Monday, February 7, 2011

MBLAQ's Mir being treated for a minor back injury

Holy Hell allkpop just about gave me a heart attack when I read the headline.
I'm so glad it turned out to be minor.
MBLAQ’s Mir sustains a spinal injury

Currently promoting their title song “Stay“, MBLAQ’s Mir has sustained a minor spinal injury.

J. Tune Entertainment officially made an announcement through Money Today Star News on February 8th, stating, “Mir has been hospitalized on the 7th due to lower back pain. For the time being, he will be resting. Mir’s lower back has not been in good shape and because of the packed filming schedules, his condition got worse. He needs to receive physical therapy daily in order to get better“.

Mir is now taking a break from his hectic schedule, dividing his time between the hospital and his home. Therefore, MBLAQ will continue promoting their album as 4 members, excluding Mir.

The upcoming filming of Mnet’s “M! Countdown” will proceed with only 4 members. J. Tune Camp has decided that although Mir’s condition is not serious, they are going to take every precaution in order to prevent any further injury.

We are hoping for Mir’s speedy recovery!

Source: Star News via Nate

My Music Radar! hopes Mir feels better soon and will miss seeing him perform.
Fighting Mir!

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