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SHINee Guerilla Date aired 120331 Now Subbed!

Ahhh Guerilla Date....the source of so much awesomeness!
Fans running through the streets calling friends cause damn! It's SHINee!
And what could be better than a little 2MIN?
JongKey arguing???
Onew's ttakbam???
Oh yes my friends and fans...its all here.
[SHINee] 120331 Guerrilla Date

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Taemin's fanboy....Taemin's allure has NO boundaries @.@
Enjoy a lot!!!


The March 31st episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date‘ sat down with the boys of SHINee, who have made a comeback after a year and half.

During the segment, the members opened up and shared some hilarious stories about the members.

Key, in particular, caused the set to roar into laughter after he revealed his hidden love for makeup. SHINee’s Key was asked, “When you’re just your normal self Kim Ki Bum (Key’s real name), was there a time when you ever put on make up before?” Upon hearing the question, the members started to laugh with Taemin and Minho sharing a hug and Jonghyun clapping. Key seemed to be quite bothered by the question and let out a sigh.

Because Key was hesitant to answer, the members decided to answer for him and Jonghyun stated, “He even looks in the mirror and draws eyelines” to which Key quickly denied and said, “It’s not the eyeline, it’s just the eyelash!” to which the members burst into laughter once again. Minho then stated that one time Key was putting on BB Cream and was stating how great it was and Key seemed very curious on who made it. The members then shared that Key is quite fond of BB Cream. Key admitted that BB Cream is like currency to him and takes it with him everywhere.

Shortly thereafter, he shared the Lee Soo Man big forehead story which caused the members to burst into laughter again.

Additionally in the segment, the SHINee boys interacted with fans on the streets and Onew showed off his strong finger power by flicking a male fan on the forehead. They also enjoyed some Korean street food including a ham spam hot dog which they shared with a fan.

UPdate:Subbed Video
[120331] Guerilla Date with SHINee

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 vid cr: ajmji26

Thanks to Mia/mhn7700 for subbed video
 Kamsahamnida bb ^.~

Taemin Immortal Song 2 - 120331

afreecaplayer 2012 03 31 18 54 44 328

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Everyone loves bb ^^
l2O33l Taemin's fangirls XDDDD @I$2

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태민(Taemin)-4월이 가면

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l2O33l speechless & flustered Taemin cut @I$2

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okies basically whats said is...She gets mad looking at Taemin, he gets all huh?
Then she explains because he's so pretty/prettier than her.
Poor baby....he gets so confussed.

SHINee Taemin / 태민 - 4월이 가면 ( 불후의명곡2 패티김 은퇴 특집 120331 )720dpi

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Okies, want preview pics of next week?
of COURSE you do!
I've had these a few days so enjoy ^.~

MuCore 120331 - SHINee - NU'EST

Awesome performances today!
What are they wearing????
2 ponytails today! Taemin AND Onew! ^^
Anyway.....its in 1080 baby!!!!!!
120331 SHINee - Sherlock (Clue+Note) FULL HD

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NU'EST - Face

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Enjoy a lot!

Ahhhh Diba my chingu....awesome Jjong Dino macro!!!!
via Oddness/Weirdness

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My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend! UP & Down

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend!
For your listening pleasure UP & Down

[Eng+Rom] SHINee - Up & Down

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Korean lyrics by Misfit & Kim Jonghyun
Cr. kimchi hana @

MuBank 120330 - SHINee - NU'EST - UPdate Sherlock in HD

Is Minho disappointed?
I am......Shawols MUST work harder!
Just sayin.....
SHINee - Sherlock

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NU'EST - Face

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Backstage 2AM and SHINee
2AM+SHINee - 이 주의 K-Chart 1위

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Winners Stage
120330 K-chart 2-1

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I got nuthin else....except chocolate in my coffee....

