Sunday, February 20, 2011

MBLAQ is off to Japan....but Mir is staying behind...with apologies. Thunder talks about "You"

MBLAQ is tweeting up a storm of pics from the airport...but Mir leaves us with an apology.

MBLAQ's Mir will not participate in Japanese promotions in February


Submitted: Feb 20 2011 11:35 PM by Nielle
On February 21, MBLAQ's Mir posted an update on the group's official Japanese website. He expressed his apologies for not being able to join the other MBLAQ members during their promotions in Japan for the month of February.

His message read, "Good afternoon, everyone. I am Mir from MBLAQ. We have decided to debut in Japan in May. I am very happy for this, but I am nervous for our meeting. Because of my injury, I can't move very well for a while, so I am not able to participate in the Japanese recordings right now. I am really sorry. I hope to meet everyone soon, but I will be patient for now. Until then, I hope everyone will be well! Please wait! Please support MBLAQ. - Mir".
Source: MBLAQ JP

So many twitpics tonight! They must be excited! ^.^
GO with luggage and passport.
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Joonie and Seungho
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SEUNGHO & GO (edit: thanks to Anon for correction)
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My Music Radar wishes MBLAQ a safe and fun trip to Japan!
Fighting babies!

Thunder talks about his song...You

MBLAQ Thunder reveals information on his self-composed song "You"  

 Submitted: Feb 21 2011 12:20 AM by istillakid


With MBLAQ’s repackage album coming out on the 22nd, their tracklist has been gathering a lot of attention from fans and netizens alike. A song from the repackage album, "You", is Thunder’s first self-composed song being revealed to the public.

On the 21st, Thunder tweeted, "Although it's not the first song that I made, it's the first that is being exposed to the world..That something that you can't exchange with anything in the world..This song is a 'true story' that is filled with regret, confusion, and longing after going through a break up with a girl that he really loved.. Please I request a lot of interest and love ^_^."

It seems that Thunder has put a lot of effort into this song. Are you looking forward to finally hearing it?
Source: @MBLAQCD


  1. That was SEUNGHO & G.O not Cheongdong and G.O