Sunday, October 30, 2011

K-Pop Sensations Usher In New Era At Madison Square Garden from NY1

By: Lewis Dodley
The new and improved Madison Square Garden kicked things off with a bang this week as Asian pop sensation Girls Generation took to the stage. NY1's Lewis Dodley filed the following report.

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Their name is Girls Generation. The nine-member group from South Korea was one of seven acts brought to New York by SM Entertainment who packed the arena at Madison Square Garden.

Their energy, youthful beauty and catchy tunes shot them up the charts in Asia. Now they've set their sights on the U.S.

Their first English single called "The Boys" was released just last week but will it make Girls Generation a household name.

"Hopefully it will. We worked with Teddy Riley for the single. And he was very comforting and I think the result came out really well," said Girls Generation member Jessica.

The single is one thing, but is America ready for nine girls in one group?

"Definitely looking forward to U.S. fans liking Girls Generation because there's a variety of personalities and people so I think you can take your choice," said Girls Generation member Tiffany.

There's no shortage of choice when it comes to the growing number of so called K-Pop groups. Though there are more than a million Asians in New York and 14 million across the country their goal is to appeal to the broader U.S market -- something made easier by the power of the Internet.

"Five years ago it would be hard to imagine that people in Europe or all over the world would be listening to K-Pop," said Key of SHINee.

And five years from now we might be wondering what took so long in the first place.

Key's english is just....daebak!
Those of us who have been into kpop for a while now are ALREADY wondering what took so long! And since I was there...there were fans of ALL race and ethnicity there! Just sayin.....

To see the extended SNSD interview on NY1 please click the link! 
Really DON'T miss this interview cause its pretty awesome and adorable!

So mad I couldn't find a way to embed the interview video....
technology does NOT often defeat me!
grrrrrrr >.>

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