Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SMTown in New York the Introductions!

Some of the best moments are the introductions, everyone tried so hard with English intros!
The screams were deafening! but as a whole it was such a well behaved crowd, we all tried so hard to quiet down and cheer loud at the same time! We wanted all the artist to know we loved them!

Various SM Artists - Intro/Talk Compilation [FANCAM 720p HD] @ SM Live NY (2011.10.23)

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Awwwww Henry and Mimi's intro is so precious! I can't even begin to express how happy I was to see them BOTH there. I had heard that Henry would be there but nothing about Zhou Mi, I screamed so LOUD! Adore my Super Junior M boys!!!!
AMBER!!!!! Omo! She got so many cheers!
The SMTown Live intro video!
[FANCAM] SMTOWN Live NYC 10/23/11 [Part 1]

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HD and full screen this if you can!
Enjoy a lot!
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Lets relive TVXQ's intro into Madison Square Garden!
It was so epic! One of my fav moments!

SMTown Live NY TVXQ DBSK Intro [111023] [fancam]

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