Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SMTown New York, more SNSD and F(x)

Guess what we have? More pictures! First up is SNSD!

I love the background in this one

The rest of these are from the song Hoot.

And what's this? More F(x) too! This was from Hot Summer.

Amber was so cute during this song :3

I wasn't able to get a video of SNSD singing The Boys so here is another Fan Cam, because this song is too good to miss!

Uploaded by on Oct 24, 2011

That's all for the girls, but...I am gonna post one for SHINee too! Lucifer was my FAVORITE song of the whole night! Just check it out and you'll see why.

Uploaded by on Oct 24, 2011

Seeing all these bands in concert was probably one of the best things I've ever done! My body aches from jumping around so much, and my throat hurts from screaming too much, but I had so much fun! I hope I can see them all in concert again.

-stormoftara :3

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