Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I got your new 2Min right here!

Oh I admit, with Taemin looking so manly these days I was a little nervous, but, I guess I should have had more faith in my boys than that, cause I got your brand new 2Min right here!!! And as expected its so wonderful to see these two together.
In this first clip, Taemin is onstage before the Walking Festival checking out all the SHINee banners when Minho comes up from behind and takes Taemin on his shoulders, Taemin does not even skip a beat and looks so cute as he caresses Minhos face.
Kawaii ^.^


In this next vid, TVXQ's Yunho calls Taemin over and puts his arm around Taemin's shoulder, Minho shows right up, grabs Taemin's hand and gets right in between Taemin and Changmin, Jelly much Minho? Kekekekekekke


Enjoy! ^.^

"My Boyfriend" and Rain use the same choreographer?

Am I surprised that "My Boyfriend" and Rain use the same choreographer? Not really.
As I said in my very first Boyfriend post these new babies seem different, and I just have a really good feeling about them. Noppers, not surprised at all when I read today that they are being Produced by “Brave Brothers” and that their choreography is being done by “DQ”.

Boyfriend’s MV reaches 750,000 views on Youtube

by: jbarky on May 31, 2011
The 6 member idol group “Boyfriend” and their music video is gaining a lot of popularity. Boyfriend’s debut album title song is the same name and its music video reached past 750,000 views on Youtube. The group is made up of “K-Will’s Back dancer,” “Younger than IU” Min Woo and the twins Young Min and Kwang Min, Jung Min who is known as “looking similar to Yoo Seung Ho.” The other two members are Dong Hyun and Hyun Seong. The group is known for their cute dance moves and bright smiles.
The group is being produced by “Brave Brothers” and “DQ” is the choreographer who also choreographed for Rain, 4 Minute, and B2ST. The group had their debut performance on M-Net’s “M Countdown” on May 26th. Below is the clip for their music video!

Credit:Starship Entertainment
Enjoy! ^.^

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend! SHINee World!

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend! SHINee World!
For your listening pleasure, SHINee World, because right now, it really is, a SHINee World!

Enjoy the new REPLAY on YOUTUBE ONLY!
Enjoy! ^.^

Friday, May 27, 2011

Just Released! SHINee's Japanese MV "Replay" And its genius!

Hot on the heels of their 3 year Anniversary, SHINee under EMIMusicJapan releases Replay.
So fast forward 3 years and what happens to Shinee's debut song? Well to put it bluntly, it grows up, as has all the members of this awesomely talented group.
Oh I have been so ready for this song, it was and is, really one of my favorites in their line up. I have been complaining for weeks now about Taemin's new haircut and color, but I must now admit, it fits, quite nicely thank you >.<.
Their voices blend and meld in a mature way and really what was once a little boys song becomes a bit of genius music. I love it! I love SHINee again!

Enjoy on YouTube!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Key thanks fans for their messages on SHINee’s third anniversary

Key thanks fans for their messages on SHINee’s third anniversary


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BOYFRIEND releases debut MV, 'Boyfriend’

BOYFRIEND reveals debut MV, ‘Boyfriend’

Starship Entertainment has just debuted their newest boy group named “Boyfriend!” The new group just released their debut EP, “Boyfriend” along with the MV for their title track which is also titled ‘Boyfriend.’
The MV is a bit different from their water floor teaser from last week. The MV is rather colorful and fun loving, check it out below and remember to support them by purchasing the music.



SHINee - Simply this - Thank You - Kamsahamnida

Kamsahamnida ~.~
Congratulations on your 3 year Anniversary.




Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From The World of Random: My Little Pony or You can't assume anything concerning Friendship, Magic or Dark Matter

From The World of Random: My Little Pony or You can't assume anything concerning Friendship, Magic or Dark Matter. Oh and Rainbows! For God's Sake DON'T Forget the Rainbows!

Now, in the Storm household, we take My Little Pony's quite seriously!
They live with the Rubber Duckies ^.^

Physics Dude! Seriously! Stop playing with my fantasy's! >.<.

Let's get to know Boy Friend!

