SHINee 'Not Bio' Page Key and Jonghyun

Why "Not Bio" you might be asking? Because you can Google and find that info anywhere, instead, and in keeping with my own "color" I will reveal Shinee in ways you may not have thought of through videos, stills and my own observations.
You may need some backstory to understand some of my references, If you have not watched any Shinee variety shows, Radio shows or interviews, Google those up too.

First up, The Almighty Diva Key.
My emotions are having an intense love affair with Key right now. When I first found Shinee, Minho immediately caught my eye, due to a self confessed and quite shallow love for guys with long hair. Through all my interweb wandering of anything Shinee I then found Jongkey. Thats when I started to notice Key. Oh he was the Diva Key and the Umma Key and then finally the JongKey. His love of fashion, of wearing flowing clothes, of wearing pink and always including accessories began to beat on a door that I pretty much ignored for a long time. Watching his intense interactions with Jonghyun finally got me to crack open that door. Once I did, Key just burst through and the love affair began. On the Golden Disc Awards 2010 he really caught my attention as he interacted with the other members, I watched as he picked stuff from their hair, entertained them with funny antics and even tried to keep Taemin under control (actually it was 2Min but thats ANOTHER story) not an easy thing to do. He sat back at one point and was just relaxing and being himself, and that was the moment I realized just how much I loved him, oh yes this love has matured from the JongKey shipper I am (I cant even begin to tell you how many times I cried for Key when SM first announced Jonghyuns relationship with Shin Se Kyung, not because of JongKey but more because it was just so clear to me how very hurt Key was, it broke my Shinee heart) to a more mature love for Key himself.
Often referred to as the most under appreciated and most versatile member of Shinee, the Almighty Key can pretty much do it all, he sings, he raps, he dances and he was Yoogeuns favorite Appa. Apparently Key often cooks for, irons for and packs bags for, well for Jjong and Taemin anyway. lol! Key is often the one to accompany Taemin during dance battles because he really is the only other one who can keep up with Taemins fantastic dance moves. Key knows every girl group song and dance.....ever!
Key is oh so very strong on the outside, but he is often the first to shed tears (followed only by Jjong himself) and really is the most emotional of Shinee. He was quoted in Hello Baby as saying he was NOT a big hearted person, to which all of the rest of the members whole heartedly agreed to, however, I don't believe this for a minute. Key has shown himself far too many times to be a very loving and supportive member of Shinee. He is strong of personality and is not afraid to speak his mind. Saranghae Kim KiBum.
A lovely study of Key in gray
Credit:Beckha from 2009

From the first concert in Japan 101226. Key changes the words in A-Yo and sings it to Jonghyun. "When it gets tough, think about who will greet you Jonghyunie-ah"
 Jonghyun reacts to Key singing to him with a big smile ^.^
 JongKey's reactions to each other, if you ship, you have just GOT to love those eye smiles.
 Credit:One In A Million
I love this Sexy Boy Video, His makeup is perfect, his hair is perfect, he is wearing his favorite kind of outfit. And he is drinking that water like its fine wine. Classy Key.

Credit: Key & U, CD and romeo2juliette
JongKey points at each other while Jonghyun sings the lyric "My love" to Key during Stand By Me,
OST from Boys B4 Flowers. Obviously Onew and Taemin approve. From Japan 1st concert 101226.
Credit: Key'sYou
Key rejoices afterward.
Credit: Key'sYou
My favorite JongKey Stills
Beautiful JongKey
 Lovely JongKey
 Key 2011
And my most recent favorite video of Key, as it pretty much shows Key in quiet action. In this 2Min moment, Key notices 2Min acting up, Onew says something to Key who with out a word jumps into action and gives Taemin an award to keep him busy, Ohhhh Umma Key, You're so pretty ^.^

Key Umma feeds Taemin in Thailand 2010
 Credit as tagged and where due.
Key 2010
Credit where due.

Finally an awesome video of Key showing off his girl group dancing skills.
Many thanks to my friend Diva/Erika for finding this video ^.^


Well I guess its kinda of hard to write about just Key, he is so much to the other members. I hadn't intended for this to be all about JongKey either, because Key is really that and so much more. He truly is The Almighty Diva Key.

