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SHINee in the States! Fan Account! NY 111009

I am so proud of these fans and Shawols!
Persistent but so well mannered!

111009 SHINee at JFK Airport in NYC (minus Onew)

Uploaded by on Oct 9, 2011Credit: rawfudge@sfi
Her fan account:
2011.10.09 - SHINee at JFK Airport fanaccount
Note: If you want to read other stuff that happened, read this post.
tl;dr: SHINee looks like normal people, Key waved first and took a fan gift, JONGHYUN WAS LIKE A FEW INCHES AWAY FROM ME, Jonghyun got stuck with the luggage, I WAS IN A REVOLVING DOOR WITH JONGHYUN, Key and Minho waved from the bus, and Onew came much later with his head down.
After hearing that ahjumma who said it would be 30 minutes until SHINee came, we were all obviously pretty excited. A while later, someone said, “Hey, isn’t that Minho?” so I looked up. Honestly, I didn’t notice him at first. LOL He looked really normal! Then I saw a guy with a blonde head of hair and I was like “Oh, that must be Taemin.” Seriously, seeing them on a screen and seeing them in person gives SUCH a different feeling. I couldn’t grasp that the people I’ve been watching through a monitor for 3+ years were RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. @___@
They definitely weren’t as thin as people let them on to be. It may have been all the layers but they looked pretty healthy to me. Key walked towards us first and waved, and he took a gift from one of the Japanese girls. I feel like Taemin looked at me, but I couldn’t tell because he was wearing sunglasses OTL Him and Minho are like the same height, at least more than a head taller than me. Key is just sliiiiiiightly shorter. You can probably see how tall they are in my fancam since Taemin was right in front of me at one point. (I’m 5’/152cm, for reference. LOL)
Sadly that was all I really noticed of them. I didn’t even notice Key’s shorts lmao. But yeah, I was too focused on Jonghyun. I want to pretend I wasn’t shameless, but I was… I shouted Jonghyun quite a few times and even an oppa (oh goodness spur of the moment stupidity) BUT HE DIDN’T EVEN LOOK AT ME. OTL THAT BUM. LMAO Oh well. Most of the time I saw the back of his head or his profile, but it was from really up close. Goodness, that boy is good-looking.
I was standing behind him and Taemin in front of the revolving door. It’s basically this huge door that is revolving so half of the circle can fit some people and their luggage. So Taemin, Minho, and Key went in first as well as some other people and the KBS staff person, leaving Jonghyun inside the airport with the luggage. LOL It took a while for it to turn to the empty side… so I was considering asking him to sign my CD but I figured I shouldn’t bother him. He seemed kinda annoyed :/ But ohhhhh my goshhhh. The door kept getting stuck and at one point he kinda chuckled/did that half-smile of his out of frustration. So cute <33
He went inside the door and we said bye, but we figured huge revolving door + idol + once in a lifetime chance so a bunch of us went in with him. Including me. And I ended up right behind him. @___@ Except there was this girl next to me who happened to be claustrophobic, and the door kept getting stuck, so she was like hyperventilating… so yeah, at one point you hear me saying, “죄송합니다/Sorry,” and then, “죄송합니다 종현 오빠/Sorry Jonghyun-oppa.” (AGAIN WITH THE OPPA OTL). By the time we finally made it to the other side the KBS staff person was like “We’re on a tight schedule, no pictures please,” so we said bye again. But just our luck! It changed to a don’t walk sign. LOL Oh, and Jonghyun passed off the luggage cart to another guy and immediately went to checking his phone. -___-;

(That’s supposed to be Key. LOL)
We crossed with him and followed him to the bus but we stopped at a certain point because they wouldn’t let us go any further. Key waved from the bus. So kind :] Him and Minho were sitting toward our side, but not at the seat next to the window. A few people left after that. Since everything had slightly calmed down a bit, I finally realized that Onew hadn’t been with them. I stuck around waiting to see if I just missed him or if he was coming later. They also left the luggage compartment of the bus open for quite a while…

After about 5-10 minutes the KBS staff person came out of the bus and she was like, “You guys are still here?” and took another video of us saying “Welcome SHINee,” and “SHINee we love you!” I took this opportunity to ask her if Onew was on the bus, and she just smiled so I knew that Onew was coming soon. He came after a few minutes, and I seriously just wanted to give him a huge hug. He looked so … dead. And tired. And sad. Maybe even sick. He had his head down the entire time, even when he was crossing the sidewalk ): Though I did get to see his flowing hair lol.

The bus stayed there for a while, but they didn’t do much. I couldn’t see since they were on the other side but either Taemin or Jonghyun kept fluffing up their hair. Minho talked really animatedly with someone, it was funny xD Key took off his sunglasses at one point but put them back on. When they left, Minho waved, and then they were gone~

(their bus)
All in all, it was worth the wait. They are quite good looking but they need more rest. Also, I am seriously facepalming every time I hear myself shout “JONGHYUN OPPA!” in my fancam. x____x

rafa really did an awesome job with her fan account (not sure I could have stayed that calm) She really made me feel like I was there! So exciting!
Of course all her pictures and the video helped!
Everything here belongs to rafa pictures and video.
There is a link at the top of her account for the rest of her experience that is just as good!

I can sooo relate to yelling oppa!
I did the same thing to Rain when we went to see him in NY.
You kinda can't help it, it just comes out >.<
I remember groaning to myself afterward and thinking "I wish I hadn't done that."

Enjoy a lot!
Thank You rafa!!!

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