Boyfriend to document their debut process through Mnet’s “M! Pick”

Rookie idol group Boyfriend will be revealing their debut process through their Mnet’s “M! Pick.”
“M! Pick” is a reality program that introduces rookies and shares their debut stories. Stars such as SS501 all went through the process, and it’s now even called ‘the gateway to the industry for idols’.
Through the show, Boyfriend will be showing what their day-to-day life is like off-stage. They will also be given fun missions like collecting fanclub members and holding fan meetings through the program.
The boys are currently awaiting their official debut with the help of Brave Brothers and DQ on May 26th.
Grab your first in-depth glimpse of the boys through the clips below!

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate

Like I said in my earlier post, I just have a really good feeling about this group, check out a practice vid of Minwoo.

In case you missed it...

Have I mentioned there are twins in the group? Young Min and Kwang Min,yaaaaahhhh, so cute! ^.~
Enjoy! ^.^

SHINee at the Earthquake Charity Event in Osaka Japan

So few fancams! T_T
Here are a few I could find.
SHINee Intros



Credit: and ONEW STYLE
I will of course update if needed.
Enjoy! ^.^

Super Junior-M’s fan signing gathers 4,000 fans

Super Junior M is doing great!!!! Yata!!!!

Super Junior-M’s fan signing gathers 4,000 fans

On May 21st, Super Junior-M held a fan signing in Taipei, Taiwan as a special event for the few lucky fans who were chosen for their “Too Perfect” mini-album promotion.
It wasn’t just the invited fans who showed up, however, as over 4,000 managed to come together to show their support.  Representatives of SM Entertainment revealed, “Despite the sweltering hot weather that day, fans still showed up in order to see Super Junior-M.  It was a day where we all felt the popularity of Super Junior-M, who are growing as one of the top groups in China.”
The boys earned much praise for their fluent Mandarin Chinese and conversed actively with their fans throughout the event. They even performed songs from their album like “命運線” and “到了明天.”
The boys are achieving much success with their “Too Perfect” repackaged album, as it’s currently ranked first for the second week in a row on the Taiwanese album sales chart, CCR, as well as on other charts like FIVE MUSIC and 光南.
Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

Love Perfection so much! Henry!!!!!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

[Interview]Block B - Lets get to know them!

Block B guests on MTV’s “Let Me Show”

On May 20th, Block B guested on MTV Korea’s new interview segment of their music program, “Let Me Show“, and shared stories of their past and cleared up some rumors.
Leader Zico revealed that he had studied abroad in Japan for three years in order to prepare for art school before picking up music as a hobby.  He also cleared up rumors of him being an SM Entertainment trainee for SHINee and revealed that although he did go through the casting and camera testing process, he was not a potential member of SHINee.
Ulzzang member Jaehyo showed off his talents as a casting manager by revealing that he was the one that introduced Junhyung to Cube Entertainment and Lee Joon to J. Tune Camp. Maknae P.O. addressed the hateful replies he’s been receiving for his low voice, which people thought was similar to T.O.P., by pretending to tear up in agony.
Concluding the interview, Block B revealed that they hoped to continue honing their production skills and expand from producing their own music to covering everything from style to choreography in the future as self-producing idols.
Check out the rest of the subbed episode below!

Source: Let Me Show
Really an awesome interview! Funny guys!
Enjoy! ^.^

Inkigayo-Infinite's Goodbye Stage-B1A4-OK-Fx Wins!

Awwww bye bye babies T_T
Infinite-Can U Smile


Another SM win! Yay Fx!


Enjoy! ^.^

JongKey-Making a statement without saying a word

Making a statement without saying a word.
These boys, making Shawols and shippers crazy since 2008!


Oh but then the Diva Key did have something to say about Jjong being on Immortal Song 2, musta scared Jjong too.....just sayin...


Yeah.....they don't even need to say a word ^.~
Cause all us Shawols know whats real!!!
Enjoy! ^.^

Thanks to Diva for the text tip ^.^

Apeace-A new 21 member idol group getting ready to debut.

Apeace-A new 21 member idol group getting ready to debut.
I can't even, the logistics of this is mind boggling.
Actually I have known about Apeace for a while, I just couldn't...lol
Needless to say the netizens are having a field day with all of this....

A-Peace releases ‘dance sketch’ version of “Lover Boy” MV

Earlier this month, 21-member boy band A-Peace (formerly known as Double B/21) released their official music video for “Lover Boy.
While the first music video featured various scenes of the members in their units or individually, this new “Dance Sketch” version released by Golden Goose today features all 21 members on one screen showing off their choreography.
As reported previously, the boys are set to embark on their music careers through Japan’s “K-Theater” before making an official debut in Korea.
Check it out below!

