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Teen Top releases 2nd teaser video 'Be ma Girl' Plus me2day pic 120731

Niel updated Teen Top's me2day with a new pic and message today!
What did Changjo, Chunji hyung, and Ricky’s hair colors immediately make me think of?? Hint!! 1. The Olympic flag 2. A traffic light. You have ‘sense’ if you get it right!

Nice hair guys!
Teen Tops 3rd collab with Bravesound!
TEEN TOP '나랑 사귈래?' (Be ma girl) Teaser 2

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

NU'EST K Dream Live Concert - SPAM-A-PIC 120729

First pics are in!
At the ‘K-Dream Live‘ concert which opened at the Tokyo Dome on the 29th, the up-and-coming artists NU’EST lit up the stage with their opening act.
Although it was the rookie group’s first ever performance in Japan, NU’EST showcased a flawless, charismatic performance and received much loud cheering and applause from the audience. They successfully executed their concept of ‘representatives of teens’, as reported to allkpop by PLEDIS Entertainment.
Because the ‘K-Dream Live’ concert included appearances from a variety of idol groups including, ‘Supernova‘, ‘MyName‘, and ‘INFINITE‘, NU’EST is said to have prepared even more diligently to showcase an excellent opening performance.
Netizens who came across the news expressed anticipation for the rookie idol group saying, “They must’ve been nervous because of the grand scale of the stage, but that’s great“, “Now they’ll have Japanese fans too“, “I hope they succeed not only in Korea, but also in Japan“, “I’m excited for their future“, and more.
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NU'EST Fansign Video Subbed from 120720

Special treat for you today friends and fans!
NU'EST fan Kat recorded her time with the boys for an up close and personal look
at what its like to attend one of their fansign events.
Sorry for the late posting but it took a few days for me to get permission from Kat to post her video, but, its such a great video! Well worth the wait!
Aron...you bias wrecker! >.>

NU'EST fansign event [120720] ver2

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SHOULD BE VIEWABLE IN KOREA. my first upload uses Nu'est's song "Not Over You" and Loent is being rude and won't let me use it. so this one has Seo In Guk's "Time Machine" in the credits, which should be okay. Also, that song is one of my favorite things. :D

Nu'est's first fansign for their "Action" Promotion cycle! Hosted by the Synnara Records store in Gangnam, it was a lottery with 150 spots, and every album you bought counted as a "ticket". I bought one album and got in, happily. Anyway, I've been their fan since they debuted and I went to a lot of their promotions for "Face" so it was fun to see them again. My korean is not very good, but i made subtitles to the best of my ability and you are extremely welcome to correct me if I'm wrong about what they said, because believe me! I'd like to know.

Because Nu'est was at Music Bank that day (friday), they were an hour late to get to the event (all the way in Irwon, on the opposite side of the city), which meant they had to love the fans through the line pretty quickly, so sorry nothing super interesting happens. While we were waiting, the fan manager called nu'est's van and we got to talk to JR (which i mentioned to him later on). Unfortunately no fans were actually at music bank because we didn't get any tickets this week, which apparently the group didn't know... Aron at least seemed concerned, so overall wasn't the best day, but they were cute and possibly remembered seeing me before IDK.

will add shelbi's video of her signing from sunday here when i get the link

Many thanks to Kat for letting me share this video,
I'm still grinning like crazy!

B1A4 On Season 6 of 'Hello Baby!' Episode 1 - Subbed - UPdated with New Subs

Yay! Its subbed!
Sob! its soft subbed T_T
Still its subbed, I'd watch ASAP
if I were you, no telling how long it will be up.
120726 B1A4 Hello Baby EP1 [Eng Sub]

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Raw Credit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiMXLPtWSjw
Subs: VV Subs

Please do not take without credit!
Using my subs for GIFs with no credit is okay, though.

Hardsubs will come soon. Please wait.

Many thanks to  for the subs!

Okies I found a hard subbed version.
Enjoy both cause Subbing videos is  damn hard work!

