Thursday, March 31, 2011

M! Countdown-Light Coverage...

Awwwww so sorry friends and fans, I made it through the whole winter healthy, but started to feel really bad last night and woke to a lovely cold today >.<. Light coverage for the countdown and I will recover and be back soon with my usual Kpop coverage. Infinite

*Please look after me*

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shinee in the recording studio! And dance studio! Nana's BB CF

This is older,from 2009 but, what fun to see them working at the recording process.
So many different styles of singing! Fun!
Enjoy! ^.^

Shinee Nana's B Song Recording.

SHINee:Nana BB Song

Nana's BB CF - SHINee (online)

SHINee Practicing Nanas'B Dance

Different Nana's BB CF
[HQ]Shinee - Nanas'B CF [Full Version]


Who feeds Taemin in the middle of the night?

When our growing baby boy wakes hungry in the middle of the night...
Who gets up to feed him? Umma Key of course!
Growing boys need a lot of food! Especially when they are dancing every day!
Poor baby!
Key: "Taemin always gets hungry in the middle of the night so he’ll wake someone up to ask for food. Because Taemin is a good friend, I have woken up several times making food for him."

What I find really cute much as Umma Key may complain about Taemin, he's still willing to get up in the middle of the night to feed him, and probably redressing Tae too as he has a habit of stripping in his sleep >.<.
Enjoy! ^.^

Monday, March 28, 2011

SHINee Hello Baby Family video....awwwwww ^.^

Well, its been a year now since the SHINee appas took care of baby Yoogeun!
I sure miss them doing this show, it always managed to bring a big smile to my face.
Especially with all the kisses.
Enjoy! ^.^


Super Junior M at the Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival and In Taiwan for 2 months!

Capped by StormofStarzz2

Oh my poor Suju M boys...I have been neglecting you! *sorry sorry hands*
What an awesome show they put on recently at the Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival!
HK Elfs were screaming their support of the boys, making them think they were at one of their concerts! This video had me singing (and screaming!) right along!

Backstage interview


From Hong Kong to Taipei...

Super Junior-M to stay in Taiwan for 2 months


Having arrived in Taipei last Thursday, it was revealed that the Super Junior-M members would be staying in Taiwan for two months to promote their latest mini-album, “Perfection”

SJ-M is a sub-unit of Super Junior’s and their members consist of Si Won, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Henry, Zhou Mi, Eunhyuk and Sungmin.

The boys will be staying in a rented apartment, and are scheduled to take Mandarin lessons everyday from a local teacher. Out of the eight members, Si Won and Donghae have been described as being the most adept at the language. Si Won has been learning Mandarin for three years now, and is able to converse fluently. As for Donghae, he feels that he is really good at pronouciation, and is really skilled at pick-up lines.

Hilariously, Kyuhyun remarked, “His prounciation is really terrible!”

Eunhyuk is still adjusting to the local cuisine, and bought a big bundle of kimchi from a market the day before. As for Sungmin, he seems to have adapted really well. The star commented, “I am eating very well, I think I put on weight.” Meanwhile, Henry said, “My mum is in Taipei, so she cooked salt baked chicken for us.”

Although they would like to tour Taipei, the sight of fans hiring vehicles and chasing them around has led them to becoming a bit more reclusive instead. Donghae sighed, “I wish we could tour Taipei normally and we hope that fans don’t stick to us so closely and give us some private space.”

Besides promoting with SJ-M, Donghae and Si Won will also be staying an additional two months to film for the Taiwanese drama, “Extravagant Challenge“, opposite Ivy Chen and Bianca Bai.

Although neither have met the girls yet, Zhou Mi is already worrying about Donghae’s height disparity and joked, “Don’t stand next to her!”

Si Won already peeped the girls’ photos, and said in Mandarin, “I think they are really pretty and it’s an honor to be filming the drama with them.”

As for kissing scenes, Si Won expressed, “I understand that there are kissing scenes in the comic, but I have not gotten the script yet, so I do not know.” Donghae however stressed on the importance of having kiss scenes, “It’s not that I want it, but the viewers. Everyone loves romance.”

Eunhyuk joked, “Donghae always practices kiss scenes with his manager.”

Since their last album got nominated at the Golden Melody Awards, Zhou Mi is hoping for yet another nomination with their new album, which has already sold 20,000 copies thus far in Taiwan. He said, “We are focusing our efforts in Taiwan this time and if “Perfection” gets nominated, it will be perfection!”

Source: Apple Daily Taiwan, ifensi Taiwan
Via All Kpop
Shared by : Lishavictoria_

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Infinite’s Album, Cannot Sell Because There’s None Left? YAY!!!!

110328 Infinite’s Album, Cannot Sell Because There’s None Left?
Ran out of 20,000 copies for the first time - Going to produce an additional 10,000 copies

Competing with Big Bang and DBSK on album chart rankings

The group, Infinite, has entered as ‘Album Eaters

All 20,000 copies of their new single that was released on the 17th, ‘Inspirit’, has been sold for the first time. Infinite is competing on Hanteo’s chart, the information site for total albums sold, with large seniors like DBSK and Big Bang. They were 4th place on the weekly chart for the 21st and were 4th on daily charts for the 26th and 27th.

A representative from Infinite’s company, Woollim Entertainment revealed, “We weren’t expecting the sales to be high because it’s a single and not an official album, but the needed quantity started increasing. Retail stores are running low so 10,000 more copies are being produced.”