120330 SHINee - Sherlock (Clue+Note) FULL HD

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SHINee Guerilla Date preview pics and fancams 120329 Bonus Taemin Video

120331 Guerilla air date 9:05pm KST KBS

[fancam] 120329 SHINee Jonghyun @ Gúérri||à Dàté recording

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credits: goodnightmoon
[MustWatch]l2O329 Too Beautiful for words -Taemin fancam @Gu3r!11a l)at3 R3c0rd!nG

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credit as tagged/never mention the show's name

Can't wait to see this!
Bonus Taemin Video - Just because its too damn cute not to post somewhere ^^
This boy will be the end of me >.<
120322 인기가요(Inkigayo) 사녹 - SHINee 퇴근

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Credit:'Holy BlooD┼' (

SHINee on Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News. 120329

Ready Ready?
Adorable boys are funny and helpful!
Except Key.....who was WAY too busy rolling on the floor!
120329 Mnet Wide 연예뉴스 Open Studio 샤이니 (SHINee) 1/2

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by. 하내빛
120329 Mnet Wide 연예뉴스 Open Studio 샤이니 (SHINee) 2/2

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by. 하내빛

Enjoy a lot!

SHINee's Onew sports a teeny tiny pony on Sukira 120323

Okay okay I'm all late with this...
HOWEVER! I was NOT gonna let it pass either!
Onew??? Ponytail?
Oh yes!
LOOK! LOOK how truly beautiful Onew looked!
Every bit as pretty as Taemin in that picture!

[FANCAM] 120323 Cutie Onew (w/ teeny pony tail) playing peek-a-boo with fans @ $uk!ra

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cr; P
Leader-ssi is not afraid to be totally contemporary!

NU’EST M! Countdown! 120329 Bonus Kiss the Radio Pic

I bet you thought I forgot my NU'EST babies.....^.~

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They really have tweaked this into a fine rookie performance!

NU'EST Kiss the Radio Pic

SHINee WINS!!!! M! Countdown 120329 Pictures & Video

Did you vote??? Do the searches for hours on end? Buy Sherlock?
Then take a bow Shawol! You helped SHINee win!
You made this happen!

120329 SHINee - Sherlock (Clue+Note) @ M Countdown

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Winners stage
120329 SHINee - Today's winner @ M Countdown

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SHINee's in the HOUSE!!!!

 For my friend Dasiey who needs a little more Minho in her life ^.~

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NU’EST's Ren speaks out about 'Gender Confusion'

NU'EST member and maknae Ren who is pulling a 'gender confusion' because he looks prettier than a girl, has stated that these feedback on this issue were rather good.

He has recently said this at a Sports Seoul interview accompanied by the members of NU'EST to talk about their debut album.

A picture of him with blonde hair has surfaced online before debut and had male fans wondering "Is he a girl? Or a boy?" and he had heard many people saying"He looks like a girl" from people nearby. Ren said "These feedbacks were funny, and the fact that the people were curious about me".
He is also the only member in NU'EST to do nail art. When we asked him "Don't you look more feminine with the nail art?" he replied "I like stylish things, so it goes well with my appearance and that's why I started the nail art".
"I thought about being a singer in Middle School when I was in Busan. Even though my looks are very feminine I am very blunt and don't talk a lot." Ren concluded.
However, Rookie group NU'EST is currently busy promoting their debut song 'Face'.

Source: Sport Seoul
Article Credits: Iceprinceafterschool @ Elite-Rebels
Translation Credits: Bunnhye @ Elite-Rebels

Source:Daily K Pop News

We fans think you are gorgeous!
I'm loving the new 'nail art' trend among the male idols!
Even Key has been indulging as seen in this pic
And of course FT Island's Hongki has been at this a while now!

Why is change so hard for some people????

SHINee at ShimShimTaPa Radio with Shindong 120328 Video and Highlights

20120328 신동의 심심타파 / 샤이니-셜록 앨범 미리 듣기

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This video quality is really bad, but its cute anyway ^^
[120328] SHINee Singing Bad Girl Good Girl (MissA)

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[120328] SHINee 샤이니 Dorks Random Sherlock Dances

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120328 Onew's 3-shot aegyo @ Shimshimtapa

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120328 Taemin to Onew: Get it wrong!

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Then Key and the others scolds him for being rude. LOL! Mischievous maknae at ShimShimTaPa
[Radio] 120329 SHINee on SSTP with Shindong #1

Shindong commented that Taemin's hair have grown really long. Taemin replied that it has grown quite a bit for the past 1 and a half years (This kid knows how to crack up a joke)

When asked about reactions from people around him Taemin said that people think that "This style is truly avant-garde", "I can't look straight (into your eyes, out of embarrassment)", "Some people think that it is pretty but there are people who thinks that I look like a monkey!"