[B1SS] 120725 Hello Baby Season 6 Episode 1 (1/4)

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[B1SS] 120725 Hello Baby Episode 1 (2/4)

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[B1SS] 120725 Hello Baby Episode 1 (3/4)

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[B1SS] 120725 Hello Baby Episode 1 (4/4)

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Brought to you by B1SSubs!
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Translator(s): Mochi Muffins, skipfire
Editor(s): Sica, Sheena
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Typesetter(s): hamm, Klesia, auclaire
QCer: Mochi Muffins
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Super Junior M's Henry tweets f(x) Amber's funny pic 120729

Today Henry tweeted a cute picture of Amber,
saying "soundproofing Amber"
awwww poor Amber >.<
I just ADORE how close SMFamily is!

Taemin & BoA Inkigayo performance 120729 - Only One - Pics & HD Video

Okies friends and fans, shall we get to the big news of the day?
Of course its Taemin and BoA's performance on Inkigayo.
I must admit I was nervous when I first heard about this for 2 reasons.
1. Yunho
2. Fanwars
Pretty much both were unfounded worries as anyone mentioning Yunho,
was told to not compare the 2......I'm okay with that.
There really is no comparing their vastly different dancing styles.
2. Holy Carp! 0.0 Are we getting along now?
about time imho
It was a truly beautiful if too short stage.
Really they look awesome together.
[FullHD] 120729 BoA - ONLY ONE ft. TaeMin ( SHINee )

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Want just the Taemin clip?
Got ya covered! Cause I'm good like that ^.~
[HD] 120729 BoA ft. TaeMin (SHINee) Cut

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Magnificent! Right?
I heard through many fanaccounts that when Taemints started cheering for him, Taemin kept signaling 'no no' not me, cheer for BoA!
Such a lovely young man our maknae has become!
I'm so proud of him!

Recorded next week's collaboration stage with BoA too - Taemin wore a similar jacket, a greyish-white t-shirt as well as a very baggy, loose pants. He redid his hair to a straight hairstyle. It is evident that he feels more open/comfortable than this morning. After the performance, he spread open his arms and leaned against the wall. Upon realising that his fans were screaming for him, he shook his hands, gesturing to them to watch BoA and give BoA support instead. However, the more he tries to do it, the fans' screams grew even louder. Taemin ran back to the bakstage happily.
Source/Credit: LastFantasy0718
Translation by: thpapergangster

Taemin was so cuteee in the afternoon recording!!! they recorded 2 times full ONLY ONE, 2 times just taemin & BoA dance part! :D
After the 1st close up shot recording for Taemin & BoA dance part, Taemin gave a pout expression and walk towards backstage
end of all 4 recordings, BoA & Taemin stayed on stage to thank fans! Taemin said “Please give lots of support & cheering for BoA”
BoA then asked Taemin to say smth in Japanese since SHINee also debuted in Japan and today there’s Japanese fans here, Taemin at first give a no no no sign, but BoA told him not to be shy, so Taemin said “Please support BoA (in Japanese)” Then BoA said, “Your Japanese pronunciation isn’t that bad at all! ^^”
BoA was so cuteee too! Before the start of the 2nd full song recording, she teased Shawols that, please dont secretly take photo of her behind the crowd ah~ haha!
Lastly, please look forward for next week stage too! Taemin wore a dark tiger head prints jacket, with a inner greyish & white long shirt, and sweats pant! :D Very charming!
Source/Credit: NINGZzhi
Some rehearsal and stage pictures:

All in all this was fabulous!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

AA aka Double A - Aoora tweets with a pic

Please wait - "w" sorry&luv u & miss u ㅜㅜ
더블에이 조만간 갈게요!!!

YAH! Aoora! You're driving me mad!
BUT....I'll wait like a good "W"

UPdate:Tweet 120729

Teen Top releases 1st teaser video 'Be ma Girl'

Group date anyone???
Lively and bright!
Niel cut his hair!? o.O
Be on the look out for 100% in the background ^^

TEEN TOP '나랑 사귈래?' (Be ma girl) Teaser 1

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NU’EST to open for the ‘K-Dream Live’ concert in Japan

Rookie idol group NU’EST has been named the opening artists for the ‘K-Dream Live‘ concert to be held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on July 29th.
The group has been earning praise for their charismatic and impactful performances as well as their stable live skills, combined with their ability to upgrade themselves with every new stage. The boys will be opening for the concert with a big start at the ‘K-Dream Live’ while steadily increasing their recognition in the market.
Netizens commented, “It’s surprising that a rookie is performing at the Tokyo Dome”, “Will NU’EST grow up to become a Hallyu idol too?”, and “I hope that they earn more success as they work hard”.
The concert seats 55,000 people, and other attending artists include Supernova, MYNAME, INFINITE, and more.