The single’s title song, ‘Nothing’s Over’, is doing well on music charts. It is entering at a high rank on various music sites’ real time charts and is starting a heated competition.

trans. cr: hyejin @ infinite updates
source: sports korea

YAY!!! Fighting Infinite!!!!

Big Bang to return with double title tracks 110408 YAY!

Big Bang to return with double title tracks, “Love Song” + “Stupid Liar”

Big Bang will be continuing their promotions with double title tracks, “Love Song” and “Stupid Liar,” from their upcoming special album!
The YG-Life blog previously teased about the release with an image that read “I HATE THIS LOVE SONG!”, and officials have confirmed that the line is actually a part of the lyrics for “Love Song”!
YG Entertainment revealed, “‘Love Song’ has a bit of a different feel from the songs Big Bang has previously released, so we’re expecting fans to feel something new.  ‘Stupid Liar’ was a track that the boys debated over with ‘Tonight‘ as the title track for their 4th mini-album.  The song itself features a guitar riff with a rock genre that’s both speedy and powerful.  It really brings out their vocals and raps.”
They continued, “As it is the first time the boys are making a special edition album, we’re going all out with the jacket design and the album’s overall packaging.  It is disappointing that they will only be promoting for a three week period, but we’ll be working hard to make sure that they greet their fans more frequently.”
Their first broadcast will be on April 10th through SBS’s “Inkigayo.”
Source + Photos: Sports Today, OSEN via Naver, YG Life

TVXQ wins Inkigayo Mutizen-Big Bang-Infinite-MBLAQ

Here we gooooo!!!!
TVXQ...wth? Better than yesterday, still just a beat or two off...

Big Bang-What is Right

Infinite-Nothings Over

MBLAQ promotes safe driving with the “Traffic Safety Song” on Inkigayo.

All videos thanks to shu101224
Enjoy! ^.^

Searching for SHINee's Jonghyun.....Jjong makes another showing!

Ohhhh! Another showing! Oh I hope this means he will be back soon!

Jonghyun’s Ufo reply 110327

fans: me too!!! want!!!REPLY!!!TT just once~

Jjong: k k k k

Fans: oppa are you still alive ?? TT TT confirm you are still alive right T

Jjong: k k k k what if i die

Fans : ahhh i am going crazy TT my first time (receive a reply) TT oh T

Jjong: TTTT why are you crying TT TT

Fans: oppa i can trust you right

Jjong: don’t trust then

Fans: oppa i love you (heart shape) give me heart ya?

Jjong: heart

Fans: Oppa.. i love you TT really, you sing well , handsome and fit , ah oppa everything is born naturally !

Jjong: keke

Fans: really today i need to sleep already TT tomorrow i need to go to school how TT

Jjong : then goodnight.

source: Sina t/ shazaki

chinese translate : via sina. english translate: forever_shinee 5th admin

You know you’re a K-pop fan when…you start spelling SHINY as SHINEE

You know you’re a K-pop fan when…

you learn the Korean language solely from music and dramas

you start comparing every guy’s body to either Taeyang’s, Jaebeom’s, Rain’s, Joon’s or Kikwang’s

you make it your life mission to see TOP shirtless
          You think 'manskirts' are HOT!
you want to be older/younger, just for Taemin.

you believe that Rain is the person who actually makes it rain

you love Korean cellphones better than American phones

you refer to your favorite idol as your husband/wife

you enjoy fan service provided from “couples” within a group

you randomly break into “ssanti” dances

you love boy bands

you love boy bands to have straight guys to dress up as girls

you know every single name of a group with an outrageous number of people

bad news about your bias makes you want to shoot something

you start pronouncing LEADER as LEADJA

you start spelling SHINY as SHINEE

your grammar becomes so horrible, you say, “WHERE U AT?!”

you want “Wedding Dress” to be the song you walk down the aisle to

BIG BANG is not a theory or a TV show

you want to get everyone dried mangoes for Christmas

you have no idea what’s going on in Hollywood

you think Edward Cullen has nothing on Jaejoong

everyone knows your ideal type of boyfriend/girlfriend to be Korean

your family to look at you funny when you laugh at the computer

you think that Seung Ri is cuter than Justin Bieber.

you spam tweet anything that’s Korean

you want to move to Seattle

girls can be good at rapping

idols can be eccentric and different

colored skinny jeans to look amazing on guys

you try to start a flash mob

you go from wanting to travel to Hawaii to South Korea

your phone goes RING DING DONG whenever you receive a call

you have a folder on your computer specifically for your favorite artist

you love Twitter because you can follow (“stalk”) your K-idols

you have a tumblr (where you spam your bias and K-pop)

you stay up late to watch streamed music shows

you break G-Dragon’s heart

you dedicate most of your time at fan forums

you get most of your news from sites like allkpop, omgkpop and other kpop blogs

you’re broke half the time from spending too much on YesAsia

more than half your iTunes library is filled with K-pop

you want Jokwon and Ga-in to marry for real

you often want to slap stylist noonas

guyliner is normal

you’re fine with seeing guys cross-dress

girl groups want to make you lose weight

in math classes, you can’t help but smile if f(x) is mentioned

DC does not mean Disney Channel

seeing pigeons make you think of Eli

Nichkhun is royalty

your favorite interview question for idols is “What is your ideal girl? / What is your type?”

