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SMFamily 'I AM' Showcase 120430 SPAM-A-PIC

SMFamily 'I AM' Showcase 120430 SPAM-A-VIDEO

In no particular order 120430 I AM - SHINee Key answering Question Cut
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[120430] SHINee Highlight Cut 'I AM SHOWCASE'
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credits: DC 샤갤

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credits: DC 샤갤

120430 아이엠 쇼케이스 taemin
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120430 SMTOWN"I AM"HISTORY showcase--SHINee photo time(CUT)
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120430 SMTOWN"I AM"HISTORY showcase--SHINee Key(CUT)
120430 SMTOWN"I AM"HISTORY Showcase--SHINee Minho(CUT)

  120430 아이엠 쇼케이스 옷위에 티셔츠 걸친 태민이 ;ㅁ;
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 Link for full lq video

Sunday, April 29, 2012

SHINee heads back to Korea 120430 for 'I AM' Showcase - MNET Stream Link

Just a few quick airport pictures.

I hear they are headed back to Korea for the 'I AM' Showcase.
Which can be streamed on MNET Monday April 30 at 6AM Eastern in the US.

SHINee Key Jumps for Joy in Japan 120425

Key Key Key
Key who doesn't care and is not afraid...
Key in his element is a joy to see
Key jumping for joy
120425 SHINee Key - Firework full ver.
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Key making statements without saying a word.

SHINee Sunday SPAM 120429 SHINee Sapporo and Onew 1K Songs

Here we go!
Sapporo SPAM-A-PIC!


120429 [Fanaccount] SHINee at Japan Arena Tour – Sapporo

The first one to spot Key crying was Jonghyun. Minho carressed Key’s head gently.
Minho’s pants ripped. Onew spotted it first and told Minho to quickly cover it with his hands. Everyone was laughing, Jonghyun kept pointing at it saying that his underwear could be seen.. Japanese fans said that : Minho, please rip your pants when you come to Osaka too!
Taemin’s earpiece fell off (from his ears) twice.  Minho picked it up really naturally and passed it back to him during the first time – Minho looked really handsome when he did so… During the second time, Taemin’s earpiece fell off the stage.. so he had to sing one song under the condition without his earpiece.
The part where Minho ripped his pants when he was hung from a tree.. (S/N : I am guessing that the song is Always Love) Everyone was laughing really badly, Minho was really panicky… Taemin laughed so hard that he couldn’t sing
Minho was really caring towards fans today and did a lot of fan service.
When SHINee was singing Kiss Kiss Kiss, Key cried badly, Onew seemingly teared, Minho bent his body trying to hold back his tears but tears could be seen trickling down (his face). Jonghyun and Taemin just looked at a distance ahead of them with watery eyes..
To add on to the ripped pants incident : Key and Taemin also pointed at the ripped portion – Key helped to cover it up with one hand but could not help but continue laughing.
Minho’s underwear could be seen (clearly)… Fans said that he was wearing adult underwear – Well, he couldn’t be wearing children’s underwear right? Taemin could not sing his song properly as he was laughing (too hard) over Minho’s ripped pants.
Minho’s underwear was black…. “Minho’s Ripped Pants” is about to reach Japanese’s Twitter Top 10 trending topics…
When Key was sobbing during Kiss Kiss Kiss, Minho hugged Key’s shoulders and gently helped Key to wipe his tears away..
Jonghyun commented that “Sapporo is the best!” Minho imitated him (Jonghyun) and said “Sapporo is the best!” Taemin “Sapporo is the best!” Key “Ah… Ah… Ah.. Sapporo is the best!”Onew said something like “Recently… (has been) the best!” (S/N : Onew’s word gag over similar pronounciation of the words.)
Onew and Minho said that they were so nervous that they were shivering when they were at backstage before the concert…
Source : MRMINHO ( // Translation : soundtracklove@soompi
Source:SHINee Singapore

Taemin Video 120429 삿포로 콘서트 태민
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Jonghyun and seaweed balls?
Ummmm okies......o.O
 Speaking of Jonghyun, earlier he tweeted another piece of art...
then deleted it, so I agonized over posting it....
Anyway.....Key freeze!
Onew 1000 Songs video

도전! 온유 천국 ㅠ▽ㅠ
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이쁘고! 귀엽고! 사랑스럽고! 이럴수있는가 ㅠㅠ 여기가 천국!!! (1080p)
@onewrang /

*All data from onewrang can not be edited.*

[FANCAM] 120417 Onew being praised for singing his partner's song well @ 1000 
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Source as tagged / Reuploaded by OWF

Visit for subbed goodies on SHINee's Onew!
And there's your SHINee Sunday Spam for the week!
Enjoy a lot!

