Thursday, February 17, 2011

MNet MBLAQ almost wins! Sooo close! MBLAQ Japan site opens Minho wins MCD award!

MNet Countdown and MBLAQ narrowly loses to G.NA Soooooooo Close!
Fighting my babies!!!!
I'm only posting the wining video...MBLAQ did not perform today


Speaking of MBLAQ, they opened their Japan site with previews!
Looks so good!

Apparently the debut day has changed to sometime in May, I'm not surprised considering, still its very good to see them moving forward with plans!
Videos! ^.^

A promo and Debut vid

Fighting MBLAQ!

MCD award as shown on MNet.....Minho goes up against Rain and wins??? 0.0


Speaking of Rain....Today I would like to give a shout out to Cloud USA, for I have modeled my blog style after all the people there who work so hard to bring us accurate, up to date and fun info about Rain. Not to mention they have one of the best ever chat forums! Ohhhh the fun nights I have spent there....too many to mention ^.^
Thanks Ladies (and gents) for I have learned a lot from you all!!!
Be sure to visit them on their blog at:
Cloud USA Blog

And at their Forum:
Cloud USA Forum


  1. Hey, Stormy!

    Thanks for the shout out for Cloud USA. We greatly appreciate it.

    Although, I'm feeling sort of like Rain with MBLAQ's Lunar New Year tweet, for some odd reason.

    So, let me just channel Rain for a minute here and say: Um...So, what is it that you want?


    Terri :-}

  2. lol Terri....not a thing, I just thought I was being a good Cloud >.<

  3. LOL! Hey, Stormy -- Stephe here. Girl, Terri was just playing with you (that's how you know she REALLY likes you). :)

    In fact, we were on the phone and I was like, oh yeah, Stormy was so sweet and made me smile with this great shout-out... and Terri zoomed over to your blog and was touched by what you said, and was getting ready to leave a nice comment when I (that's ME, the culprit with the wicked sense of humor) got this devilish glint in my eye and said "ask her what she wants now, the way Rain asked MBLAQ when they were tweeting all that flattery to JiHoon hyung for New Year's cash", and we cracked up.

    And that's what she did, to give you a laugh.

    BAD Stephe. You may whup up on me with a wet noodle.

    It's all good. *Obama bump* ^__^

    Stephe ^@@^

  4. Awww see? This is why I love you all!
    You're the BEST! *huggles*
    Kimchi Fighting!

  5. *chuckle*

    Yeah, blame Stephe. It's all her fault.


    Terri :-}