Gee is a musical virus

you just love macros

you make/save gifs of funny/fail moments

instead of saying “I don’t care”, you say “I Don’t Care-eh-eh-eh-eh-ehhh…”

you can’t concentrate on your studies when you think of your idols

you have already worked out your Korean name

you can write your name in Hangeul

you are “married to” your bias on Facebook

your friends point to a picture of your bias and ask “who’s that?” you say “oh, it’s just my boyfriend”

Are you a real kpop fan? well I agree with all this. XD I found it somewhere on the web, I was laughig so hard! I wanted to share it :D Comment below and let me know what you think!

Lets see....I'm about 7......11 of those...
Okay officially I am 22 of those!!!TOO many! >.<
I "might" need help...kekekekeke

SHINee is a laugh fest! Memorable Moments from 2010. Must See! Must Laugh!

Sooooo I ran across these simply hysterical videos on my interweb wandering and felt the need to share. Some of the funniest Shinee videos ever.
And if you EVER doubted why some one is always with Taeminnie leading him around, usually by the hand, you will wonder no more after these videos.
I suggest you put any beverages you might have in hand down and away from your computer!




Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend! For your listening pleasure Romantic

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend!
For your listening pleasure Romantic


Enjoy! ^.^

Searching for SHINee's Jonghyun.....A new picture!

Jjong Jjong...where have you beeeEEEeeen?
Fans wanna know!
Jonghyun spotted outside the SME building on 110324.
Credit as tagged.

Ohhhh I wonder if this means he will be back soon?
We can only hope!

My Music Radar! is gonna hook you UP! SHINee's Guerilla Date!!!

Thats RIGHT! Hook you up with one of the shortest but perhaps best interviews ever!
Watch as a fan attacks Taemin while he is dancing and Jonghyun shows off his back muscles. Don't miss Key's awesome laugh! This is daebak!
Do use the pause button as this interview moves quickly but its too good to miss a moment!
Enjoy! ^.^

BTW this is from 101004

MuCore-TVXQ-Big Bang and Infinite! SHINee MC cuts- Z:EA's Blind dance

GD! The guitar lost!!!
Big Bang-Tonight

Infinite-Nothings Over

TVXQ-Before You Go-I am disappoint >.< Something is
MC cuts-ohhh Easter colors!

music video credit:shu101224
mc video credit:BberiBubbles
picture cap credit:StormofStarzZ2

Z:EA NOT my bias, but, credit where its due, the 'Blind Dance' was the talk of the interwebs yesterday, and they released a rehearsal video, bias or not, that dance is impressive. LOVE! that bobblehead bounce at the end.

Enjoy! ^.^


Friday, March 25, 2011

MuBank-TVXQ-Infinite and a Special Dance Battle Stage!

Okies friends and fans, not a lot but what there is, is awesome! Lets start with the sweet and work up to the hot shall we? Pink is the color of the day!
Infinite continues to promote with 'Nothings Over' and its as cute as ever, I'm soooo loving the "Cherry Blossom" stage!

Awesome Special Stage Spring Dance Battle!
Infinite, Dalmatian and Z:EA

And now for the hotness, TVXQ continues to mesmerize with this ballad that makes me think of smokey bars and glasses of wine....

TVXQ & K.Wll - Back Stage

ZE:A,Infinite,Dalmatian - Back Stage

Winners Stage

Changmin is sooo sweet to remind Yunho to thank all the Cassies!!!
Thanks to UnknownCarrot170 for all of todays videos.

Enjoy! ^.^

Shinee's Minho to play football?

I'm not sure what to think about this...I KNOW Minho will be extremely happy, but, what if he gets hurt again? Especially without Jonghyun having come back yet...I'm just sayin...

SHINee’s Minho to join the Oriole Football Team under the Korean Singers Association

The head of the Korean Singers Association, Tae Jin-Ah, is working with the trainer Kim Heung Guk to form a Football Club (FC) together. This Oriole Football Team will be officially introduced on March 29 in Seoul, Yeoeuido.
 They decided to form this FC for  “The participants are taking part in this in order to promote friendship between senior and junior singers.” Also, they want to further help relief efforts for Japan; the FC will be planning an event for donations later on.
Along with Kim Heung Guk as the trainer, Tak Jaehun will be the captain, and Kim Jong Guk “second-in-command.” Confirmed members of this FC include Kim Gun Mo, Kim Bum Soo, DJ DOC’s Kim Chang Ryul, Ze:A’s Kim Dongjun, SHINee’s Minho, Park Sangmin, Park Hyunbin, 2AM’s Im Seulong, Yuyeol, B2ST’s Yoon Dujun, Yoon Su Il, Lee Munse, Jo Hangjo, 2PM’s Chansung, Wheesung, Shim Shin, Park Namjung, Byun Jinseob, Lee Sangwoo, Eru, Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu Shori J, and Lee Jung.
This is perfect for Minho, who is very athletic and loves playing sports.
source: 1, 2
Source:SMTown Jjang

By football of course I mean the sport we know as soccer.
Also check out the allkpop article on the same subject.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

M! Countdown-A double dose of Big Bang! Rawr!

Okies friends and fans...slim pickins this week, BUT to make up for that, there is a double dose of Big Bang! What could be better? Not much....kekeke
Next week promises to be better with some debuts and comebacks! Rawr!
Ohhh GD...could you be any cute? I think not. Splashes of color high lite this performance of 'Somebody to Love' Make it bounce-Make it bounce....o.O

Ohhhh TOP! Some new hair...GD the guitar keeps winning >.< but ohhh my that Dragon faaaaAAAAaaace! Damn you Diva!!! Yes I bought the whole damn album on iTunes yesterday! *squeeeeeeeeeeeee!* Tonight.
Wheesung wins this week, his thank you is soooo cute!

