Saturday, February 5, 2011

MuCore performances from today! Watch fast and Enjoy! ^.^

Well I did get that Holiday break after all, though not the way I wanted, but thats another story....
MuCore returns and the promoting goes on.
Just back from his win on SBS's King of Idols, first up is SeungRi with VVIP. He touchingly shed a few tears upon being voted King of Idols because he was not sure what his reception would be by other groups, but was very thankful that they all "watched over him". A not quite as theatrical performance this week, but still good.

Changmin, whats up with the hair this week? O.o

MBLAQ-Stay....I kinda miss Cry

My baby pinggers what an awesome performance on MBC's Lunar New Year Show, the best! Sungjong <3 My recent viewing of their show "Midnight Idols" made me love them all the more ^.^ Nice change up of the "Scorpion Dance"
This weeks "Something Completely Different" is Dal Shabet with Supa Dupa Diva, I like their modernized hanboks and the song does not make me want to run to the dentist for a too sweet performance like most girl groups do, not to mention, I'm VERY sure we will be seeing Key perform this real soon! ^.^

Thanks to CrazyCarrot270 for all of this weeks videos, Watch fast and enjoy! ^.^

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