Taemin said that if dancing and singing was not monitored (to do better) he will regret once he leaves the stage. Shindong mentions that he noticed that Taemin danced a bit slower than the rest for a single part for one of the performance. Taemin says that he purposely slowed down because he bumped into someone else. SHINee says that Shindong senior is indeed strictly monitoring...

♥ Shindong let Taemin introduce the album in 30seconds. Taemin "Everyone please help me okay?" Minho and Jonghyun ask him to just do it himself. Taemin started his speech which was quite fluent - he mentioned the songs in the album and said that they were great and asked everyone to download it so that Jonghyun-hyung's account money will.....(Time's up!)

♥ Jonghyun says that he can make everyone buy the album just by saying a sentence - "Taemin is partially nude this time..." Taemin was embarrassed and said "Why do you only mention me..." Jonghyun explains that his (Taemin's) was the most unexpected..

♥ Asking about Key : Key  "Why did you ask me this question! Indeed, I have collected more contacts" Shindong mentioned about 91 line so he feels that Key is most likely to have a female mate. Key "To be honest, I get close to others easily, however they may feel that I am too approachable and treat me soley as a casual friend" Shindong "So who do you think will have more experience in love?" Key "Talk about my personal stuff" (Jongkey started talking to one another and escapes the topic! haha)

♥ Lie detector #1 : Key failed the lie detector test and everyone was cheering. Key explains that it was because he was nervous. Taemin "Didn't you tell us to secretly date?"

Lie detector #2 : "It is irritating because I have long hair and I have to pretend that I like it" - Taemin answered "NO". Taemin was really nervous about the lie detector (I think he did not passed it). Shindong requested everyone to try answering "YES". He asked "Is everyone satisfied with their hairstyle?" Minho "Yes I love it, I have not had short hair for a long time." Everyone else said that they like their hair too. Then Taemin tried answering "YES" - Onkey started to sing the tune of the lie-detector....and Taemin passed the lie-detector! Everyone started laughing and said that Taemin's "NO" is a lie.

When asked if he likes anyone from the opposite sex, Key was busted by the lie-detector. Key said that he does not have any among the idols.. Shindong caught hold of the keyword "idols" and twisted the question to if he has any interest in any girl. Key said "No" and passed the lie-detector. Everyone "He really doesnt have one.." Shindong "So we can assume that he does not have much experience in love"

Onew suggested the question to be changed to "I have experienced love" Jonghyun immediately stood forward and said "Let's protect our___(not clear) so we shall pass" Shindong said to tell him personally after the show is over (Onew what were you thinking? ahahaha)

Karaoke challenge! SHINee members have to sing more than 3 sentences to win and have to guess the song title and singer. Those who have raised up their hands will be called out to sing. Shindong "The first song is sung by a girl group", Everyone say that it's Key (???). Key "Didnt everyone say that the song-writer's name is Son Dambi?" So the song was SNSD "Tell me your wish". Taemin messed up the song and Onew forgot the lyrics by the 3rd line. Taemin sang wrongly again.. but Key managed to pull it off smoothly and successfully.

2nd round! To test how much you know one another. Let's guess everyone's foot sizes. Minho is 260, Jonghyun is 265, Key is 265, Onew is 260, and Taemin is 250.

Onew was asked - correct answer will gain you 5 points and wrong answer 0 points.  Q: Which member does KEY thinks that is the most unfashionistic. Onew reluctantly replied "Onew....." Correct answer! Onew laughed. Key and Minho stood forward and complained that shouldn't it be anonymous? Key added on why did Shindong asked the person in the question itself?