Many thanks to UnknownCarrot170 for all of this weeks videos.

Enjoy! ^.^

Drama Update: Kim Bum and GQ Korea

Okies so some friends and myself are watching "The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry" which I happen to think is one of Kim Bum's finest performances. If you love Kdrama and have not seen it, check it out! Kim Bum's smile is killer! Here he transforms into 'Ken'? Okay, he IS a living doll ^.~

Kim Bum transforms into a modern ‘Ken’ for ‘GQ Korea’

Kim Bum turned into a ‘dandy’ for men’s lifestyle magazine, ‘GQ Korea‘.
The actor had previously won the ‘Ken award’ at the ‘2010 Barbie & Ken Awards‘ for best representing Korea’s ‘Ken’ with his sparkling skin and small face.
On March 24th, the star revealed his GQ photoshoot, which tried to capture Ken’s fashion sense throughout the years, but with a modern twist. In the revealed shots, Kim Bum is wearing modern ‘dandy’ suits, with his hairstyle rivaling that of James Dean’s.
A representative for ‘GQ Korea’ stated, “Ken has many images that were shown in fashion as well as in movies, so we were inspired by him to reinterpret the popular and well-recognized actor, Kim Bum“.
Kim Bum is currently reviewing synopses for a new role.
Source: Newsen via Nate
Enjoy! ^.^

CT students raise money for Japan

Conn. students raise money for Japan! I am so proud of these babies!
This town just happens to be about 10 minutes down the road from where I live, yet these young students are thinking so global! What an awesome job they are doing!

Conn. students raise money for Japan

Updated: Thursday, 24 Mar 2011, 1:30 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 24 Mar 2011, 12:31 PM EDT
North Haven, Conn. (WTNH) - Students at Montowese Elementary School in North Haven are raising money to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
It's been dubbed The Penny Wars, and every coin collected will end up going to help people in Japan.
"We kind of brainstormed and one of the teachers said what about a penny war? And I've been involved with that before and I thought it would be a great idea," said Principal Mary Federico.
So far the kids have raised more than $1,600.
"Well, Japan needs it more than America," said fourth grader Samantha Agello.
Every penny counts as a point for the class, but then you can put a nickel, dime or quarter into another class's jar and that subtracts points from them.
"It's kind of hard with the quarters and the dimes. There's more silver than pennies and dollars. It's harder to gain than to lose," said fifth grader Luigi Coppola.
It means the kids have to strategize where to put their money and when.
"The grade that wins, we'll put all our silver coins into that grade so that they lose the next day," said fourth grader Samantha Agello.
"You know, they're excited about the competition, but they're also saying it doesn't make a difference because the money is the money and we're raising it for Japan," Principal Federico said.
And that's the most important part. At the end of school Friday, all those coins will go to the bank, and then on to help people who have lost everything.
"Right now they don't have food shelter or water and we think we should do whatever we can to help them," said fifth grader Niti Bidja.
When they tally up and declare the class winner on Friday, there's no prize in store for that winning class, not even a pizza party, just bragging rights. Any prize, they say, would detract from the real lesson here which is, raising money for people who need it.
To find out how you can help the people of Japan visit the American Red Cross.
My own Princess (aka stormoftara or "the TStorm") recently contributed her own play money for the month ($50.00!!!) to the Red Cross relief for Japan fund. I am so very proud of her!

Speaking of earthquakes...CT experienced one! Okay so a truck going down the road would probably shake your home more, still its relevant to this post ^.~

Earthquake rattles Moodus

Updated: Thursday, 24 Mar 2011, 12:33 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 24 Mar 2011, 11:51 AM EDT
Moodus, Conn. (WTNH) - The U.S. Geological Survey confirms that a 1.3 earthquake shook the Moodus area Wednesday night.
They say the quake happened at 8:42pm five miles from Moodus, 8 miles from Chester and 15 miles from Deep River.
The exact coordinates are 41.93 N and 72.361 W. Click here to see the map

Enjoy! ^.^

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shinee's Key wants to see spring flowers blossom!

Shinee's Key wants to see spring flowers blossom! And wants to go out and see them with Shinee members! So cute! Gawd he looks great!


New American-Korean group making waves! Aziatix

New American-Korean group making waves! Take a look and listen to this new group who sounds and looks most promising! The Full Single is now available on iTunes.

Our hit-o-meter just exploded! Get ready for new group, Aziatix!
By Phil on 23 March 2011
We would be lying if we said we weren’t excited about this upcoming group!
We were sent some teasers from Aziatix‘s agency of their debut song, Go and we must say, we’re extremely excited for this upcoming group. Comprised of three talented members, they write and produce their own songs and also are very familiar within the music industry. The group consists of Flowsik from New York, Eddie Shin from Boston, and Nicky Lee from L.A.
Here’s what we’re told about the members:
Rapper Flowsik – Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, has performed extensively on the local underground hip-hop scene. Over the years, he’s steadily built his reputation with lyrics drawn from various experiences of his youth.  He has also worked with JYJ for their debut album, The Beginning.
Eddie Shin - Made his debut in Korea with self-produced album entitled <JUST MY WAY>. Eddie’s style is based on original R&B, where he mixes distinct R&B with Asian style that came from his experience performing onstage in Korea. Eddie is known for his impressive vocal tone.
Nicky Lee – Born and raised in LA, Nicky is a leading male vocalist with five solo albums released in Taiwan.  His accolades in Asia includes winning “Best Male Singer” at “The Golden Melody Awards” in 2007 and  “Best Male Artist” by Channel [V] in 2010.  Nicky Lee is a pop vocalist with roots in R&B and Soul.
They will be hitting up New York for a concert soon, so stick around and we will let you know once we have details!
But for now, check out their MV teaser! Hits us in all the right places!