21-member A-Peace unveils “Lover Boy” MV!
by VITALWARNING on May 13, 2011 at 9:27 am
After teasing their new fans with two MV teasers of their debut track “Lover Boy” at the beginning of April, the 21-membered boyband A-Peace (formerly known as Double B/21) has finally released their official MV!
It was reported by Golden Goose Entertainment that the 21 members will be promoting as three different sub-units of seven members each, rather than the whole 21 members standing on stage. The group are set to embark on their music careers through Japan’s “K-Theater” before making their official debut in Korea.
Check out their MV below!

Need more? Okies here ya goooooo!


Golden Goose Entertainment.....what where you thinking?
Enjoy? >.<.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I got your new Jongkey right here!

Oh how we shippers and Shawols love us some new JongKey!


My guess is.....Key dressed Jonghyun for the airport ^.^

Enjoy! ^.^

MuCore! Infinite-Can You Smile and B1A4-OK

B1A4 is so cute! I might need to go to the dentist >.< Yay for the fan chants!

Oh my Infinite babies, they continue to tweak and improve this song, this is nearly flawless. Fighting babies!

Credit CrazyCarrot270 for videos

Enjoy! ^.^

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend! Please Don't Go

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend!
For your listening pleasure Please Don't Go.
Enjoy! ^.^


Friday, May 20, 2011

[Hallyu News]TVXQ's Yunho to Appear in BoA’s Hollywood Movie “COBU 3D”

Yunho to Appear in BoA’s Hollywood Movie “COBU 3D” 

 by: cherryspirit on May 19, 2011 


YAY! ^.^

TVXQ’s Yunho will be appearing in BoA’s Hollywood debut film “COBU 3D.”

According to a close official of Yunho, he recently visited Toronto where the filming of “COBU 3D” is taking place in order to participate in the shooting as a special guest.
BoA, the female lead of “COBU 3D,” also announced this exciting news to her fans through the twitter. She tweeted “Special guest! Yunho. Such a great guy!,” along with two lovely photos of both of them sitting closely together. Born in 1986, both BoA and Yunho are under the management of SM Entertainment.

“Cobu 3D” is a Romeo & Juliet type love story which portrays the competition between a male and a female dancer who belong to rival dance clubs in underground New York and come from different backgrounds.
“Cobu 3D” is directed by Duane Adler, known as the author of “Step Up” and “Save the Last Dance,” and is co-produced by Robert Colt, the producer of “Jumanji”, along with CJ Entertainment and SM Entertainment.
Source: Star News
Source: soompi

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Infinite-Before the dawn- there were tears...

Before the Dawn...there were tears and injuries and sweat and yes, even some smiles.
As a fan, you KNOW your favorite boys work hard, God knows I have harped about this myself enough times, but there is just something about seeing it all up in your face.
I love my baby boys, sometimes too much...I have shed more than one tear over something silly, or let my heart get the best of me, despite knowing better.
Yet somehow, after watching this video, it really doesn't seem silly at all, once you see how many tears THEY have shed so that we can watch them dance and sing for our entertainment, no, it doesn't seem silly at all. Need I say I found myself with tears rolling down my face? And not just for Sungjong, but for ALL my little boys.

Sungjong predebut 2010
Enjoy ^.^

Boy Friend - They got what I need? New boys set to debut this week. Check it!

My Music Radar! always endeavors to bring you the best of the best and I just have a feeling about this new group. Unlike some others to debut this year 'Boy Friend' seems smooth, well rehearsed, well dressed and sophisticated. Apparently they know what I want and know what I need AND according to this teaser they "got what I need"  We shall see!

Credit:Starship TV
Starship Entertainment is set to debut a new boy group named “Boyfriend” on May 26th. The group consists of 6 members with an average member age of 18. The 6 members include Dong Hyun, Young Min, Kwang Min, Minwoo, Hyun Seong, and Jeong Min.
Enjoy! ^.^

My Music Radar! More than 25K hits!

Despite being on hiatus My Music Radar! has hit over 25K hits!
Many thanks to friends and fans!

