Friday, October 21, 2011

So I have been on an Onew kick.....

So I have been on an Onew kick recently....
Leader-shii has always tended to guide quietly and calmly from the back.
Only taking over when needed as award taker and first talker.
While watching videos recently it kinda started to bother me that Onew (forever alone or with chicken) gets either ignored or deeply over shadowed by especially JongKey but even 2min at times.
You may know from Onew's Not Bio that I really adore Onew and his fabulous voice, and that I admire his directorship style.
After watching this video I realize that its all okay because that's the way he wants to lead.
Take a look at some of the ways he interacts with the other members in this sweet video dedicated to the wonderful leader of SHINee.
[SHINee] The best leader Onew

Uploaded by on Sep 12, 2011

A special SPAM-A-PIC

 Here is another reason for my feelings about Onew
Even here on MMR! 2min and Jongkey 'Not Bio' pages routinely get far more hits than Onew's 'Not Bio' does.....sad >.>

I guess it must be Onew's weekend!
I'm okay with that ^.~
Enjoy a lot!

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