Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SHINee more Taemin gossip, Onew sangtae? Onew sick? Read on...

Umma Key continues to complain about Taemin, but, me thinks he is complaining to the wrong person. What does he think Minho will do? Stand up for Taemin of course, ahhhhh Umma Key...bringing up Taemin is such a tough job.......someone has to do it kekekekkekekekeke ^.^

Onew sangtae, oh how we love it as its always relevant ^.^

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Onew....2 days ago I started seeing reports that SOMETHING happened with Onew during filming of Star King, he fainted, he got sick...he couldn't breath...he didn't go to the hospital...he DID go to the hospital, search as I might, I couldn't find any credible reports, its obvious something happened, wae is SME so freakin tight lipped about SHINee news? So I have waited to report anything as I am loath to report anything that is not backed up. However when Minho filled in for Onew on Kiss Radio, its pretty obvious something happened.
Thats pretty much all I am comfortable saying for now, if and when I find anything credible, it will of course be reported here on MMR!
Onew Rock of ages
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I did find this account on SHINeetown.tumblr.
Apparently, after the news of Onew being sick, he ranked 2nd as the most searched in Naver!

I’ve read that Fans have been complaining about how SME treated Onew like a robot. Onew is said to be the most overworked member since 2010 up to the present.

On the first half of 2010, Onew appeared in Hello Baby with SHINee and acted the lead role Jubong on Brothers Were Brave Musical. He also had variety show appearances like SK and SGB. Along with this, SHINee also had Overseas promotions around Southeast Asia.

On the later half of 2010, Onew acted as the lead role, Drew, in Rock of Ages Musical. While busy promoting Lucifer and Hello with SHINee in South Korea and Overseas, Onew also participated as an MC of a late-night program YHS, and Music Core along with Minho. He also appeared in some variety Shows and even become a part of the Hosts in one of the year-end award shows.

Dec 2010, SHINee was busy preparing for their concert in Japan and South Korea, and performed in all Gayo Specials.
SHINee even greeted the Christmas and New Year in their Concert venue since they still rehearsing for their performance.

January-Feb 2011, SHINee headed to Taiwan and Australia. Just as SHINee was back in Korea, Onew attended the recording for a New Year Special. Then, Onew, along with Minho, went to Thailand for another New Year Special Program. He was sick in Thailand but still recorded the show. When they return to Korea Onew needed to record again for 2 other New Year Programs with Key, then idol athletics and Award Shows with SHINee. He got minor “injury” during idol athletics, but still headed to Japan for SM town Tokyo. He was seen limping in Japan Airport. After returning to Korea, Onew DJed SUKIRA with Key and recorded Happy Together with DBSK and F(x). Onew is the sole SHINee member who wasn’t able to celebrate Lunar New Year with family (since he still has work), instead he celebrated Lunar New Year with Simon D and friends. It is said that while other members attended Suju Manager’s wedding, Onew have to record for Oh My School. Then SHINee had a photoshoot and autograph session with fans for Maypole and fan meeting for Sta Fe. They also filmed for Auction. And Yesterday, Onew went to record Star King and got sick. He wasn’t able to attend SUKIRA where he is scheduled to DJ.
Fans were so angry about how SM treats Onew. Seems like they are overworking him

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What ever has happened, My Music Radar! hopes Onew feels better soon.


  1. hope u get well soon ............ hwaiting oppa

  2. yeah he's back in sherlock love it <3 haisowisso onew!!

  3. Can't wait for SHINee's next album. SHINee Fighting!