Jonghyun was asked - Which member does Onew thinks that he does not listen to him well. Shindong explains that there shouldn't be only one person... Jonghyun answered "All four of us are not obedient" and the answer was correct! Jonghyun "I am using a caring method..." (Does not understand)

Minho was asked - Which member is most comfortable among girl groups? Jonghyun reminded Minho to think carefully...since it was written by Jonghyun himself. Shindong was counting down 3, 2, 1.. Minho answered "Jonghyun" but it was wrong and the answer was KEY. Jonghyun "It seems like it's not Minho's day today"

♥ Taemin was asked - "Which member does Minho think that he takes care of his image the most in front of fans?" Taemin answered "Jonghyun". Jonghyun was unsatisfied and complained "Why is it all me?!" Shindong allowed Taemin to change his answer but Taemin stood by his answer and it was wrong! The right answer is "Taemin". Jonghyun says that Taemin does not know how to judge people...and is actually cuter than what he is in front of fans. Taemin explains that it is because Jonghyun has a lot of SNS recently.

Key was asked - "Which is the member that Taemin is most afraid of?" Key thinks that it is himself. Shindong "Do you want to change your answer? Is it only Key?" Key did not change but the correct answer turns out to be Minho! Key asked Taemin why and regretted that he did not change his answer. Taemin say that "All the hyungs are really good towards me, it is not hard to approach to them.. Minho-hyung often gave me advice (I think it is in a serious and stern manner) Minho is the closest answer to the question. Shindong and Jonghyun says that Minho is a really charismatic man..

All in all, Jonghyun had the highest points followed by Onew..

*** I added a ♥ to my favourite parts ^^

Kor-Chi : 2447866100 // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi // Image : SSTP Official Twitter

[Radio] 120329 SHINee on SSTP with Shindong #2

Shindong asked what does SHINee thinks they have that appeal to Europe fans? Jonghyun answered that Europe fans are able to accept their music and style and hence SHINee feels really honoured.

Karaoke Challenge - Kibum said "I am really good at this! I will piss all of you off!" (hahaha!) The first song was "Tell me your wish" - Taemin got to answer first but Kibum sang it right in the end. The second song was KARA's "Mr" - Jonghyun got it but sang it wrongly. Third song was Miss A's "Bad girl good girl" Kibum got it but sang the first line wrongly - Jonghyun sang it really well though!

Shindong revealed that when Minho first entered the company, he was burderned on how to dance well and kept asking for advice from seniors all day long. Minho was really really dark then (tanned..)

♥ ♥ A new questionaire! A certain manager who used to manage a senior group is now taking care of SHINee. I have interviewed the manager what unhappiness he has towards SHINee.. the manager said "I have a lot of unhappiness regarding the senior group but I totally love SHINee.. but I still have a little unhappiness towards them (SHINee)" SHINee was asked to guess what the unsatisfactory point was and the answer is "SHINee does not eat meals well" (S/N : Eat meals regularly)

*** I added a ♥ to my favourite parts ^^

Kor-Chi : TSCONDITIONAL // Chi-eng : soundtracklove@soompi


SHINee Hottracks Fansign Event 120328

Taemin and Onew

Onew Video
120328 ONEW

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I'm sure this will be updated ^^

Super Junior’s Yesung makes a surprise visit into a chatroom. Did you ever wonder if your Idol bias visits chats?

Did you ever wonder if your Idol bias visits your favorite chatroom/box'???
Oh I remember so well the nights on CloudUSA we'd be gettin a lil'crazy and Terri would start making us even crazier with...."Careful! You never know!"
And we'd start lookin at the large amount of 'Anons' on the chat list who never really said much.
All of a sudden we'd switch from 'banana talk' (^.~) to "I pray for Rain and make kimchi"
We were CONVINCED that we'd better be good cause if JiHoon really was watching us we were sure he might not like all that banana talk!
Super Junior's Yesung has answered the question for us today.
And I'd be willing to bet that he's so NOT the only idol who does this!

