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Why "Not Bio" you might be asking? Because you can Google and find that info anywhere, instead, and in keeping with my own "color" I will reveal Shinee in ways you may not have thought of through videos, stills and my own observations.
You may need some backstory to understand some of my references, If you have not watched any Shinee variety shows, Radio shows or interviews, Google those up too.

Onew Onew Onew, I don't envy you, your job. Being leader of SHINee has got to be tough! One of the most popular groups since debut and including some of the most talented performers in all of Kpop can not be easy.
Fortunately Onew's laid back personality seems to suit all perfectly, he is not afraid to let the other members take over and lead when their strong skills are needed or sometimes just when the mood strikes them. I have rarely seen him pull rank on the other members beyond what is the norm in Kpop and the asian culture.
I must admit, Onew was the last of SHINee to capture my attention and when he did, it was all about his voice, which, is really like an angels voice. Strong and deep of timbre he can turn any song into something special.
Originally shy of temperament, like the other members, he has burst out of his shell recently and is giving some of the the MC's in the Variety Show world a run for their money, though he has not mentioned this as a career choice, it seems to be a particular strength with his quick wit and of course....his Sangtae.
Sangtae you ask? Well that would be what we Shawols call, Onew's condition. Sometimes this entails him making puns of Korean words or phrases, but more often than not its his physical comedy that gets called his "sangtae" Well known for falling down at the most inopportune moments, and not being able to walk more than a few feet with out tripping, his dancing talent belies this condition.
Some where around Ring Ding Dong days...Onew got hot. Not just hot but H. O. T. hot, with a stare into the camera that could take your breath away and set your heart to pounding.
Speaking of hot, Onew is really the only member who is not regularly coupled with another member, Oh I know the fandom have tried, particularly with Taemin aka as OnTae, and though they are indeed very close, since before debut, I think its more of a Appa type relationship. Ontae will never be what 2Min or JongKey is, they are close but I just never got the same feeling from that coupling. There is just not the same passion that I get from the others.
Maybe its because of Onew's love for chicken? as he has stated himself..."Its been with him for 21 years" Gotta love this guy!
Onew has been the busiest of the members in the recent past with doing 2 musicals, one right after the other and all the MC'ing he does, its rare for him to have time off and often his voice has paid the price. I am glad that he has slowed down a little because that voice...oh that voice, we don't ever want him to lose that.
Onew the Leader
Credit as tagged.
Onew in Rock of Ages.
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Onew from Yeppo days
Capped by StormofStarzZ2
SHINee's old dorm bedroom, as the leader, Onew gets the only real bed! Or is he just separating 2MIN and JongKey? These days in the new dorm, Jonghyun and Minho are in one bedroom while Onew still rooms with  the girls Key and Taemin.
Credit where due.
Onew has talked about his love of opera and his wish to sing opera, in this video, his dream comes true during their 1st concert in Tokyo. I wept watching this the first time, I am weeping now, not even sure why, I don't much like opera, but, watching this young man fulfill his dream will do that to you.

Credit:OnlyOnew and gyapower07
One of my favorite vids of Onew and actually Taemin too, but Onews voice here?
Daebak! Enjoy this Muzits performance.

Onew and Minho photo shoot for W magazine 2011
Credit: Minhoney
Cap from YunHaNam, Shinee's first variety show. JongKey and 2Min together, Onew? 
Forever alone.
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Onew's love of chicken, the source of many macros and much comedy
Lets end this fun "Not Bio" with another macro that sums up Onew's sangtae very well.
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Keep up the good work Onew, you are the perfect leader for Shinee and it shows. 
Letting the other members shine through is the sign of a strong and confident leader.
Saranghae Onew....Saranghae.

Credit where due.
I hope you have enjoyed all the members of Shinee's "Not Bio" pages, I'm sure its not what you were expecting, but I hope I brought a fresh and exciting new side of Shinee for you to enjoy.
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