Sunday, February 13, 2011

Inky Performances Valentines Day Special Stages......SuJu KRY

I'm just posting the special stages as I'm far more concerned with the Kpop DL (Disabled List) right now ~.~
Teen Top performed an absolutely adorable Stage with H.O.T.'s song Candy

Some cute stills from back much do I love these cuties? They are the only ones putting a smile on my face right now.
Chanji and Niel
TEEN TOP shares sweet photos from the backstage of ‘Inkigayo’
by VITALSIGN on February 13, 2011 at 5:36 am
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the boys of TEEN TOP delivered an ultra-sweet cover of H.O.T’s legendary “Candy” for SBS’s “Inkigayo.”

The members shared two photos from the event through their group’s me2day account, and fans gushed over the special treat.

Member Niel wrote, “I became Angelina Jolie today. Please don’t make fun of me after you watch our stage! Because I bumped into C.A.P-hyung, my lips swelled up to twice its size. Please look forward to our Valentine’s Day ‘Candy’ stage. It’s really cute!”

Later, they uploaded a photo of Changjo receiving candy from L. Joe and added, “‘Please accept my ca………..candy!!!’ ‘Oh my, I… I… I like chocolate more than candy~’ L. Joe and Changjo play like this in the waiting room^^”

Netizens commented, “I can eat 100 candies if L. Joe gives me them,” “Such cute photo setups,” and “It was nice seeing an H.O.T stage for the first time in a while!”
L Joe and Chanjo
Source: TV Report via Nate
LOL! No wonder Niel didn't get any "one shots" today during the show, he usually gets them all! ^.^

MBLAQ's Special Stage Proposal Song with F(x)'s Sulli-Seungho's piano is outstanding but GO's sweet voice? OMO! the best! Cute performance considering....
Fighting Babies! Hang in there!

Infinite did not perform on Inky this week however, TVXQ did a remix of KYHD...
with hearts...hmmmmm...

Short video clip of SHINee at the VIP premier of Late Autumn
Taeminnie obviously wants to stand with Minho, but sends him to umma Key who keeps a hand on him, I guess Minho wanted the CEO of SME all to himself lol 2Min always relevant ^.^

Another Super Junior Sub group performs, short clip (with subs) of this Ballad group of SuJU aka KRY at a press conference before the concert.

Okies I was going to include the Kpop DL List on this post, but this post got longer than I expected so I will do that separately.
Happy Valentines Day...and stuff....^.^

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