Go Go Go NU'EST!
Great opportunity for them!

Friday, July 27, 2012

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend! Fly High! With a Special nod to the Olympics

On this day of the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics
My Music Radar! wishes a SHINee performance
to all countries and athletes who participate!


For your listening pleasure Fly High

SHINee - Fly High eng subbed with lyrics

Uploaded by on May 29, 2010

Enjoy the SHINee song and Enjoy the Olympics!

SMEntertainment releases 1st S.M.Art Exhibition teaser with Taemin

WOW! Lookin contemporary Taemin!


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10-19 AUG 2012 COEX

■ 전시 기간 : 2012년 8월 10일(금) ~ 19일(일)
■ 장소 : 코엑스 D HALL(3층)
■ 티켓 판매 : 옥션티켓 (http://ticket.auction.co.kr)

SM Entertainment has released the first teaser video for S.M.Art Exhibition featuring SHINee’s Taemin!
The S.M.Art Exhibition is a collaboration between SM and global businesses to present the world’s first interactive entertainment exhibition. The event will be held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul from August 10-19 KST.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

INFINITE releases Japanese version of “Shes Back!" 120726

L! L! I'll rescue you!!!!
ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ ^.~
This has always been a favorite Infinite song!
The boys make it fun in the sun!

She`s Back_PV

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2012년 뜨거운 여름을 위해 다시 탄생한 She's Back !
더 핫 하고 더욱 신나는 She's Back 일본어버전 !
2012年 熱い夏のために再び誕生した She's Back !
もっとホットでもっと エキサイティングな She's Back の日本語バージョン !

So good looking in white...

Teen Top teaser photo for comeback - Chunji and L.Joe - 120726

Angels every where are anticipating Teen Top's comeback in early August!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Teen Top teaser photo for comeback - CAP and Ricky - 120725

CAP and Ricky want to know "would you be ma girl"

Look forward to Teen Top's comeback sometime in early August!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Find out why B1A4 was selected for Season 6 of 'Hello Baby'

B1A4 sans Gongchan who is recovering in hospital after having a kidney removed.

Boy group B1A4 was recently selected to be the new parents on season 6 of KBS JOY‘s ‘Hello Baby‘.
At a press conference for the show that took place on July 24th, producer Lim Yong Hyun explained why B1A4 was selected for the program, stating, “B1A4 is a boy group that consists of members who come from a rural area [as opposed to Seoul], and the show will not only follow the established format of the care and growth of the children, but also unveil the members’ journey into Seoul and the road they took to become Hallyu stars. I hope that everyone will look forward to the growth and development of the children, as well as the growth of the members. With this thought, I believed they would be a perfect fit for the role.
Lim continued confidently, “All of the previous idol groups appeared on ‘Hello Baby’ when they were in the process of reaching the next important step in their career. The program became a helpful boost in that goal. I’m not bragging, but I do have pride when it comes to the show. Each of the groups have grown a lot more since appearing on the program.
B1A4 is in a similar situation,” Lim added. “They are in the middle of preparing for their promotions in Japan, and they have much potential to become bigger Hallyu stars. They are well-known in Korea, and we casted them because we look forward to high viewer ratings. I’ve watched B1A4′s music video and I liked it. I’m content with our choice.
B1A4 also commented on their selection as the next group for the show, “We’ve watched many sunbae idol groups on the show and it seemed like a lot of fun. All of our members love kids. We may not become dads in the near feature, but we will definitely approach the show with father-like hearts.
Meanwhile, ‘Hello Baby’ first aired in 2009 and featured artists such as Girls’ Generation, SHINee, T-ara, Super Junior, SISTAR, MBLAQ, and more.
‘Hello Baby’ season 6 will begin airing on July 25th.

Sources: allkpop & Naver

[스포츠경향]KBS조이 B1A4의 헬로베이비 제작발표회

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7월 24일 오후 2시
노보텔 앰배서더 강남 2층 샴페인 홀

B.A.P on M Wide Subbed - Dance MV - Dance Tutorial

"So Nice"

[ENG] 120719 B.A.P Cut - Wide Entertainment News

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Translated+Subbed by kpopobsessed.
Raw video credit: BAP-THAILAND
Turn on CC for subs. 
Please do not take out without credit, 
and please do not post video on external sites without permission.
(MMR! asked and received permission to post this video)

Baby wassup wassup???
poor too tall baby >.<
120724 [Melon] B.A.P의 댄스담당 MOON(종업) & ZELO에게 포인트안무 배우기!

