Saturday, February 19, 2011

MBLAQ Joonie's CyWorld was all a stage concept.

110220 [CYWORLD] Joon's diary entry
오랬만입니다 모두들 건강히 잘지내시죠 >
저는 건강히 지내고있어요 !
너무너무 걱정하셨죠 .. 여러가지로..죄송합니다 ..
오늘 제가 넘어졌던건 mtv와 상의하에 안전한장치위로
떨어졌었던거에요 .. 저희무대 컨셉이 처음에 어느 박사님이
우릴 만들었다가 실패를한후에 새롭게 다시 태어난다는 의미인것
같아요 .. 저는 다행히 안전하게 착지를했습니다 .
많이 걱정하셨을텐데 마음이 무겁네요 ..
항상 걱정만 끼쳐드리는것같아서 죄송합니다 .

아참, 그리고 얼마전 제 생일이있었는데 .. 요즘 회사가 여러모로
바쁘다보니 .. 아직 전해받지못했어요 받는데로 소중히 간직할게요 ^ ^ 항상 많은 사랑을주셔서 하루하루가 기쁩니다 .
아직 날이 덜풀렸으니 , 따뜻하게입고다니시고요 , 건강이 제일 중요하다는거 잊지마세요!!
It's been awhile, everyone is healthy right >
I'm staying healthy !
You must have been very very worried .. In many ways.. I'm sorry ..
About me falling down today at the MTV festival, I was set up with safety equipment
before falling off .. It is our first stage concept
We created this to show the meaning of something like being renewed and born again
after failing .. Thankfully I landed safely .
My heart is heavy because I caused so much worry ..
I'm sorry for always causing you to worry .

Oh, and I celebrated my birthday not long ago .. We've been busy at the company
in many ways lately .. I haven't been able to receive it, I will cherish it well once I receive it ^ ^ I'm very happy to always receive so much love every day .
The weather has yet to become warner , wear warm clothes to go out , most importantly don't forget to watch your health!!
SOURCE: Joon's Cyworld
It's okay Joonie! We love you! Otherwise we wouldn't have cared if you fell.
Fighting Joon! ^.^

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