Sunday, February 6, 2011

Awwww umma Key, Teenfinite and Niel gets punished? Aigoooooo! NEVER doubt the power of fandom!

Just some cute stuff from this weekend ^.^
Key cheers and cares for Minho even if he didn't want it lol!
Umma Key was very busy! ^.^
A cute Shinee macro

Infinite and Teen Top my baby pinggers and blippers, better known as Teenfinite hang out at the Idol games.

Today on Inky, poor Niel made a tiny mistake but seeing as it was the first on stage, the members punishment was swift and harsh! Poor Niel lol! Come on guys! Show some of that Supa Luv! ^.^
Credit where due

I have been following this story all along, but, stuff got REAL today! NEVER doubt the power of fandom!

It’s official: GoodWill is an ELF!

That’s right… GoodWill from GoodWill & MGI (an American-Finnish production duo) is officially an ELF!
Earlier, allkpop reported that GoodWill promised ELF’s that he, himself, would become an ELF if he reached 10,000 followers. It looks like the ELF’s showed their collaborative strength and dedication because… today, GoodWill reached the monumental 10,000 and became an ELF.
He posted a series of tweets throughout the day including his acknowledgment, “IT’S OFFICIAL GUYS: I’M AN ELF!!!”
Super Junior fans even tested GoodWill’s ELF eligibility by asking, “Do you know which member is called Cinderella?” To which he correctly answered, “Heechul, right?”
Source: GoodWill’s Twitter

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