Monday, October 10, 2011

SHINee in the States! North Eastern Korean Festival - Free KBS Concert

Okay friends and fans, mighty slim pickins here.
There are more, but, you really almost can't tell its Shinee,
so I choose not to post them.
Here are the few good ones.
First SHINee at Kennedy International Airport.
 Key, Taemin and Minho
 Aaaaand....thats all I have right now.
Of course I will update if and when better pics are available.
Enjoy! ^.^

source: as tagged
reupload: ShiningSHINee05

Yay! More pics! 
Many thanks to Mia for finding these!

Rehearsal Pics!
They look much better than they did at the airport!


I really hope they had a chance to at least see NY or something!
They will be back in 2 weeks and then it will be my turn to see them!!!

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