Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Teen Top, Infinite and Super Junior News.....A new pocky kiss!

Awww Teukie, I knew I loved him for a reason ^.^ He reveals an intimate relationship that most of us only dream about and with a little help from a friend indulges in a pocky (ok peppero, I just am too use to calling it pocky) kiss!
Leeteuk reveals that he dated an older woman
by VITALSIGN on February 8, 2011 at 3:44 am
During MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight“, Leeteuk made a shocking confession about dating an older woman.

Leeteuk said that he received ’special management’ from an older woman during his trainee days, and he went on to reminisce about the relationship.

When asked about the perks of dating someone older, Leeteuk explained that he was mentally comfortable with her, and that she was able to provide for him. He claimed that she took care of him from head to toe, and even gave him a bit of pocket change whenever he went shopping or to the salon.

Fellow member Shindong took the edge off Leeteuk’s confession by joking, “Leeteuk wasn’t raised by our CEO, he was raised by the older woman.”
Credit where due
Later on during the episode, Leeteuk shocked the audience once more by engaging with another older woman during a “Secret Garden” parody segment, where castmates took on the famous ‘foam kiss’ and ’sit-up’ scenes from the drama.

Leeteuk and Kim Ji Hyun were partnered up to pull off a twist on the sit-up scene, for which they held a chocolate pepero between their lips. Tensions rose in the studio as the snack got shorter and shorter, until member Kyuhyun snapped it completely by suddenly pushing on Leeteuk’s back, forcing him to kiss his female partner. The studio immediately erupted into a chaotic mass of screams and cheers.

Catch the full episode at 5 PM KST on February 9th!

Source: Newsen #1, #2 via Nate

Teen Top’s Cap celebrates his graduation with his teacher!
by Denouement on February 8, 2011 at 9:49 am

Teen Top’s leader, Cap, took a shining graduation photo and is now receiving the attention of netizens.

Cap had revealed a picture through Teen Top’s Twitter and me2day on February 7th, showing his mischievous smile whilst holding a diploma proudly.

Cap, who will not be able to attend the graduation ceremony on the coming 10th due to his promotion schedule in Japan, passed on his thoughts about graduation, “My homeroom teacher, who said to never reveal this photo, in celebration of graduation ^^ I’ll become a better Cap as much as my teachers trust in me. I graduated high school. This shining diploma is bittersweet. Please congratulate me!!!”

Netizens who saw this picture reacted with various congratulations on his graduation, “Congratulations on your graduation”, “I was hoping for Cap’s graduation photo”, and “While beside his teacher in the staff room, he looks like a complete high school student rather than his charismatic figure on stage”.

Teen Top is currently pursuing activities after releasing their 2nd single album, ‘Supa Luv’.

Source: NewsEn via Daum
My Music Radar! congratulates CAP on his graduation! Not an easy thing to accomplish while working so hard!

I'm so glad that someone besides me and my friends think the same way about Sungjong! So cute! His popularity is on the rise and here is why! ^.^
Why You Need To Know…Infinite’s Sungjong
Monday, February 7, 2011 by Sunny Kim in Celebs

Photo from Osen.
While his biggest claim to fame so far has been his androgynous appearance…there’s more to the maknae of the 7-member rookie group Infinite than meets the eye! When he first debuted, Sungjong caught the attention of netizens with his metrosexual bordering on cross-dressing photoshoot.

Photos from Marie Claire.
It didn’t help that he perfectly performed Orange Caramel’s hit song “Magic Girl” and revealed that his costume actually belonged to Nana!

Photos from MBC.
Sungjong and the rest of Infinite broke away from their sweet debut image with their impressive “scorpion dance” and violent blockbuster-style comeback music video, “Before The Dawn.” That wasn’t enough for the 17-year-old and Sungjong went completely blond as well!
Their name showed up on search portals again when they featured the dance during MBC’s Star Dance Battle. That’s also the performance where Sungjong shined (or was it his hair?) during Infinite’s cover of “Baby” and “Like A G6.”

When the hosts commented that that his looks could make girls jealous, his reaction definitely showed that he’s got all the makings of a variety idol. He’s got the looks, the personality and with Infinite gaining more traction as a group — Sungjong is probably going to be a regular on variety shows!
Keep an eye out for him!

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