Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SMTown In New York - The Long Road to the Show - My Music Radar! Style!

It was a long road to this show, not just the trains, planes and automobiles, or the deficits  we were working under, but also because it took so damn long for SMTown to come to New York.
BoA says in her intro that she never thought she would have a show in Madison Square Garden, but, here she was, and she goes on to thank the fans for all their hard work for getting them there. My mind wandered to all the flash mobs...and buying so much music on iTunes and all the love, yes it took a lot of love to get us all under one roof (take THAT Lee Soo Man!). This trip for My Music Radar! was all about the artists and their music. And it was our trip, mine and Tara's with wonderful memories we will have for always.
I got to see a real live Jongkey moment!

And I got to see SHINee perform Replay, still one of my fav songs ever.

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 And Stand by Me where you can actually hear Tara squeeeeing at the end ^^
SMTown Live SHINee Stand by Me

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And Get Down!
SMTown Live SHINee Get Down

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And Oh my Supermen! Really I went wild!
SMTown Live Super Junior Bonamana

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Perfection- we sing this one in the car a lot!
Henry and Zhou Mi!!!! I went wilder! >.<  OMG!
SMTown Live Super Junior intros and Perfection

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Yeah a whole lotta love!
Stormy ^.^

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