Thursday, February 3, 2011

MBC's Lunar New Year Star Dance Battle Rocked the House! Stellar Performances! Best of the Best!

Aigoooooo!!! So much for my Holiday break! But what better way to break it than with MBC's Lunar New Year Special "Star Dance Battle" Show! All I can say is "Stellar Performances!"
Once again I am linking you to allkpop because there are just too many vids to post here on my humble little blog, but DO take the time to go over to allkpop and watch, you wont be disappoint! I promise!^.^
Though every single performance is worth watching, just for the star audience shots alone, let me recommend some rounds of my favs. Be sure to watch all the Round results too, as some are just as funny as the performances.
Round 5
This round is Jewelry (“Funny” + ‘Whacking’ **a type of dance**) VS. TEEN TOP (trot medley). Teen Top performance of "Shy Boy" had me laughing my butt off, they start out in black hoodies which are soon shed to reveal cute girl outfits that seem to suit Niel and Ricky to a "T" Poor CAP though...he is just not suited for this kekekekekekekeke! ^.^
Round 7
ZE:A (‘Performance’ + “Mackerel” **by Kwanghee) VS. INFINITE (“Baby” + “Like a G6″)
ZE:A is worth watching for their fur embellished skeletal hoodies alone, however their performance is awesome too.
AWWww my poor baby pinggers Infinite dance to the know who I mean >.< AND one of MY few American fav songs G6, off come the hoodies on go the shades and OMO! Its the Scorpion Dance move!!!! Sungjung, you are SERIOUSLY knocking on the door to my heart! DO NOT MISS the Round Results video for this battle as its one of the best. Sungjung vs ZE:A in an aegyo battle, ZE:A responds with some athletics, but CAN'T be beat by Infinites Scorpion dance move, they try! But no, sorry boys, you are not up to it! Spoiler Alert! They wind up in a tie, well done my babies! Well done! ^.^
And now to my final recommendation.
Round 9
MBLAQ (“Smooth Criminal” + “Hip Song“) VS. Park Jung Min (“We No Speak Americano“) Awww My Blaqies....they could have used a bit more energy in this performance but G.O. and Joonie really shine here as they transition from Smooth Criminal into Rain's Hip Song, the best part? The Hip song grind, Omo Joonie, you do so love to grind >.< the the left....Unf!
Now I am not a big fan of trot...but Jung Min's performance is just....daebak! And believe me, this is NOT a word I use lightly. Don't miss the "kiss" ending with Han Groo as its caused quite the stir on the interwebs. Not sure how MBLAQ won this round but, I'll take it! Yeah MBLAQ!!! I guess the judges like Rain and that works in my little world! ^.^
I'm not sure why none of SME was there, I'm a little disappoint but, there were enough other fabulous performances to keep me more than happy. So once again, head on over to Allkpop and enjoy this awesome "Star Dance Battle!"

And now for my new fav corner "The Best of the Best"
Other than Rain's songs, SHINee's album songs are all my fav, I can listen to every one and love them for some reason. Now I must add another group to that very small list because I happened upon some of Infinite's other songs from their album Evolution. Hysterie I listened to while doing other things and I must say, I kept getting distracted and stopping to listen to it. That doesn't happen often. Now Hysterie is no Before the Dawn to be sure, buts not a bad second.

I always love to hear a ballad from a new group as you can really tell what their voices are doing and Voice of my Heart shows off some fine vocals and harmony.

But my favorite so far and the "Best of the Best" has to be the last on the mini album, "I don't Know" it has an ethereal sound that appeals to me.

hmmmm I wonder if they are on iTunes.....*runs to look* ^.^


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