Thursday, February 24, 2011

Teenfinite MC's MNet Countdown-Joonie goes Blonde-Again! Infinite's Sungjong goes dark! "Something completely different" Returns!

MBLAQ's Joonie goes blonde for the promotion of their new song Again and Mir returns to the stage. I am so glad to see Mir back, he looks great! Its only for his rap part but, its great to see him up and around.
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GO just tweeted too concerning his performance today.
1. 오늘 응원 와주신 팬 여러분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다!! 오늘 제가 좀 부족했지만 내일 멋진 무대 보여드리겠습니다!!^^ 내일 보아요~~~!! about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

Fans cheer for coming today, I sincerely appreciate all of you! I lack some great performances today, but tomorrow I'll show you! ^ ^ You ~~~!!
MBLAQ-Again-Joonie blonde and frilly!


Aww my baby pinggers...Thats Woohyun from Infinite and Niel from Teen Top. Its just a one day gig but Infinite is trying really hard to garner more publicity.
Niel is looking great as always ^.^
Speaking of Infinite, they performed Before the Dawn with a dance break and a change up in the scorpion dance.
Biggest surprise with today's performance??? Sungjong is NOT blonde any more!!! T_T
At least its still long.....I guess. Oh damn my weakness for lil blonde boys >.<.

And now for "Something completely Different"
If you're new to MMR!, this corner is where I present a new group or singer who is not currently a blipper or pingger on my music radar.
A special guest today on the Countdown is Yamashita Tomohisa, one of Japan's biggest idols (music and acting). Sigh...can't we all just get along? Its really disturbing to see a lot of negative posts concerning his performance. Personally I adored his performance and lets face it, he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone since he's already at the top in the SECOND biggest music market in the WORLD. He's only here for his fans......and for the love of music.

Rock your body
Rock your body
Don't stop the party party

Lovin this! kekekekeke

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