Also check out the article from Koreaboo about them debuting in New York!

Thanks to Diva for introducing me to Aziatix!!!
Enjoy! ^.^

Monday, March 21, 2011

Infinite BTS for Nothings Over! So cute!

Oh how I love behind the scenes! These boys work so very hard but have so much fun!

INFINITE releases a behind-the-scenes video for “Nothing’s Over”

After releasing a practice video for”Nothing’s Over“, INFINITE revealed a making-of video which captured the filming process on set.

The video includes snippets of the members’ mini-interviews, and snaps footage of the boys fooling around. You can also see the boys being sprayed with water in the cold weather while they perform their choreography.

Catch the behind-the-scenes action below:

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip!

And another one I found!

Enjoy! ^.^

Teen Top asks us not to cheat! No chance chance!

Awwww I just found this while making my kpop rounds and they are sooooo cute!
No way will I cheat! They all have my heart now ^.~

Their english is not bad!

oh okay I guess this will be a bit of a Teen Top spam.....any complaints? I didn't think so ^.^
Found this rather nice vid of Niel in rehearsal.

From earlier this month Teen Top on Pops in Seoul, an awesome video showing the babies working hard! Omo, I just wanna make them some nice hot Kimchi stew after watching this!

Lastly, a performance from last year in the now infamous silver cyborg wigs!

Okies, hope you enjoyed! ^.^

Edit: oh wait! whats this? Oh just a lil Infinite! Wae? Cause I damn well can! Thats wae! kekekeke AND because I miss Sungjong's blonde hair, and his attitude ~.~


Rain in Thailand at the 2011 Pattaya International Music Festival oh this is epic WIN!

Credit as tagged and or where due. Capped by StormofStarzZ2
Rain in Thailand at the 2011 Pattaya International Music Festival, oh this is epic WIN and the best 20 minutes I have spent in....oh forever! JiHoon's english is perfection as is everything else about this performance. Full of all his best moments, howling, matrix dance move, dance breaks and TONS of fanservice and teasing!
Enjoy! ^.^


IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! Suju's Leader reply's to the recent press conference comments.

We’ve received reports that the Korean media had mistranslated Hangeng’s comments. Leeteuk’s comments, therefore, were a response to the incorrect content.
Hangeng’s original comments were: “Last time, I also had the experience of objects being thrown on stage. Luckily, it did not hit me. But now, it doesn’t matter anymore.”
The interviewer asked: “So would you give him a call and ask how he is later on?” Hangeng replied, “I will definitely call and ask. Why was he so careless, getting himself hit [by something] by other people.
Original video can be viewed here.

My Music Radar! Is sorry for any confusion this may have caused!

Leeteuk tweets in reply to Hangeng’s comments about Super Junior

Hallyu idol and Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk, revealed his feelings about former member Hangeng on behalf of the whole team.
Recently, Hangeng held a press conference in Hong Kong to promote his new movie, “Daemusaeng“. During the interview, a reporter asked, “Not long ago, a member of Super Junior was hit and injured by a water bottle during a performance in Shanghai. Did you hear about this?”
Hangeng replied, “I didn’t know. I should call and make sure he is okay.” However, he quickly added, “Actually, I did attempt several times to get in contact… but they ignored my calls,” shocking the public with his controversial answer.
On March 21st, Lee Teuk shared his thoughts about the situation through his Twitter. He tweeted, “The door is always open. There is always an empty seat left for you.” He added, “It would be nice if you told the truth. We have never let go of your hand. I don’t want to be sad because of lies anymore. We are Super Junior!! Still, I wish you happiness,” showing his disappointment towards the situation.
Netizens commented, “I feel so sad for Super Junior”, “Definitely leader-like. Very cool”, and “Hangeng…He’s doing well.”
Source: Newsen

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Junior’s Heechul is an Inspirit?

Super Junior’s Heechul is an Inspirit? Yata! Of COURSE he is, he knows a good group when he sees it! So smart Heenim ^.~

SuJu’s Heechul is an Inspirit?

On March 20th, Super Junior’s Heechul showed his fandom for boy group INFINITE.
On his Twitter account, Heechul uploaded a photo of his TV screen displaying INFINITE during their Inkigayo performance. He tweeted, “Finally woke up, and now I’m in the middle of watching Inkigayo with the dorm kids~ INFINITE is on!! I know INFINITE well keke.”

Netizens commented, “LOL oppa… are you an infinite fan now???XD”, and “you love infinite too??? you’re so kind oppa!!”

Source:Heechul's Tweet

Inkigayo-MBLAQ's Good Bye-Big Bang-Infinite-Teen Top-TVXQ!

MBLAQ say's Good Bye and I must say, I'm going to miss them. I hope Mir gets better soon and can join them next Come Back.

Infinite is just doing awesome with this Come Back!

Big Bang-Tonight...I think the guitar won again >.< But the boys triple crown again so its all good ^.^
Teen Top! Okay its a CF for Safe Driving but oh how I have missed my babies ^.^
They must have heard you Md my friend! ^.~

Thanks to UnknownCarrot170 for all the above videos.
TVXQ-Before You Go...Hello Hello Hello Hello...Oh hell no don't even try to wake me up, for I've slipped into a sweet sweet coma....