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NO Mercy dance version
120724 [Melon] B.A.P 퍼포먼스 Full 버전!

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Enjoy a lot Babies!

Bonus Video:
Feast your eyes (and ears) on a REAL baby Jello!
[Pre Debut] ZELO - RAP 누가 막어 by 도끼 (Dok2)

Uploaded by on Dec 3, 2011
© cyworld/haru4232

EXO Happy Camp HD Subbed 120721 - Bonus Video

We are one!!!!
It brings tears to my eyes....T_T
They are just so freakin good when they are 12!

[HD] EXO - 120721 Happy Camp 快乐大本营 (eng subbed) (full)

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[subbing] : boonyi91

I wish they had that game in some other shows!
I kept holding my breath >.<
Enjoy a lot!

Bonus Video:
[HD/CUT/ENG/KOR] EXO Happy Camp Two Moons Live Performance Special Edition
双月之夜 快本

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EXO-M Global's newest project~ Two Moons (special fused edition with subtitles) by Kris and Chanyeol feat Lay and Kai~cr: HNTV for the original video.
DISCLAIMER: All rights regarding the content of this video belong to their respective copyright holders. We only claim credit for the subtitles.
This is done in goodwill and we are not in any way profiting from this.
Thank you and please like our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ExoMGlobal and also follow us on https://twitter.com/EXOMGlobal for more updates!

AA aka Double A continues to tease us! 120724

More teasers???
Coming Soon???
Cryptic message about being in the recording studio
Looks like they're playing games to me O.o
Quite sure Aoora's behind this lol


Teen Top teaser photo for comeback - Niel and Changjo - 120724

Niel and Changjo
And I just wanna love you.......
Teen Top is all about a quick comeback with a hot summer romantic look!

Look forward to their comeback in early August
All babies grow up....

Sunday, July 22, 2012

SHINee World Concert II - Day 2 - SPAM-A-PIC - SPAM-A-CAM - Jongtae Video 120722

Here we gooooooo...
So today in addition to more Jongtae....there was 2MIN!!!!

Jongtae day 2....HOMG!!!
The video...cause there HAS to be video!!!
0722 hyumin @ 샤콘

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CREDITS: ㅇㅇ @ SHINee DC Gallery
l2O722 JongTaem passionate performance + baby Taemin in a basket fancam @ $WCll

Published on Jul 22, 2012 by
credit as tagged / jongtaem song: internet war -seo taiji

MAYBE!?! maybe...Taemin likes it rough!?!

Seriously...can Jonghyun keep his hands off his room mate??? >.>
there are many more but...I just can't even lol
maybe later when I get back on my better laptop lol ^^
Anyway...here are more pics in no real order...
 OT5 Presscon
An ocean of pearl aqua lights - Lucifer stage
Onew's solo
Minho...nakies ^^
Nice view ^.~
Dorky Taemin
Appa Sooman

Okies thats all for now
Possible updates later today so be sure to check back!


Key's solo
120721 [juststunning] SWC in Seoul Hair & Judas full .avi

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더이상의 말이 필요없는 KEY군의 개인무대!

120722 Onew imitating the time he ate his cellphone & Precious OT5 Moments

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This is so precious lololol LEE JINKI
CR; MDS1130 @ daum

Today's Presscon
[TheSTAR] 샤이니(SHINee) 태민(TaeMin)의 파격노출에 신난 형들 '귀요미'네!

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22일 서울 올림픽공원 체조경기장에서는 샤이니의 두 번째 단독콘서트 '샤이니월드2(SHINee World2)'가 열렸다. 이날 콘서트에서 파격의상을 입고나온 태민(TaeMin)의 작아지는(?)모습에 신난 온유(ONEW), 종현(JongHyun), 민호(MinHo), 키(Key)의 모습, 각자 개인무대를 소개하는 모습, 샤이니 콘서트를 냉정하게 평가하는 리더 온유의 발언까지 영상에서 만나본다.

The 2MIN kiss!!!
120722 콘서트

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Once again, many thanks to my tweet peeps who keep me so updated!