Super Junior’s Yesung makes a surprise visit into a chatroom


Fans chatting in a particular chatroom were in for some luck as Super Junior‘s Yesung made a surprise entrance to one of his fansites.
On March 27th, the singer uploaded a proof-shot of his visit into the chatroom on his twitter account and wrote, “A sudden invasion while fanpage hopping! This is fun haha. Were you guys deceived your entire lives or something?
His proof-shot photo shows the singer greeting his fans in the chatroom with his username as “guest_snb”. Yesung’s first message on the chatroom said, “Hey yo!” to which the fans warmly greeted the “guest”. He then wrote, “I really just happened to visit by accident, so I’ll be looking around.” His last message read, “I’m not lying. I’m really Yesung.”
Unfortunately, the fans didn’t believe the singer as one wrote, “No way…
Upon seeing his proof-shot, netizens commented, “Your fan service is unique“, “I wish I was in that chatroom“, and “You should visit our fanpage!
Source: Yesung’s Twitter
Source: allkpop

Hhmmmmm I wonder who might visit My Music Radar!'s chat????
*peers at all the Anons*

Mucifer Jeon Hyunmoo, “Why I Like SHINee” 120327

It is amazing to see that my name is one of SHINee’s main associated search words and mentioned at least once in comments after Lucifer is performed on TV. It is personally my infinite honor to be connected to super Korean Wave stars, but I also feel pleased that my sincerity is now acknowledged. Even Jonghyun named me as SHINee’s PR ambassador and sent me his enthusiastic cheers. People ask me, why do you like SHINee so much?
It was three years ago. One day a new group’s five members, who were boys rather than men, jumped out of a van parked at the KBS building and made a 90 degrees bow to me. I was only a new MC who wasn’t very distinguished at that time on TV, but they bounced out of their car as if they were told to and got back into their car one by one after bowing politely.  They looked all nervous, and one member (it seems Onew as I look back) even hit the ceiling of the car with his head while rushing out of the car.
I paid attention to those five fellows thinking their nervous look is cute and at the same time feeling sorry. Because I remember the smart and ‘shiny’ eyes of the five members whose faces looked stiff, and because the size of ambition emanating from their eyes was similar to mine, I think I have kept them in my memory. So I tried to do SHINee’s dance on TV whenever there is a chance and liked to mention SHINee if possible. Many people may remember only my Lucifer dance, but I danced to Juliette and Ring Ding Dong more than enough in all kinds of entertainment programs. If I had to dance, I wanted to do SHINee’s dance.
Our encounter at the KBS building, the strong impression they made on me at that time, and my pure intention to cheer for their success, I feel nowadays the sincerity of all these has come to pass. Seeing fans passionate about SHINee in England, France, Japan, and so on as well as in Korea, I feel proud. For the past one and half year when SHInee was busy with their overseas activities, I have made up for their hiatus dancing to Lucifer. You may find a connection by chance in your everyday life, but it can come this dramatically in the broadcasting world. Broadcasting is not so different since it is also a human activity.
SHINee is now back as men. Out of boyhood, they are now more qualified as men and adding mass appeal to their quality music. I truly wish they could grow to become the front-runner of K-POP.
By the way, Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Key, Minho ya~
Isn’t Sherlock too difficult?
I hope the rumor that you made the choreography so hard to keep me from covering your dance is just a rumor.
kkkkkk ;;;
[Source: | Trans by jujugal]
*Jeon Hyunmoo is now SHINee’s sixth member to shawols :) The episode how he met SHINee for the first time is so true to what we know about SHINee. There was a reason he did SHINee’s dance on TV so much. With Sherlock, SHINee is grabbing people’s attention. SHINee’s comeback performances were truly sensational. And we know they deserve all the praises.
And thanks, i-shawols! SHINee sold more than 70,000 copies of their 4th mini album Sherlock in the first week.
This is a new record
(I mean in the history of SHINee’s album sales; including all groups, this is 6th after TVXQ’s Mirotic, BB’s Tonight, SuJu’s Mr Simple, JYJ’s In Heaven, and JYJ’s world album). I believe we i-shawols made a contribution to this.
Source:Shawols Treasure House Jujugal

So touched by this, SHINee really has so much love streaming their way!
As always many thanks to Jujugal for the fantastic job subbing!
Jujugal really is our treasure.

SHINee on 1010 Club Pics 120328 Bonus Onew Video - Updated with some translations

 Awww it was great watching SHINee on 1010 Club!