Watch fast and Enjoy! ^.^

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend! For your listening pleasure Hit Me

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend!
For your listening pleasure Hit Me from their second album Romeo.
Awwww Taemin's cute voice at the end ^.^
Enjoy! ^.^


Saturday, March 19, 2011

MuCore is special this week! Far East Movement! Omo! Infinite comes back and MBLAQ says Good Bye!

Whats BIG this week on Music Core? Omo! Its Far Est Movement! Seriously! I had to look twice! Okay this performance is painfully missing Ryan Tedder, but its still EPIC! Up Up here we Go Go!
Far East Movement - Rocketeer

Now back to our regularly scheduled show ^.^
Infinite is back! Okay this song is growing on me a bit, who can resist all those big smiles and cute winks? I find myself humming this song at the weirdest times kekekeke
Infinite-Shot+Nothing's Over

Awww no bright colors today, I kind of enjoyed that yesterday! Ohhh but GD still has the top hat so its all good! LOL? The last 2 days the guitar has won!
Big Bang-Tonight

Yahhhhhhh TVXQ...hbdf;ougfb:Chdgfp...any one have a cigarette? Its pron...
TVXQ-Before you go

This is really one of MBLAQ's best performances for this song...too bad its a good bye stage. Fighting babies! I <3 you too Joonie! MBLAQ-Again
SHINee MC cuts

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Top Korean idols send an encouraging video message to Japan!

My music Radar is pinging like crazy right now! So many of my fav groups have sent out messages of encouragement to the people of Japan. Have a look at their bright and shining faces as they pass along their thoughts.

Many top Korean idols send an encouraging video message to Japan!

On a special SBS broadcast titled, “Keep Your Energies High, Japan!“, many of Korea’s top idols gave their words of support to their Japanese fans who are ravaged by the earthquake.
Rain, SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon, Brown Eyed Girls, TVXQ, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Shindong, 2PM, SNSD, CNBLUE, MBLAQ, 4minute, B2ST, and SHINee’s Minho and Taemin appeared in the clip and gave words of encouragement to tell Japan not to give up and still hope for the best.
2PM’s Junsu said, “What we need the most are your support and interest. Please keep supporting the issue.“, while SNSD’s Yoona stated, “If we gather our love and sincerity, we can find the power and bravery to recover from a tragedy.


Friday, March 18, 2011

MuBank-The Fashion Show! Again-Nothing's Over-Before You Go-Tonight

MuBank The Fashion Show! Oh yes friends and fans, this weeks show is all about being over the top. Sex-Taking off accessories and throwing them around, the wearing of very bright colors. Did I say Sex? oh yeah I did.
Wanna start off with the fashion show? Yeah me too. So Big Bang comes at us this week wearing colors oh so bright. G Dragon in his skirt and top hat are so eye catching I had to look twice! Is he playing Ring Leader of this color circus? I dunno but I'm lovin it. Top's half skirt and bright pink pants are totally working for me, but the best part of his outfit? The huge sparkling diamond ring, strategically placed for fine viewing. Bright orange jacket, animal print and colorful dangling epaulets round out the show. Oh yeah, don't forget to add the Triple Crown!
Big Bang-Tonight

Before you go, the intro starts with rings coming off and becoming part of the dance, Before you go and the rings get thrown away! Whats it all about after that? Sex...
TVXQ-Before You Go

Spring arrives with Infinite's voices reverberating over a spring meadow. Lots of cute winks and smiles. Ok ok Sungjong, I see you and you're grabbing my heart again. Gahhhh change can be so hard!
Infinite-Shot+Nothing's Over

MBLAQ-Again-Bad mic placement-bad camera angles, missing almost all the high points of this performance. Fighting babies!

Winner's stage

Hope you enjoyed this weeks circus show, I know I did!
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

M! Countdown-Big Bang, Triple Crowns!-Infinite, Come Back Stage! MBLAQ continues with Again-Something Completely Different!

Big Bang expected, we all knew this would happen, whats up with the guitar smashing? I thought they were taking this out of the performance this week. I was kinda looking forward to seeing what they were going to do instead.....oh well, still great!
Big Bang-Tonight

Infinite Comes Back! That didn't take long! Lovely and refreshing performance. I guess they will stay on my music radar for now, I love to see a rookie group grow and change. My one big disappointment? It almost hurts to see SungJong smiling so big, looks a little awkward and forced, half his charm was his attitude and with that platinum blonde hair, you didn't have to search for him. Now its almost like..."Look at me!" "See me?" Poor baby...
Infinite-Shot+Nothing's Over

MBLAQ-Again-Again...again...I wish they could be a little more consistent,don't get me wrong, I LOVE MBLAQ, but its like a different performance every week, but not in a good way. Everyone was getting use to Thunder's 'thunder abs', unfortunately they didn't make a showing this week. Whats up with that?

Todays winner stage

And now for..."Something Completely Different"
I know I know, I don't cover girl groups much, but quite frankly, I can't afford the dentist bills >.< Seriously, they usually are just too sweet for my taste. That said I did take the time to check out Kan Mi Yeon. Originally from Baby V.O.X. she has been solo since 2006. Actually I find Paparazzi quite entertaining, catchy and unique! Have a listen and see what you think!
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Enjoy! ^.^

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Heechul unmasked and wounded

Super Junior’s Heechul shows his wounded face

Super Junior’s Heechul revealed his wounded face in a recent picture.