Inkigayo 120429 - B.A.P. - NU'EST - EXO K

Okies friends and fans, once again music shows are plagued with video take downs.
And what there is sucks...
Posting what I could find....
btw....NU'EST stages are goodbye stages....that was fast
[120429]B.A.P -- POWER Comeback Special @ SBS Inkigayo
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I can't upload 1080HD file~ coz youtube Copyright strikes file T^T
Really sorry~
Credit ::

Re-up&Shared :: Bunnie's Zelo @ BAP-THAILAND
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120429 NU'EST - I'm Sorry
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[Full HD] 120429 EXO-K - MAMA
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Watch fast!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

MuCore 120428 - EXO K - B.A.P. - NU'EST

[HD] 120428 EXO-K - MAMA
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120428_[HD]음악중심 B.A.P 『POWER』
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120428_[HD] 음악중심 뉴이스트 『I'M SORRY』
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Thanks to Miuki for finding NU'EST HD Video!

Okies friends and fans,
I will be away at a family function today.
See you later tonight!

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My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee Weekend! Keeping Love Again

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee Weekend!
For your listening pleasure Keeping Love Again

[audio]120425 SHINee Keeping Love Again
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cr:lovingbling DO NOT REUPLOAD


Friday Fun! or Kpop is good for Everything or Sherlock tumblr tag 2.0

[Random] a K-Shawol snap a photo today at a music store, and found out 'Korn' CD is placed on 20+ music area XD

See???? Kpop is good for everything/everyone! When I first heard rumors of Taemin singing a KoRn song I was all..."in what universe does THIS make sense?" o.O Everyone was searching and guessing which song it would be. Well it sure didn't take Shawols long....'Get Up' then the wait for videos started.... Remember what happened on the tumblr Sherlock tag? Shawols had the Sherlockians anywhere from WTF to When did Sherlock become Asian? O.o Now its surely KoRn's turn to be all "Wait who? Shiny who?" Of course there is the required 'Taemin brought me here' comment getting thumbed up. In the end Kpop is good for everyone, as I'm sure the downloads and purchases will increase. 
Cause no matter what or who the idols of Hallyu can only get better 

KoRn - Get Up (Featuring Skrillex)
 Uploaded by on Oct 17, 2011

What I love so much about Taemin this year is.... his ability to keep us on our toes while keeping us amazed at a never ending array of talent and skills.
Rock on Taemin! This brought together two of my longtime loves Heavy Metal...and Kpop Still looking through the starz for that universe.

 [FANCAM] 120425 Taemin's Solo 'Get Up!' (Korn) | SNW Ar3na Tour Fukuoka
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credits: Taempo

Another fun My Music Radar! Commentary!

MuBank 120427 - NU'EST - EXO K - HD

LOVIN the NU'EST outfits this week!
HD | 120427 NU'EST - I'm Sorry @ KBS Music Bank
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 EXO K actually seems better this week
120427 EXO-K - MAMA @ Music Bank
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Many thanks to XxSimplyKawaiixX for finding NU'EST video in HD!

Enjoy the HD goodness!

B.A.P. MuBank 120427 - WARNING Warning! They Got The Power! BONUS BTS Video

Awesome Comeback!
Nailed it!
That is all...
[120427] B.A.P -- POWER Comeback Stage @ Music Bank
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Credit ::

Source :: Torrent
Re-up&Shared :: Bunnie's Zelo @ BAP-THAILAND
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cr: TS Entertainment {SOURCE}; Daum Music {SHARE}; Cielismz {RE-UP}

Thank you!
I'm so glad B.A.P. is back!

