Friday, February 11, 2011

MuBank performances- Rain and Mir tweet, things are picking up in the Kpop world!

Performances from todays MuBank including a cute video with MBLAQ and Infinite!
Keep your head down anyone?

MBLAQ-Stay-missing Mir here....its like there is a big hole, but, Seungho is doing a great job with the rap.

Infinite-BTD-looking all fierce this week in black and little makeup, babies!

Backstage with my babies! Some Valentines day requests have Thunder speaking english and Joon being his adorkable self, same goes for Infinites "L"

I'm posting this video from last month....just cause I can ^.^ and cause I am missing Mir already, poor baby....Though his tweet today sounds like he is starting to feel much better!


Lee Jong Suk joins Rain, Shin Se Kyung for “Red Scarf”
by VITALSIGN on February 11, 2011 at 11:21 am

Actor Lee Jong Suk has been cast for the upcoming movie, “Red Scarf“, which also stars Rain and Shin Se Kyung!

Lee will be playing the role of Rain’s junior, who’s also a combat pilot with a mysterious top gun charm. Since he’s just been admitted to Konkuk University, Lee will be simultaneously preparing for college and for his film role.

Directed by Kim Dong Won, the film is said to be costing $10 million USD in production expenses alone. With tensions rising due to the recent Yeonpyeong Island skirmish, interest in this film has been steadily increasing because it features about attacking Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

Source: Daily News via Nate
Speaking of Rain, he tweeted a cute pic today ^.^

Thats all for now, enjoy! ^.^

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