Monday, October 17, 2011

Radar Replay! - 100514 SHINee Be Ready Any Time!

Its My Music Radar!'s Radar Replay!
Where we bring you something wonderful from the past that you may or may not have seen but is defiantly worth a Replay!
SHINee on 'Be Ready Any Time'
Oh Onew, so you!
Today's installment is from May of 2010 featuring SHINee on a variety show in China.
In part 1 don't miss Onew's playful side when the MC calls him out. At mark 7:51.
100514 Ever-ready! SHINee Part1 [English Subbed]

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Aww poor Key gets mix'd up, but, yah! He's speaking 3 languages at once!
I know how that feels >.<
Minho's charisma has everyone falling!
Taemin's solo dance at 2:50 daebak!
100514 Ever-ready! SHINee Part2 [English Subbed]

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The point is...can Jjong really dance?
Jonghyun may not remember dance steps, but the boy can act!
100514 Ever-ready! SHINee Part3 [English Subbed]

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Actual Name of Show: 时刻准备着 Be Ready Anytime!

Stay tuned for another episode of Radar Replay!
Coming at you soon!

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