A Chinese internet site featured the story behind the star’s facial wound. On March 5th, a fan threw an LED screen at Heechul during the “Super Show 3” concert in Shanghai. The idol was forced to step off stage due to the physical pain he felt from the blow.

Sustaining a facial injury, Heechul had to wear a mask for the “Super Show 3” concerts in Taipei, which were held on March 12th and 13th.

In the revealed picture, the Super Junior star looked listless and even had a bandage on his face. He also tweeted, “This wound should be the last and I hope no object flies onto the stage from now on“.

Source: TV Report via Nate

I can't even say...
Then Heenim posted this pic up several hours ago.

The Beatles - Love Me Do
posted by @Heedictator from Twittelator 6 hours 43 mins ago 
Feel better soon Princess...Saranghae...

INFINITE releases “Nothing’s Over” MV!

INFINITE releases “Nothing’s Over” MV!

The boys of INFINITE are back, and this time, they’re prepared to sweep you off your feet with a sweet, romantic look!
INFINITE donned a dark image for their “Before The Dawn” promotions, but they’ve decided to ditch the black and metallics for light, pastel hues. The guys definitely impressed with their 180-degree transformation, and we can’t wait to see what their comeback stages will be like this week!
Check out their adorable MV below!


Lovely melodic and fresh as a spring day!
Faintly familiar...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Music Radar Replay! SHINee-Super Junior

My Music Radar! presents-Radar Replay!
A new corner where we all can enjoy Replaying some favorite performances, music and videos.
Up first is SHINee from 2008 performing Do It Well and Run It with some of the most fierce old school you will ever see from them.

Speaking of fierce, who can forget their Lucifer performance from last December on SBS Gayo Daejun 2010-Jonghyun in a cage and the rest of SHINee cuffed up. Aigoooo!

Next up is Super Junior getting down and fierce with a nice preview of KYHD from TVXQ and a little Heechul on Teukie action oh yeah....
Intro+Bonamana Live performance 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun


I hope you have enjoyed this new corner! ^.^

Prayers for the Lost Shawols and all those lost in Japan

Over the last few days, I have seen many reports of Shawols lost in the earthquake in Japan.
My Music Radar! sends prayers to the family and friends of all the Lost Shawols.
And to all those in Japan who have lost someone.
My heart goes out to everyone, its been very hard to read the posts of friends who are mourning lost friends and Shawols. May my prayers bring you strength to endure.
Stormy ~.~

And now a message from George Takei of Star Trek fame, Gaman.
"At times like this, we are all Japanese."


INFINITE performs a trot version of “Before the Dawn”

 I'm just sayin......

INFINITE performs a trot version of “Before the Dawn”

On March 13th, INFINITE guested on KBS 2TV’s “Gag Concert – Super Star KBS” and showed off their gag skills by performing a trot version of their hit track, “Before the Dawn“.
The group instantly dominated internet search rankings moments after its broadcast, as amused viewers commented about how they enjoyed seeing INFINITE shed their ultra-masculine images for a fun and bright one. The boys ended their performance with a message that read, “Illegal downloading NO.”
Viewers commented, “Even when they’re not being charismatic, they still look cool,” and “I love the trot version of BTD!”
Check it out below!

INFINITE is currently preparing for the release of their third single album, “Inspirit,” on March 17th.
Source + Photos: BNT News via Naver
Tip: karlo

TVXQ' Much anticipated MV "Before U Go" released.

TVXQ' Much anticipated MV "Before U Go"  released, must see. Omo the voice range! The acting. This weeks music shows? One word...War.


Enjoy! ^.^

Monday, March 14, 2011

Korean agencies to hold an emergency meeting on the 14th to discuss Japanese activities.

Korean agencies to hold an emergency meeting on the 14th to discuss Japanese activities


Teen Top with a new MV for "Angel"

Not to be out done.....Teen Top who just said Good Bye to Supa Luv comes back with a full MV for "Angel" Oh how I love these babies, they always leave me with a BIG smile.


Enjoy! ^.^

Infinite ramps up its fight in the rookie race with a little help from some friends ^.~

Looks like Infinite is going all out to pull ahead in the rookie race with a little help from B2ST and MBLAQ...NICE!


Enjoy! ^.^

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inkigayo-Big Bang-MBLAQ-Teen Top says good bye and Infinite teases us for next weeks comeback!

Who wins this week??? Of course...Its Big Bang!
Big Bang-Tonight-Go Go Go

MBLAQ-Again-Joonie soooo into the dance-Fighting babies!

Teen Top-Supa Luv-Its their Good Bye stage and they couldn't have been better tossing out some love signs to screaming fans. Come back soon Babies! Saranghae!

Winners stage

Infinite's teaser.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Heechul cried in SS3 Taiwan-Heechul cries...we all cry...

Okay this makes me so sad, poor Chulie T_T

Heechul cried in SS3 Taiwan

March 12, 2011 3:16 pm fayejjang
Credit as tagged.
Manila, Philippines – In the recent Super Show 3 Taiwan, Super Junior member Heechul was reported sick by the organizers of the said event. Heechul didn’t perform in some of the dance numbers because of his weak state. This saddened the Taiwanese fans and the international fans present in the event but it didn’t stop them from cheering the boys with their whole heart. Super Junior’s leader, Eeteuk took it upon himself to make Heechul feel better. He told the fans that Heechul couldn’t perform in some of the dance number because he’s still in pain from his injury and because he is unwell. He told the fans to chant “Saranghaeyo, Kim Heechul” and the fans did. The fans screamed in happiness as Heechul came out from backstage.
As soon as Heechul came out, he bowed to the fans as a sign of thanks for their love and support. As can be seen in the photo above taken by a fan, Heechul was crying. He then walked towards Eeteuk and hugged him. The scene not only touched the hearts of the fans present in that event but also the fans who saw the pictures. It’s truly heart-warming to witness such affection and love between the members as well as with their fans. ELFs all over the world wishes that Heechul will feel better soon.

