Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MBC to air Christmas music special, starring SNSD

MBC is currently in the works of creating a special music show, ‘SNSD’s Christmas Fairy Tale‘.
A representative from MBC stated, “‘SNSD’s Christmas Fairy Tale’ will be a music show with a specific concept. The girls will be able to do all the things they’ve always dreamed about doing on stage. Events may include such things like duet performances, however, nothing has been finalized as of now“.
The program will not be a full-length series with an organized format; rather, it’s a special event scheduled to air one-time on December 24th at 12:20AM KST.
It’s rare for a broadcasting company to create a music show for just one individual artist. The fact that MBC is embarking on this new project only further proves just how popular these girls really are. SNSD has also been selected to be the main feature of a new entertainment program on jTBC, and they have been actively promoting themselves on various variety programs as well.
SNSD returned with their full-length third album in October and will be promoting their follow-up track “Mr. Taxi” starting December.
Source & Image : JoyNews24

I know I know Tara would normally cover SNSD but she's all sleeping cause she's back on night shift and I didn't want our SNSD fans and friends to miss out!
So enjoy! ^.^

Super Junior’s Shindong and AA’s Woosang reunite backstage - PLUS AA SPAM-A-PIC!

AA and Super Junior‘s Shindong snapped a photo together.
Member Woosang tweeted, “It’s been so long since I’ve been with Shindong-hyung. Now, he is not a hyung, but a sunbae. Thank you for taking care of me until the end of that day.”
The members and Shindong met backstage during Music Bank‘s latest episode.
Woosang and Shindong have known each other since 2007, when Woosang was a choreography director for Super Junior’s “Rokkugo“, “Don’t Don“, and “Thirst (A Man in Love)“.
On that day, Shindong saw Woosang, congratulated him on his debut, and gave him advice about his new life as a singer.
Woosang said, “It feels like a dream to converse with such a sunbae in the same dressing room. I’m so happy that all my dreams are finally coming true. I am thankful of Super Junior, who made me who I am today. I will become a great singer and a hubae to be proud of.”
Source: OSEN

As if I needed another reason to love AA,
Woosang is well connected to the SMFamily through Super Junior.
Not to mention Woosang is a truly talented dancer and choreographer!^^

As promised here comes the SPAM-A-PIC!
I adore how AA keeps us all updated with tons of twitpics ^^
(plus I need to clean off my desktop again >.<)

Woosang and puppy just might be a bit of cuteness overload! >.<
Enjoy a lot! ^.^

Mcountdown US in English! 111128 Kevin! Eli! Tia!

Are you ready for the weekly show Mcountdown US in English?
Pretty much its M! Countdown but with English speaking MC's,
UKISS's Kevin and Eli with Tia from Chocolat.
Performances are from the Korean show but
everything seems a bit more relaxed and with some cool backstage stuff too.
What I do like is that though the script is in English, its still worded in Korean phrases,
and where ever there is Korean its hard subbed! Awesome!
Its kind of how I always wanted it, the music is still Korean, but everything else is English.
As long as they leave the music alone I'm cool.
mcountdown ep.1

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Sooooo? What do you think?
Did you like it?
Something you would enjoy seeing here on MMR! ?
Leave me a comment and let me know.
Stormy ^.^

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SHINee,TVXQ, KARA & SNSD confirmed for Japan’s “Red and White Singing Battle”

SNSD, KARA and TVXQ have been confirmed for this year’s NHK‘s “Red and White Singing Battle” (Kōhaku Uta Gassen).
Japan’s Sankei Sports and other newspapers reported that SNSD and KARA will join the list of attendees for the first time and TVXQ will be attending for the group’s third time in a row.
This is an annual event held in Japan. At this event, fifty singers and groups come on, split up into the Red team and the White team and sing their heart out.
Sankei Sports said, “It was already big news that Korean stars Jang Geuk Suk, Supernova, 2PM and SHINee would be performing at the event, [so it's exciting that] SNSD, KARA and TVXQ have been confirmed as well.”
Source: OSEN

SHINee safely back in Korea 111129- Incheon Airport Pic

SHINee is home!