Bonus Onew Video - At Hottracks Signing Event
For my chingu Diba...cause Onew is her bias ^^
120328 ONEW

Uploaded by on Mar 28, 2012

Some translations from todays 1010 Club:
SHINee on TENTEN Radio Show highlights 120328

Once Jinki, the DJ (Lee Sokhoon), Simon D went to someone’s house to drink and brought along a box of oranges. Jinki kept peeling oranges feeding to everyone until his nails turned yellow. DJ asked Taemin on how he felt about Immortal Song 2, Taemin mentioned that it is incredible, and honourable to be standing on the same stage as many outstanding seniors. Taemin also mentioned that he is really thankful that the DJ onced taught/guided him to sing.

Jonghyun admitted that their (SHINee’s) songs are really difficult (to sing), the pitch is high, the melody is complicated and members have to harmonise themselves but nevertheless, it was a really enjoyable experience. Jonghyun said to Jinki that “Oranges are rich in Vitamin, which is good for health, so (he) should eat more… If he were to only feed everyone, (and left with nothing) Onew-hyung can eat the skin too”

An audience sent in an sms which said that she once went to watch SGWANNABE’s (“Ten Ten” DJ Lee Suk Hoon’s group) concert but ended up getting captivated by SHINee who was also performing there. Jonghyun then praised the DJ that he is handsome and young but the DJ replied “Where’s my wallet!”. After praising Jonghyun, the DJ mentioned that Jonghyun is actually really naggy to the extent that it is kind of irritating. Jinki continued by saying that it is indeed irritating ^▽^

(The other members mentioned that) No matter how early Kibum return to their dorm, he will still wake every member up and will keep inquiring what the other members have eaten. When Kibum drinks too much, he will run to Minho’s bed and tell Minho seductively “Someone is drunk~”

Jinki mentioned that Minho thinks that he himself has high alcohol tolerance. To be honest, he can really drink but he will start to nag continuously. Jonghyun says that after drinking a lot, Minho will start to nag in a really “Manly” manner (S/N : It’s hard to describe : Like how he will converse like a man/ adult, mature topics.)

Minho says that Jinki will pop the bottles using spoon/laddle. Jinki mentioned that he really like to open bottle caps. It was also revealed by Minho that Jonghyun has low alcohol tolerance level - his face will flush after drinking only one cup of soju. Taemin is also of a legal age to drink, Jinki mentions that Taemin can now attend gatherings, Jonghyun has a feeling that Taemin is an upcoming “rising star” (in drinking).

Something big happened today. After rehearsing for some music program, they boarded their car. Not long after, the PD called to ask if someone has taken the mic-pack. The manager turned to Taemin and asked “Taemin-ah.. did you not return the mic-pac?”..Taemin then replied “Yes” in a really innocent and clueless manner and removed the mic-pac from his waist. Taemin spoke in such cute and as-a-matter-of-fact manner that left the manager and other members speechless; and they have no choice put to return all the way to return it.

Radio audience asked Taemin what was the main difference between his 20s and 10s. Taemin replied that he feel that he is cooler now ^^;;;

Minho says that Jonghyun’s twitter can relieve one’s day worth of stress. Jinki says that Jonghyun’s twitter fans increase 10,000 a day. Jonghyun proclaimed that “I feel that I am really influential” and then immediately apologise, and say that he will be more hardworking doing SNS ><

They started talking about the members most embarrassing events. Firstly, about Kibum, Jonghyun says that Kibum has a really intense part in Lucifer. Sometimes when they fly long distance to overseas for events, he will break his voice for that performance.

