Saturday, February 5, 2011

MBC's Idol Star Sports Videos released! Men in swimsuits! ^.~

YES! I am linking you to Allkpop to watch, same reasons as before.
Seen too many videos and stills from this show?? too >.< However, these are the official vids and of course the best quality, which never last long, also, some views you may not have seen (though how that might be possible I am not too sure).
Men in swimsuits! Yyaaaaahhhh well kinda lmao, long legged and most with Tshirts on as well. And Minho steals almost the whole show, winning Gold in the Mens Freestyle 50 meter. Almost all my fav's are here! Infinite in the house! Teen Top in the house! Shinee and MBLAQ in the House!!! Once again I am linking you cause yeahhhh that CrazyCarrot takes down the vids fast, so watch fast! And of course, Enjoy! ^.^
Of course, have to add my two cents here ^.^
Opening Ceremony Seen it...still fun to see them marching in all official, Shinee marches with F(x) and is that Jungmo I see???? *sigh* 2PM's Nichkhun recites the official promise in english, nicely done Nichk!
Male 50m Sprint – Prelims 1 & 2 Minho, why so serious? Oh yeah, cause you are the SPORTS MAN! Kinda close here with Joonie, but, he wins.
Male 50m Sprint – Prelims 3 & 4 Match 3 Taemin...dead last. Match 4 Jokwon of 2AM and yesssss Infinite's Sungjong!!! Baby don't swivel your hips while running >.< JoKwon wins!
Male 50m Sprint – Prelims 5 & 6 Match 5 Onew...dead last.
Male 50m Sprint – Prelims 7 & 8 Match 7 Key, 2PM's Chansung and Infinite! Chansung wins! Key...dead last, is anyone else from Shinee even trying? >.< Match 8 Infinite's Dongwoo, Nichkhun, Mir, UKiss and this is where Mir stops and does the "jazz hands" Aigooo! UKiss's Dongho wins.
Man 50m Sprint - Semis 1 2AM's Jokwon, Z:EA, UKISS aaAAAaaand Jokwon wins.
Male 50m Sprint – Semis 2 Minho, Chansung, UKISS Dongho and Z:EA's Dongjun wins.
I'm skipping to the Mens swimming, you can watch the womens stuff on allkpop ^.^
Watch for the celebrity audience, there were no fancams of this as there were no fans allowed due to the sensors having hissy fits again. Omo how DARE the men have bulges and the women have breasts! Anyway...
Male 50m Freestyle Swimming – Prelims 1
Joonie and Minho...guess who wins? The dives are hysterical! Comical even!
Male 50m Freestyle Swimming-Prelims 2
Teen Top Yeah!
Male 50m Freestyle Swimming Final
Minho, Eli and yay! Niel!!!! <3
Nice dive Niel!!! But Minho surges ahead to win the Gold!!!! Yata!!!! ^.^
Okies, this was Part 1, the girls are up next in Part 2, not aired yet.
As always with CrazyCarrot, though MMR is thankful for the videos, watch fast! These are never up for long. Enjoy! ^.^
Allkpop link below

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