Saturday, February 12, 2011

Super Junior M to comback on Valentines day! SHINee pics! Sungjong Pic!

Henry!!! squeeeeeeeeeeee!
Okies now that I got THAT out of the way...kekekekekek
So happy to hear this news! It makes Valentine's Day a wonderful day!
Just released pics!

If you're not an ELF you probably don't know that "SuJu M" is a sub-group of Super Junior and performs in China (and often other countries) as well as joining Super Junior to do big shows like their Super Show. Oh this is "Too Perfect"

Shinee was at the VIP premier of Late Autumn with some very edgy fashion going on!
And a lovely pic from MayPole magazine
And finally a pic I found wandering the interwebs today of Infinite's Sungjong, just cause I think its pretty ^.^

Well there you have it! Boy when stuff happens in kpop, it tends to happen all at once!

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