Over 25,000!
Though in reality its closer to 38K because the flag counter was not added until later.
As of this week 37,870!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Key threatens Jjong part 2 Here's the video proof Shawols! ELLE Girl video!

Oh I knew The Almighty Key had threatened JJong because everyone could just see him
doing it! Here's the video of Jjong telling the world during the press conference, Subbed!

Jonghyun backstage with bouquet gift, so cute!
Jonghyun recording on Immortal Song 2

Credit:Hyunee and on YouTube

Enjoy! ^.^

Bonus Video: SHINee's BTS video shoot for ELLE Girl June Japan

Taeminnie girl I will miss this hair and look forever! T_T

Monday, May 16, 2011

Check out a preview of Super Junior’s Japanese track, “Bijin”

Check out a preview of Super Junior’s Japanese track, “Bijin”
A short preview of Korean boy band Super Junior’s song “Bijin (BONAMANA)” has recently been revealed!
The electropop dance tune is the Japanese version of their smash Korean hit, “BONAMAMA“. “Bijin” will become the group’s first Japanese single, and it’ll drop on May 18th as a digital single.
Check out the preview below!

For more info on their single, check out our previous post here.

Aziatix Cold MV has arrived! And its HOT!

Just watch! And listen ^.~

Enjoy! ^.^
FYI avaliable on iTunes!

Replay Replay Replay! Are you ready? My boys are BACK!

Pics and a teaser ^.^

Enjoy! ^.^

Watch the full music video here.

SHINee's Key threatens Jonghyun! Don't come back to our dorm!

Jonghyun flew back from Japan today to start recording Immortal Song 2 and has been quoted as saying "“Member Key threatened me not to come back to our dorm if I don’t win.”
I gotta say that made my day, I laughed so hard when reading this for ever so many reasons.
First, its just so damn good to see Jjong back and operating on all engines. Their performance of Lucifer this weekend blew me away. Not an easy thing to do since I am probable as sick of it as they are, I dunno, maybe it was just seeing them all together again, maybe there is a renewed energy since they are all together again, hell maybe its even all the new bad hairstyles, doesnt really matter, I just remember getting to the end of the video and cheering and thinking DAMN! that was awesome!
Second, I can just soooooo hear Key saying that to Jonghyun, while fixing his top and rolling his eyes and I bet he even thew in a neck roll for good measure Either way, Key told him in no uncertain terms.....He better win, and when Diva Key speaks...Jonghyun listens ^.^
There is a multitude of idols scheduled to appear along with Jonghyun including Super Junior's Yesung, 2AM's Changmin, Sista's Hyorin, Beast's Yoseop, and IU.
Its due to air in early June.
Stay tuned for new updates!
Lucifer from Japan this weekend Tokyo Legend 2011
Omo Jjong.....that long note is back and better than ever!!!!

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!
SHINee is back!!!!
Update 110516

Check out this awesome video of Jjong a lot of which even 'I' have never seen!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Was Infinite's Sungjong getting too much attention? Can you smile? Please smile Sungjong!

Was Infinite's Sungjong getting too much attention?
I really can't think of another reason why their management (Woolliment) would choose to make him over and push him into the back ground. Its been very tough for me seeing him trying so hard and smiling so big to get any little bit of attention. I have questioned their decisions for months now. I understand that each member deserves their one shots and high lights,really I do. And there is no doubt in my mind that as a whole Infinite is a very talented group, as they have proved time and again, in fact taking over the rookie race from Teen Top who seem to have stepped off the face of the earth. I just wish they would let Sungjong shine a little more. He is so cute and I will say here and now, his little quiet voice though reserved, deserves to be heard. His voice suits him, its part of him, and the group as a whole! Just part of what makes him so special to me.
'Can you smile' their acoustic comeback is a lovely song and suits Sungjong perfectly, while highlighting all the other members as well. I am glad they gave him a part this time, how ever small, lets hope this is Sungjong's comeback as well.


Enjoy ^.^

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Music Radar! wishes you a Super weekend! Super Juniors "Sorry, Sorry"

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SUPER weekend!
Please enjoy Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" like you probable have not heard it before!
Enjoy! ^.^


Aziatix new teaser and they are so damn good at teasing!!!

Still on hiatus friends and fans but please do check out Aziatix new MV teaser!!!!


Hoping to be back soon! ^.^