Sunday, February 20, 2011

SHINee featured at the Santafe Special Event today...just a few vids here Bonus New Pic of Yoogeun!

There are mountains of videos on I will just include a few of my favs here.
Lets start with how Minho helps Minnie show off his shoulder....^.^ so helpful Minho

Taemin sang JJong's parts for Juliette and the girls go WILD!!!!

Onew tries to nom Minho and Key grabs his face!

Finally Minho calls Jonghyun and 6.5 more minutes of Shinee bliss!

A 2min expected ^.^

Bonus! a new pic of Yoogeun! he sure is growing up! Still looks like appa Minho ^.^
Credit where due.


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