 As always....Onew hoodie UP and head DOWN
Enjoy! ^.^

Missed the 2011 MAMA's? MMR! is gonna Hook You UP!

Were you one of the 1.9 BILLION World Wide who watched?
No? You were sleeping you say? Working?
Dry your eyes babies cause My Music Radar! is gonna Hook You UP!
Cause we're good like that ^.~
And cause we don't want you to miss a thing....o.O
And cause "Music makes ONE!"
From the Red Carpet to the last "Kamsahamnida" we got the links!
All brought to you by Mnet
Lets GO!
Red Carpet Link

Part 1 Link

Part 2 - Link - Ulala Session Musical Miracle and a musical nod to SHINee

Part 3 Link - Warning...Warning...Best Performance of the SHOW!!!

Lots of Musical Love from Stormy and Tara!


2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards Performances - Super Junior - SNSD - Aziatix - Black Eyed Peas - B2ST - Pics and Vids!

Oh what a show!!!!

Best performance of the show!
This stage just gets bigger and Bigger and BIGGER!!!
Super Junior wins Album of the YEAR!
Male Group Artist Award!!
AND and Singapore Choice Award!!!
Oh my Supermen! ROCKED THE SHOW!
Super Junior - Super Man + Mr. Simple

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 Shindong wept...
Best Male Group - Super Junior

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Album Of The Year - Mr. Simple (Super Junior)

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 Not a dry eye in the house....or in the Storm House.....T_T
111129 MAMA 2011: Super Junior won Singapore's Choice Award

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Congratulations my SUPERMEN!!!

Next Best!!!!
Artist of the YEAR!
Female Group Artist Award! 
SNSD - The Boys

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Best New Asian Artist Group Award!!!!!!
20111129 Best New Asian Award Group - AZIATIX

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SMFamily kicked ass and took names!
Congrats to ALL the winners!!!
In Honor of the Hallyu Wave My Music Radar! 
sends much love and happiness to ALL the winners!!!!
Stormy ^.^
Bonus Video:
Black Eyed Peas 2/3

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Black Eyed Peas 3/3

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Okies I gotta admit this was a pretty performance...
pretty SHOCKING! I'm surprised this was aired!
Not that I'm complaining...oh no! I LOVED it!
111129 MAMA Beast (B2ST) & Trouble Maker - Fiction Orchestra Version

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Bite me ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ
Aziatix all day!!!!
Dragon Dance
Biggest stage of ALL!!!
100 back up dancers!!!


I just got done watching the MAMAs, and I took plenty of caps. ARE YOU READY?

This was while B2ST was playing Moonlight Sonata, and HyunA was on stage.

HyunA and Hyunseung from B2ST shared a kiss :O

Super Junior won as the most popular artist in Singapore :3

Aziatix won Best Asian Artist! *cries*

Will.I.Am performed some songs!

It was a little strange

Aww look at all the kids!

CL performed Where Is The Love with Will.I.Am

For the best Male Dance Performance: B2ST!

And the Best Female Dance Performance goes to Miss A!

SNSD got to sing next!

They sang an amazing remix of The Boys.

Super Junior took the stage next.

First they sang Mr. Simple

Then Sorry Sorry.

It's hard to tell from this cap, but the whole stage was filled with dancers! It was sweet!

HyunA won best dance performance solo.

Super Junior got Best Male Group

SNSD won Best Female Group!

Snoop Dog performed too! (I don't know what happened to the bottom of this is a mystery?)

Along with Dr Dre! It was neat! (how did my mouse cursor get in this cap? MORE MYSTERIES!?)


SONG OF THE YEAR! 2NE1, “I Am The Best”!





I wanted to cry too!

It was an amazing award show, and I had a lot of fun!

-stormoftara :3