Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SMTown New York, F(x), SNSD, and BoA

Lots of pictures coming your way! I can't remember all the songs that were playing at the time, but I'll try to give some reference if I can.

First on stage was F(x) singing La Cha Ta if I recall correctly. Here are some pictures I managed to take.

After that Jessica from SNSD and Krystal from F(x) sang a cover of Tik Tok!

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One of the funniest songs of the night is when Kangta and Sulli from F(x) sang 7989 and kept pulling microphones out of everywhere.

Onew? Where did you come from you sly delivery boy!

One of the coolest songs they did was when Key from SHINee and Krystal from f(x) sang My First Kiss.

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Then of course when SNSD came out I was way too excited to take pictures, but I did get a lot of video!

Here are some of the pictures I did get, while they were singing HAHAHA.

Then SNSD sang Run Devil Run

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Then they did their introductions and sang Kissing You.

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And then they sang Oh!

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That's the last of the videos I got for the girls, since my phone's battery died shortly after that, but WORRY NOT. We have plenty more photos.

Here are some BoA pictures!

BoA and Key from SHINee sang Did it for Love together SOOO CUTEEEEEEEE

This post is just getting way too long. Look out for more coming soon!

-stormoftara :3

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