Thursday, October 27, 2011

MYNAME & M.I.B. Debut stages on M! Countdown 111027

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Anyway...M.I.B. have been on my radar as well.
Debut stage on M! Countdown today

[K-POP][111027][Debut] M.I.B - G.D.M [M CountDown]

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Jungle Entertainment‘s boy group M.I.B. (‘Most Incredible Busters’) finally made their long-awaited debut on tonight’s ‘M! Countdown‘ with their dynamic song “G.D.M.” (“Girls Dreams Money”).

The foursome caused quite the stir in the music industry by releasing individual solo MVs as ‘spin-off’ promotions, allowing the public to familiarize themselves with each member. 5Zic, Cream, SIMS, and Kang Nam‘s talents all flowed onto one stage tonight, and their infectious energy and charisma drew loud cheers from everyone in the house.

MYNAME makes their debut on ‘M! Countdown’
Rookie idol group MYNAME jumped into the music scene through their debut performance on ‘M! Countdown‘ tonight.
The group, who used to be known as Hwanhee’s Boys, has a total of 5 members.
The members consist of Seyong, Insoo, JoonQ, Chaejin, and Gunwoo, whose birth years range from 1995 to 1988. Unfortunately, their mentor Hwanhee was unable to cheer them on in person, as he had enlisted in the military earlier this afternoon.
Still, the boys are mustering up their courage to deliver an impressive debut. H2 Media stated, “A spectacular performance and song has been prepared that incorporates the strengths and charms unique to MYNAME. As the debut date approaches, the members have been practicing hard… They aim to become the most anticipated rookie group of 2011.”
Check out their debut performance below!
[K-POP][111027][Debut] MyName - Message [M CountDown]

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Enjoy these debut stages a lot! ^.^

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