Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taemin and Key's making of Moon Night 90 video! Airing of MBLAQ on Moon Night 90!

Previously we reported on Key and Taemin's Moon Night 90's involvement and here is some behind the scenes footage! 
[111025] Taemin & Key ^^;;; 'ㅂ'* | Moon Night 90' Making Film

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The more I see of this show the more I can't wait to see it!
Okay so after some research, apparently this is airing already...though I found 2 sources, nothing is subbed yet, and believe me, it was tough to find what I did find.
This video is pretty poor quality and is MBLAQ cuts only, BUT its on youtube.

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Anyway Seungho and Cheondung look absolutely awesome here!
So is SuJu's Shindong! 
If you prefer higher quality video and the full show please visit WeeklyKVariety for their 3 part coverage of 1 episode! Also unsubbed.
[111020] Moon Night 90

Why are you seeing Seungho in a wheelchair?
 Here is the info you need to know.
The duo first debuted as part of "Hyun Jin Young and Wawa" in 1990 but it wasn't until 1996 under the supervision of Kim Chang Hwan, a major figure in the Korean music industry, that they got together and formed Clon. Their debut album, "Are You Ready?", proved to be extremely popular. They were often credited for being one of the first groups to incorporate strong dance routines with catchy beats.

In November 2000, a tragic and unfortunate motorcycle accident left Kang Won Rae paralyzed from the waist down. Initially the duo decided to disband but in the summer of 2005 they made a comeback with their 5th album, "Victory". The title track of the album was called "Nae Sarang Song-i" (My Love "Song") and was dedicated to Kang's wife, Kim Song, who encouraged and stood by him through those tough 5 years.

Although the duo unofficially disbanded after the album's release, they occasionally met for events or promotional activities.
Enjoy a lot!
Stormy ^.^

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  1. lol The last video thumbnail, isn't that the same set as they used for the episode of Honey Pot with SHINee where Tae is almost falling out one of those windows in the back?^^ Looks a lot alike