Source: For pics:;

Written by: Eunice Faye Tresvalles/Associate Writer.
Feel better soon! Saranghae!

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend! Electric Heart

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend! Electric Heart.
Enjoy this special SHINee weekend song thats in keeping with this weekends theme.
I love this performance, live but...without the fan screams, and one where you can really hear Jonghyuns voice range.
Enjoy! ^.^


My Music Radar! week-end theme...Its all about Junghyun...cause I miss him so.

Sooooo another one of those times where, the week-end theme just jumps up and bites.
I am soooo missing Junghyun this week-end, Shinee as 4 is pretty awesome, but I always have this feeling that something is missing, something BIG and of course, its Jjong. His humor and voice add so much to the group.
Some of my favorite Jjong things.
When Jjong smiles...he could light up a dark room.
My other favorite expression of Jjong's? When he gets that Huh? look on his face >.<. Just too cute.

Credit as tagged
Junghyun like a Boss! From that now infamous performance of Lucifer from the 2010 GDA's. Soooo fierce!

ok I really tried to NOT involve JongKey, but.....because I miss JongKey too.
One of the sweetest JongKey videos ever.
Moment # 52 - "Undeniable"

We miss you lots Jjong! Come back soon!
Enjoy! ^.^

MuCore-Big Bang-MBLAQ-SHINee MC cuts

Lets get right to the music!
Big Bang-Tonight-Lovin the outfits and the "ninja" back up dancers


SHINee MC cuts

Infinite is working on a comback and Teen Top has said good bye
Enjoy! ^.^

Friday, March 11, 2011

Xander tweets about leaving U KISS

Awwww Xander, you were my favorite. I will miss you a lot and hope to see you back on stage again. T_T Saranghae.

Alexander finally tweets about his departure from U-KISS

Former U-KISS member Alexander, a.k.a. Xander, recently left a tweet about his departure from the group.
Although Kim Kibum (who had also left U-KISS at the same time as Xander) had shared his feelings about leaving the group through Twitter and through interviews, Xander had been keeping quiet throughout the whole situation.
However, on March 11th, Xander finally broke his silence. He tweeted the following message in both Korean and in English:
“Good morning everyone, this is Alexander. Long time no see. Thank you for waiting patiently during this difficult time.

As you all know, my departure from U-KISS has been official, and my contract with NH EMG has been terminated.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for all my beloved KISSme fans from all around the world for being my BEST support since my debut in U-KISS.

All of your love & support made me into who I am today, with all my achievements.

I know that my departure from U-KISS might be quite sudden and heart-breaking for most of our KISSme fans…

It is also heart-breaking for me to say goodbye to all of you. But I would say, I respect the decision of my company.
I would like to thank Mr. NH Kim (CEO of NH EMG) for giving me the opportunity to work as a member of U-KISS, and to thank all of my fellow NH EMG staffs for their care.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank my U-KISS members. During these 4 years, we played, we worked, we fought, we laughed, we cried… I have learnt so much from you guys…

Thank you so much for letting me be a big brother all these years… You guys are like real brothers to me… I’m sorry that I could not continue the journey with you guys…

But I will always be supporting you guys! All the best to your comeback. Hopefully one day we could once again stand together on the same stage… Love you all…

Although I have no idea what my next step will be, I will just humbly follow wherever the Lord leads me to.

Meanwhile, I would like to take a rest, do something meaningful, and upgrade myself.

Lastly, it was my honor to work for my beloved KISSme from all around the world.

I won’t say this is a goodbye. Hope to see you all again very soon as a new Xander.

Thank you so so so much & I love y’all always…♥”
He then quoted lyrics from Boyz II Men’s End of the Road, “Although we’ve come, to the End of the road, still I can’t let go…”
Although it’s sad to see him go, KISSme’s all around the world probably have a little peace of mind to hear such positivity from Xander.
Source: Alexander’s Twitter

MuBank-Big Bang-Tonight-Teen Top-Supa Luv-MBLAQ-Again

MuBank and of course Big Bang wins amid many protest from the fandom for everything from the scores to the stage lighting.
Big Bang-Tonight


Teen Top-Supa Luv-Good Bye Stage-Miss you my babies! Hurry Back!

Big Bang Back Stage

Winners Stage

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

K-Will releases music video for “My Heart Is Beating” featuring IU & Lee Joon

Okay...this video is just darn cute! Joonie does a most excellent job! I enjoyed him just as much in this MV as I have in any show or mini-drama. I must admit, the blonde hair is kinda growing on me >.<.

K-Will releases music video for “My Heart Is Beating” featuring IU & Lee Joon

A couple days ago, K-Will unveiled the music video teaser for “My Heart Is Beating“, which features IU & MBLAQ’s Lee Joon.  Then yesterday, K-Will dropped his second mini album, “My Heart Is Beating”, which boasts six impressive tracks.
Now, just moments ago, the music video for K-Will’s “My Heart Is Beating” track has been released, so check it out below!