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Moon Night 90 SHINee Style! SHINee - Deux - And the Bi/Rain connection

Moon Night 90 SHINee Style! Full Show.
Okay nothing is subbed but I sincerely urge you to watch any way.
This show is the family tree and history of Kpop/hip hop that includes archival footage.
Even if you are new to Kpop you are sure to recognize songs, dances and even names.
As the majority of the show is song and dance, its easily enjoyed on many levels.
[Full] 111027 Shinee Taemin & Key @Moon Night 1/4

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[Full] 111027 Shinee Taemin & Key @Moon Night 2/4

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[Full] 111027 Shinee Taemin & Key @Moon Night 3/4

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[Full] 111027 Shinee Taemin & Key @Moon Night 4/4

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Okay This last part I must admit had me in tears...
Loss is so very hard damnit!
Don't miss the very touching dream sequence...
Fortunately TaeKey's BTS footage brings some much needed comedic relief!

What you need to know.
Kim Sung Jae (김성재, vocals, rap) born 1972, died 1995,
Deux (듀스) is a South Korean hip hop duo popular in early 1990s. The duo consisted of Lee Hyun Do and Kim Sung Jae. They were not only colleagues when they were the 2nd generation of the hip hop group, Hyeon Jin Young and Wawa but also close friends to each other. Hip-hop music that was once considered an exclusive music for African-Americans until the early 1990, appeared in South Korea as a mixed form of dance music and rap, called "rap dance".[1] In the mid-1990s hip hop gained great popularity in South Korea and Deux has been considered frontiers of Korean hip hop music along with Seo Taiji and Boys, Kim Gun Mo and DJ Doc. Lee composed their music while Kim took care of choreography and styling.[2] Some of Deux's music has appeared in the Pump it Up. The songs are We Are, Come Back To Me, and Out of the Ring.
Singer Rain’s followup hit ‘Hip Song’ stage gathers interests from netizens with many who commented on how similar it is as compared to the late singer Kim SeongJae’s ‘As I told You’ performances.

Rain had performed the song ‘Hip Song’ as his followup hit on Mnet M!Countdown, KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core this week. And for his performance on M!Countdown and Music Core, there were many who pointed out the close similiarities of the outfit concepts as compared to Kim SeongJae ‘So To Speak’ performances.

The hockey costume fashion and the sunglasses, as pointed out by many netizens, is similar to that of the concept of ‘As I Told You’ by Kim SeongJae in 1995.

Some netizens defended, “It’s just fashion, there is bound to be similariries” etc. And the truth is Rain has revealed that Kim SeongJae is his idol, and many have also voiced if this was a remake concept by Rain.

Meanwhile, Kim SeongJae died the next day after his first solo stage with ‘As I Told You’ in November 1995. And cause of his death has since been an unsolved mystery to fans till this day.
by sookyeong

source: Newsen
source: Kbites

'Kim Sung-Jae’s mother thanked Rain'
05.18.10 [TVDaily] Rain Ushering In An Evolution For A New Future Beyond The Late Kim Sung-jae
Some media reports and netizens have dipped their pens in vitriol for what the style of dress Rain wears for the performance of his second single ‘Hip Song’ is similar to that of the late singer ‘Kim Sung-Jae’, but it is far fetch from its nature and they are engaged in just a consuming debate.
Actually, Rain expressed, “I admired ‘Kim Sung-Jae’”, and ‘Kim Sung-Jae’s mother thanked Rain for his giving her son’s fans a present as nice as can be.
‘Kim Sung-Jae’s mother said, “The reason of my son’s death has been perverted by some media reports and netizens, so it has remained in our family’s minds as a bruise, but Rain trying to become a major world star has renewed my son and made a deep impression on my son’s fans once again.”
The late ‘Kim Sung-Jae’ debuted in the name of hip hop duo ‘Duce’ in 1993, but he came back as a solo singer in November 1995 after splitting up in two years. But his dead body was found the next day, and his girl friend was spotted as a suspicious character of the offense, but she was released due to lack of evidence and the affair has been covered up.
Rain who tried to emulate his favorite pop singer ‘Kim Sung-Jae’, is ushering in an evolution for a new future beyond the late ‘Kim Sung-Jae’. ‘Kim Sung-Jae’s mother said, “Many thanks to Rain.”
credit TV Edaily
Brief translation by rain bird
form: rain-cloud

Knowing as much as I know about Rain, I feel quite confident that this was a tribute, because that is JUST the kind of thing Jung Ji Hoon would do.

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