Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Radar Replay! BoA Copy&Paste

I didn't know a lot about BoA before going to SMTown Live in New York this weekend. After hearing her I decided to look up some of her videos and learn more about her. Boa Kwon is her real name, her stage name is BoA which stands for Beat of Angel. She's been singing for over 10 years now and is sometimes known as the "Queen of Korean Pop Music".

Sources: Wikipedia

My favorite song by her is Copy&Paste.

Uploaded by on Sep 27, 2010

I really like the beat of this song. It's really fun and makes me want to get up and dance. The thing I like the best is the editing which slides from frame to frame effortlessly. It feels very futuristic. It's a great song and music video.

That's all for this episode of Radar Replay!

-stormoftara :3

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