Kor-Chi : TSCONDITIONAL // Chi-eng : soundtracklove@soompi

SHINee on TENTEN Radio Show highlights 120328 #2
  • tenten club. onew says that he believes that key will do well in the musical by himself without him (onew) giving advices cos key picks up things fast.
  • jonghyun said that key is busy with musical so he couldnt attend this radio show.
  • DJ: taemin’s hair is so pretty // tae: than..thank…thankk….that was a compliment right?? // DJ: of course!!
  • DJ LeeSeokHoon is close to Onew and Minho. he drank with Onew before last year. in Simon D’s house with Tony An, etc.
  • Jonghyun says that many foreign musicians participated in their album this time round.
  • key will go to mino’s bed and aegyo to him “i drank~~!”
  • Jonghyun cant drink but has now improved…he used to be able to drink only 1 glass of soju but now about 3 (or did they say 3.5…)
  • Jonghyun wants to bring laughter to his followers so he started SNS. he says that he will work harder towards this field. LOL.
  • Minho was saying again that their life is very interesting like a sitcom.
  • the boys are all praising the DJ saying he’s popular among girls and then the DJ was like “where did my wallet go?” i think he meant that he wanted to give them money. HAHAHA.
  • talking about Key and his drinking habits again. jonghyun is gonna start again. he cant stop talking lol. he said that key is the annoying style kind.
  • Taemin forgot to return the mike pack (i think today) then someone called the manager saying it seems like Taemin took the mike pack and the manager (he was driving) was thinking how could it be, this person must be kidding…so the manager just turned back and asked “taemin-ah, did you take the mike pack along with you?!” and taemin totally just went “yes”. then the rest of the boys were thinking that this is such an important and urgent matter yet he was joking around. they thought taemin was kidding. in the end taemin really fished out the mike pack. Onew saw him taking it out but he thought taemin was kidding so he assumed that the thing he was taking out was something that looked similar, maybe a handphone or something, but when he saw it clearly, it was really the mike pack.
  • Minho said that there was once Onew was drunk but he kept opening the new bottles… opened about 30. Onew didnt know about this incident until today. he said that he likes to open bottles.
  • someone asked who did the kissing sound in alarm clock and the answer was Minho. initially Jonghyun said Onew but Minho said it was himself
  • Jonghyun did the goat imitation again LOL. DJ: i havent seen Jonghyun in awhile, seems like he has changed alot (t/n: DJ most prolly meant that Jonghyun became really funny)
  • [topic: most embarrassing thing] Jonghyun said that it’s the best to talk abt the person who isnt here - Key. Jonghyun said Key has a very tough part in Lucifer, there were many times Key said that his condition was not good and there was one day (Jonghyun said that it was at an overseas perf but he cant remember which country) he really couldnt do that part so he went on stage and really very directly………………cracked. (t/n: Jonghyun sang that part in falsetto just now, it’s the ‘hwonhi deuryeoda bogo nwereul manjyeo pabo-dwen guht gata’ part. it’s one of the higher pitched parts…)
  • The one who makes food well? they’re talking about taemin adding honey and milk, etc. again… taemin cooks, but doesnt eat. lol. minho said that he is someone who doesnt pick on food…but when he ate taemin’s cooking, he said “taemin, im really sorry… but… lets dump this away”. DJ was saying that the topic is about cooking well but they ended up talking abt the worst. lol. so jonghyun said that key makes food well. they will praise key to make him happy so he will make food for them… the boys are all like “he’s a really kind friend”
  • Who’s like the alarm clock in the group? everyone agrees it’s Jonghyun. Jonghyun is easy to wake up… the moment the manager wakes him up, he will wake up immediately. sometimes when the manager opens their room door, he will wake up. before the manager even gets to him. he wont wake up when the manager enters the dorm but the moment he enters the room, jonghyun will wake up.
  • asked them to say ending greetings……everyone said pretty usual stuff but taemin was just like “SHINee World JJANG!” and that’s all. ^^
  • ended tentenclub. playing sherlock now cos they requested for it to be played again…
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SHINee on TENTEN Radio Show highlights 120328
#SHINee #RADIO #120328

SHINee on TENTEN Radio Show highlights 120328 #3
VJ Asked who has the best culinary skills among the members, everyone mentioned Kibum at first. But then they say that it not really culinary skills but more of having the skills to make 3-minute meals. Actually if everyone just praise Kibum that he does it really well, Kibum will be really happy and will cook a meal for them. kekeke Not just his portion but he will make your portion too. So because everyone finds it a hassle, so they just let Kibum do it.

Members expose their drinking habits : Because Key was not present, so all the members decided to expose him first. Jonghyun says that Kibum is someone who irritates people easily kekeke  he will call to others in the dorm and wake everyone up kekeke If he drinks too much, he will throw up..

Kor-Chi : KEYBOMI // Chi-eng : soundtracklove@soompi 

SHINee on TENTEN Radio Show highlights 120328
SHINee on TENTEN Radio Show highlights 120328 #2
#SHINee #RADIO #120328

lol I knew they drank ^.~
Maybe there IS something to those MinKey rumors....o.O