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SHINee in Fukuoka Japan 120425 SPAM-A-VIDEO

In no particular order
All Videos are credit as tagged
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l2O425 Taemin's 'G3T UP' POWERFUL solo performance fancam @FUKU0KA
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credit as tagged
[Dreaming] 120425 SHINee ARENA TOUR Fukuoka BODYGUARD
Uploaded by on Apr 26, 2012
120425 후쿠오카 콘서트 하이라이트 taemin ver
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B.A.P(비에이피) - POWER M/V
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@ TS Entertainment
B.A.P(비에이피) 2nd album POWER M/V

Totally blown away....
a 15 year old who can rap like that is not just talented.....he's gifted
These boys are gonna go far.
I haven't done a rating in a very long time
THIS gets an unprecedented 5 out of 5 pings
for perfection 

SHINee 2min...I mean Taemin....Must See! BONUS 2MIN Pic from TvN Taxi

So...if you were wondering where the 'Yellow Ribbon' song came from.... It was 2MIN!!!! Ottoke!!! Ottoke!!! 
120425. VCR ;; SHINee ARENA TOUR 2012
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 And the fans go WILD!!! 
Enjoy like crazy!
Cause NOW the song makes sense ^.~

Bonus Pic from TvN's Taxi Show that just aired
A 2MIN back hug!

And I thought 2MIN was done....

SHINee Taemin Fukuoka Japan Fancam 120425

[fancam] 120425 Taemin 'Get Up' in ARENA TOUR 2012 in FUKUOKA.
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Nothing I can blow me away baby...

Thanks to Diba for this fancam

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SHINee in Fukuoka Japan 120425 HQ Pics and Video

[Audi0] $HlNee 'Amaz!ng Grac3' @$WCFuku0ka
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[l2O425$WC] source DC credit 배고파
[HD/FANCAM] 120425 Jonghyun's Special Solo ㅎㅅㅎ♥ Y Si Fuera Ella
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# Japan Arena Tour 2012 Fukuoka | credits: Guilty Pleasure

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SHINee Fukuoka Japan Concert 120425 - Fancams

Minho??? 0.0

[Fancam] 120425 SHINee Japan Arena Tour_Fukuoka - Minho's sexy body wave
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credit: dreaming
uploaded on youtube by kimkeygim/gynalifia

SooOOOoooobing....BREATH Onew....breath... 
[FANCAM] 120425 The First Arena Tour, Onew's solo (Anzen Chitai - Friend)
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Aissshhhhh Taemin....I don't think I will ever love you more than I do right now
*let the headbangin begin*
[AUDIO]l2O425 Taemin 'Get Up' performance solo @$WC Fukuoka
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source DC credit

Key are the shiniest Firework....sobbing again...oh help me
[AUDIO] 120425 Key's Solo 'ㅂ' ♥ Firework (Katy Perry)
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audio credits: 배고파 | DC 샤갤

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SHINee in Fukuoka Japan 120425 First Pics and Fan Accounts are in! SPAM-A-PIC!

Prepare yourselves Shawols!
Things have changed and how they have changed!
Taemin and heavy metal??? Screamin expletives?
(be still my old goth heart)
Key and more veiled declarations?  Maybe....
Cue the SPAM!!!!


 Taemin is tied up???? Omo I can't even.....*dead*
Fan Accounts

(120425) SHINee solo fanaccount : minho solo in all black suits, jinki is singig ballad, Kibum also singing wearing PINK, Jonghyun solo Driver's High. Taemin dancing, and not quite singing. After that Aherlok japanesw ver.
Fr:DC trans:ilovetaemin_
[TRANS] 120425 Fukuoka Concert our Minho's whisper made noonas hearts sherlock sherlockㅜㅜ Your the best♥ RT 120425 후쿠오카콘서트 우리민호속살에누나가슴이 셜록셜록ㅜㅜ 니가최고♥
[TAEMIN SOLO 120425] Fanaccount (2) while performig Taemin seemingly scream 'SHUT THE F*CK UP!' yes he did (need yo [beep -] that part) But it really is a very heavy metal style!! Fr:DC trans: ilovetaemin_ · 
(120425) VCR: Jinki dress as an angel. And there are a long haired woman is using her lipstick appear to be Taemin!!!!*
*Note:VCR = the videos they show on big screens during  concert breaks

If you are taking ANYTHING....please be kind and properly credit!