Wednesday, February 2, 2011

King of Idols, King of the World Rain and a Secret Garden

Ahhh due to the holiday, there really wasn't much happening in the Kpop world, and quite frankly I welcomed the rest as much as the celebrities did LOL! Though truthfully I kinda didn't know what to do with myself.
So I started to watch Secret Garden, half way through the first episode I realized just how much I missed watching dramas, its been a while since something sounded good enough to lure me back to the drama world, Rain's Fugitive Plan B (which I HIGHLY recommend btw ^.^) was the last I watched. I am looking forward to the rest of Secret Garden, its quite interesting so far.
Allkpop has posted the show SBS's King of Idols, now I know most of us have already seen way too much of this through fancams, but the videos of the show are the best!
I was actually going to post them all here, but there are 11 of them, and they are not subbed yet and CrazyCarrot tends to "private" their vids rather quickly, so instead I will link you up, hope you get to see them in time and enjoy them a lot! As to the subbing, even if you only understand a few words of Korean you will get along just fine, mostly you can tell whats going on anyway as they are dancing, wrestling and well, we have all seen the still pics too. I have spent the morning/afternoon watching and laughing so hard I woke the TStorm up >.< (not really, she was already up and watching her own thing online) All the fav's are here, Onew and Minho wrestle each other, don't miss Onew's couple dance with Goo Hara, 2PM wrestle each other too, oh there is just too much GO! Watch now! Enjoy! ^.^
SBS’s “King of Idols” airs, featuring various members of top idol groups in Thailand

Rain News

Rain to perform with cellist Jan Vogler in Germany!

It’s a collision of two worlds!
Hallyu superstar Rain will perform with world-renown cellist, Jan Vogler, on May 21st during this year’s ‘Dresden Music Festival‘.
Although the event’s official site doesn’t give away too many details about their performance, we do know that Rain will be both singing and dancing, and the joint performance is being billed as an “East meets West” type of exhibition. The event will be held at Dresden’s Semper Opera House.
It’s also listed that the sponsor is MCM, the very same upscale German handbag manufacturer whose London store Rain made a special appearance in not too long ago.
Source: Dresden Music Festival
Tip: Peter

This macro seemed relevant to today's post since Onew's sangtae is ALWAYS relevant >.< Enjoy!

Okay Okay I lied >.< I forgot that Marry Me Mary was the last kdrama I watched, sooo sorry Sukkie, which I ALSO highly recommend *mung mung* ^.^


  1. Niaooww!
    Yeah don't be forgetting about Mary!
    Anyway, you know that's SO what Onew thinks when he walks... lmfao...

  2. I KNEW you would be the one to call me out lmao
    and yes we all know thats JUST what hes thinking, *hums the Onew sangtae song* ^.^