And about Taemin on Onews shoulders, ya ya its all about that. Enjoy! ^.^

Credit where due.

Shinee's Lucifer performance-MuBank Year End Show

Can you stand one more review of Lucifer? Watch this performance and I dare you to say No! I believe our boys are gearing up for their 1st Solo concert with this fierce showing. Jonghyun in the back again, making fine use of this stage. Onew Omo looking so very HOT! Taemin stunning as always and can I saw how much I am loving the modified mandarin pony?(squeeeeeeeee! >.<) Key every bit his Diva self. Minho awesome. 1080 and FS this video for max enjoyment! Enjoy! ^.^

Credit where due.

Super Junior's performance from MuBank's Year End Show

Super Junior is big in more than just members, big voices,big dance moves, big side careers and apparently, too big for this Music Bank stage (which I loved btw) but being consummate professionals, they pull it off including an explosive Bounce that is almost show stopping if not camera destroying. Enjoy! ^.^
Credit where due.

Heechul regrets new short cut!

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

I had a feeling this was going to happen! Coming out of mourning now ^.^ Bet he doesn't do THIS again any time soon ^.^

Friday, December 17, 2010

Heechul cut his hair...........TT__TT

Good Bye.. My long hair.... on Twitpic

I will get over this.....NEVER! ~.~
Why oh why are all my favorite boys cutting their luscious locks off? What is this trend? Pass the tissues, I am in mourning.....First Heechul.....T_T
Taemin better not EVEN go there.......I'm just saying...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Short but sweet MBLAQ interview *subbed*

How much do I love MBLAQ? Let me count the ways....1...2.....3....7.....11 >.<

Seriously though, pay no attention to the pat answers that leader Seung is giving, instead watch the interaction between these members that had me laughing out loud! So very cute!  I have been saying for quite some time now, that GO looks more like Appa Rain as time goes by than Joonie does. I am look forward to their new music release because I really do enjoy this group a lot. Enjoy! ^.^

Credit: Exclusive interview with ScanationSG thanks to PoR625 on YouTube.

Soooo Adorkable! ^.^

[Hallyu Wave]Groove Nation helps bring the Hallyu Wave Ashore!

The Hallyu Wave has been lapping at our shores for years. These kids may be bringing it ashore in ways no one else can. Dare I say, they are the future? Take a look at this great performance from students of Heritage High of Vancouver, Washington aka Groove Nation. 1080 & FS for max Enjoyment!
My Music Radar awards 5 pings for effort and excitement! ^.^
Credit where due.

Ohhhhhh Taemin....just who are you remembering?

The sleepy eyed boys of S.M. The Ballad A Photo shoot.

OK....I admit it, photo shoots are one of my favorite things to review, especially when they include Shinee's Jonghyun. Bonus! this one includes all the members of SM The Ballad. The camera loves Jonghyun and he loves the camera (oh yes he does! >.<) Jino is looking very cute as is TRAX’s Jay and Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun. Oh sleepy eyed milk drinking boys always melt my heart ♥ ^.~ 

Nicely done Nylon!



SM The Ballad Nylon Photo Shoot

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Taemin's cute belly!

No words needed ^.^
Credit as tagged.

Shinee's Leader Onew's Happy Birthday message!

Cutest Thing ever from MTV K

Onew left a message on SM World for all his fans ^.^

“Hello! It’s Onew.

Everyone? Lots of people hahaha

Today is my birthday!!

It’s not just my birthday but other people’s birthdays as well so

Congratulations everyone. hahaha

I’m doing well

Everyone don’t catch a cold hahaha

I hope everyone does well during the end of the year and

I am leaving for meditation time hahaha

Thanks again. hahaha

Be happy hahaha”

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Shinee's Leader Onew!



My Music Radar! wishes Shinee's Leader Onew a very Happy and Healthy Birthday! Being leader of Shinee is not easy, the boys can be tough on him sometimes, but, he is right there when the boys need him. 

Saranghae Onew!
Onew sangtae sangtae sangtae >.<


Welcome to My Music Radar!

My Music Radar!
Enjoy updates on some of my favorite Asian Music groups.

And music in general.

Music is what feelings sound like~Anonymous

Hello and Welcome to the new My Music Radar! Blog Spot. My old page on FB was getting too restrictive and I was wanting more space to share more info so, here we go!!!! This will not be a fan site or be dedicated to any one group or genre of music in particular, more it will be about current music, from everywhere and anywhere.
You can also expect occasional comments and reviews from some of my fav Kdramas, Jdramas and funny posts from The World of Random.
Feel free to leave your comments and join in the fun! Enjoy! ^.^

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