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Up Next: Jonghyun Look forward to it. ^.^

Jonghyun...ahhhh Jjong.....what to say about Jonghyun.....I admit to having some trouble thinking about what to write about him. For the others, ideas just piled in and flowed out. Research for the others was more, just checking my memory to make sure I had the facts correct. For Jonghyun I really had to search for some inspiration and spent a lot of time reviewing videos, interviews and shows. That was until I hit the video for Shinees performance of Quasimodo at LA SMTown Live last year. And when he hit his notes in that song....I remembered exactly what it is about Jonghyun that caught my eye, or ears if you will. I remember posting that video on my old page(before starting My Music Radar! in ernest) and commenting about the chills his voice could give me. Still true, even now from that performance. Onew has just as an amazing voice as Junghyun, but they are very different in tone and depth. Jjong also has one of the hardest notes sung in Kpop today with his longnote in Lucifer. Not seen in any other group that I am aware of. Fans wait for that note, they know its coming, and some have even spent time...timing it, up to 14 seconds, and if you don't think thats tough....try it...go ahead....try it.
Besides being the other half of JongKey....Jjong is a lover of skinship. He is the most affectionate member of Shinee and can't seem to keep his hands off the other members, though decidedly the person who receives most of this affection is Key. Not surprising considering they have been close since rooming together before they debuted as Shinee.
Jonghyun is also and unfortunately know for causing Shinee's first (and only to date) scandal involving his relationship with actress Shin Se Kyung last October 26th, sending a tsunami through out the Kpop world, causing SSK to have to close her homepage and having to endure everything from crazy fans to death threats. SME had to add extra security for Shinee where ever they went for weeks. Things finaly settled down and the last time they were in Taiwan, the TShawols en masse held up signs of support causing Jjong to loose it, cry and almost collapse on stage. A really sad thing to go through, but such is the way with SME contracts trying to keep their idols single (but thats a whole other story). I admit to being pretty upset with him myself, but not for the reasons of other fans, mine was way more personal and had everything to do with him upsetting Key so much. I wish I could find out more about this relationship, but, either they are being way more careful than they were being, or.....its over. I have been unable to find out anything new about this since last year some time.
Concerning his ankle injury, which seems to have been plaguing him since last October. It was during a concert in Indonesia where the security did not seem to be what it is in other places, he and Key both were apparently pushed around by fans and Jjong tore ligaments in his ankle causing him to either not perform or limit his performances for the last 3 months. Unfortunate indeed, but it has made for some very interesting stages. Fighting Jonghyun!
Edit 110120: SME reveals that Jjong had surgery on 110117 and is expecting a full recovery.

Jonghyun in gray
Credit:One In A Million
Like a Boss
JongKey affection 2010
Credit where due

Quasimodo SMTown Live LA

Jonghyun shows off his water pouring skills at the GDA 2010

Credit:the Bling & menghwa0406

Jjong cries after receiving suport from TShawols

I'm just going to post this here because, well because damn Jonghyun made me cry for Key so many freakin times over this whole mess, it was a dark time for JongKey, and then as was recently revealed it was probably never true.....If you are a shipper, you know exactly why Key sang this of all songs

YouTube Credit

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But brighter days lay ahead...
 Credit as tagged
The infamous Pocky Kiss that was heard round the interwebs, because this was the day that JongKey shippers could start breathing (and screaming) again, and for this shipper, the day I saw Key smile again like he had not, for more than 6 weeks, as he laughed at Jjong and pushed the last of that pocky into Jjongs pouting lips. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* ^.^
Yes yes I keep adding stuff. ^.^

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Yes yes I keep adding things.....I have to when I find really good things, like this JongKey video, truly one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. 
This is from shortly after Jjong's "scandal" when Key is so upset he actually moves his chair away from Jjong, very sad, very touching, very telling..... 

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Here is the actual Hello performance where Key moves his chair away and well, I'll just let their faces tell the rest of the story.

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Another just had to add this video, most recent Jongkey moments.

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They might as well shout it from the roof tops! Oh...never mind, Jonghyun just shouted his love for Key in front of thousands, not to mention the rest of the world thanks to YouTube.....silly boys

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